Heidi Ganahl “Kicking Off” Campaign for Governor (Again)

This time, it’s really, really personal!

We’ve written over and over again in this space that Republican Hiedi Heidi Ganahl is running the worst gubernatorial campaign in the entire country in 2022.

We’re not wrong, and here’s more proof: Ganahl is planning a big “2022 Kickoff” for her campaign…nevermind that she already did that back in September.

As we wrote last month, Ganahl’s September 2021 kickoff was legitimately one of the saddest statewide campaign launches that we’ve ever seen. She completely botched efforts at building even a modicum of suspense; presented herself as a bumbling idiot in multiple media interviews; didn’t even bother to offer even a basic platform of ideas; and ended up cutting a planned two-week launch tour in half because nobody was showing up to any of her events. Fellow Republicans were publicly stating that her campaign was a disaster before it was even a month old.

We can’t blame Ganahl for WANTING a do-over for her campaign, but that’s not how any of this works. You can’t just shake the old Etch-a-Sketch and start again; ask 2018 Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton how well that worked out. Or Mitt Romney, circa 2012.

Ganahl’s re-kickoff campaign reminds us of this spoof trailer from the “Back to the Future” trilogy of movies teasing a future “Jaws 19” with the tagline, “This time, it’s really, really personal.” Perhaps Ganahl will follow a similar formula and “kick off” her 2022 campaign once a month for the rest of the year.

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  1. davebarnes says:

    "ask 2018 Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton how well that worked out."

    Well, "in January 2022 Governor Jared Polis appointed Stapleton to the state's Economic Development Commission"

    • JohnInDenver says:

      I have to admit — I have to strain to understand why Gov. Polis would consider Stapleton as the best person to appoint AND why Stapleton would want to accept and (presumably) boost the credibility and positive outcome of the Democratic governor's economic development efforts.

      One consequence — I'm pretty certain the move will put the kibosh on any statewide Republican campaign by Stapleton.

      • notaskinnycook says:

        I think that was the idea from the Gov. He’s no dummy. He defanged the guy who might have wanted a rematch. Why Stapleton would accept it puzzles me, too. Oh wait. He’s not that bright.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      Well the guy was the former treasurer for the state of Colorado for eight years.  Maybe Polis did it because Walker has something to contribute.  It could be nothing more than a hire the best talent thing.

  2. PotatoOfDestiny says:

    I mean she might be able to get away with it, as it's not like anyone except for turbonerds are actually paying attention to the race this far out *clears throat, looks at shoes*

  3. davebarnes says:

    She needs to get a better photo. Straight on mug shot is not working for her.

    You do have to admire a candidate who launches a campaign from a saloon. I guess she is not going for the temperance vote.

  4. harrydoby says:

    Kickoff?  More like a Punt.

  5. Diogenesdemar says:

    Give most Republicans the choice between Bud Light (or Coors lighter) and nachos at the Wide Open Saloon (in Sedalia? . . . jezus, Hiedi, really?) on a Saturday evening, and the Two-Egg Breakfast Special (in Monument) on a weekday, and I think we all know where this important statewide-office event is headed?? . . .

    . . . like they say, third time’s a charm, Hiedi!  

    Keep your eye on “April in Paris Swink” (. . . the 1st, I would imagine?) . . .

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