Heidi Ganahl Fundraising is Even Worse than We Thought

Will sing for campaign contributions

Last week we noted that Republican gubernatorial candidate Hiedi Heidi Ganahl was poised to submit a very rough fundraising report for her first quarter as an official candidate. According to Ganahl’s own campaign, the perceived Republican frontrunner had raised just $137,000 — or $13,000 less than little-known U.S. Senate candidate Erik Aadland collected in Q3.

Ganahl’s campaign filed its official report with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office on Friday, however, and the news is actually worse than it first appeared last Wednesday.

Team Ganahl has just $125,000 cash-on-hand, which is not good…but the campaign would only have $75,000 in the bank if not for a $50,000 loan from the candidate.

You read that correctly: If not for a personal loan from Ganahl herself, her campaign for the Republican gubernatorial nomination would have less than $100k in the bank. It might be for the best, then, that Ganahl’s campaign manager is already looking for another job; regular salaries are a luxury that Team Ganahl can’t really afford at the moment.


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  1. Diogenesdemar says:

    $75,000 ???!??? . . .

    . . . that doesn’t hardly even cover the electrons that have been spilt here on this site covering this laughingstock non-starter.

    . . . and Hiedi’s deep personal commitment to her own campaign of $50,000 in pocket change???

    As they say in the business, “Madam, your pooch is dead.”  . . . 

    . . . KBB, bring out your [next] . . .

    (And, no, Fluffy — I am not saying I think Hiedi is a dog. I happen to like and admire dogs; I would never slander them.)


    • JohnInDenver says:

      That deep personal commitment to her campaign is shallower — the money apparently is listed as a loan, not a donation.  Stress:  "Team Ganahl has just $125,000 cash-on-hand,"

      I was curious, so went looking: Polis for Colorado's report shows

      Monetary Contributions:Itemized:  $24,480.77 Non-Itemized:  $5,540.00  Total $30,020.77

      (none from Polis) and

      Monetary Expenditures:Itemized:  $163,966.57 Non-Itemized:  $13.00   Total $163,979.57

      And Funds on hand at the October 15 report:  $134,879.50


      Greg Lopez for Governor reported

      Monetary Contributions:Itemized:  $17,636.57  Non-Itemized:  $881.45  Total $18,518.02

      Reporting Period Ending Funds on Hand:      $15,207.02

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