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September 21, 2021 08:33 AM UTC

Inside Ganahl Bestie John Eastman's Plan To Destroy Democracy

  • by: Colorado Pols
John Eastman, Heidi Ganahl.

CNN reported yesterday on revelations in a forthcoming book by veteran Washington Post journos Bob Woodward and Robert Costa titled Peril, detailing the chaotic final days of Donald Trump’s administration as Trump desperately tried to remain in power after being defeated in the 2020 presidential elections.

Surrounding Trump in those final days was a circle of dedicated supporters who were fully devoted like Trump to finding any possible way to overturn the results of the 2020 elections. Trump’s quasi-legal mostly-PR strategy for accomplishing this was assisted by a surprising number of individuals with Colorado ties, from former Secretary of State Scott Gessler to local attorney Jenna Ellis–and also, pertinent to our discussion today, the University of Colorado’s 2020 “Visiting Scholar of Conservative Thought and Policy,” John Eastman:

A conservative lawyer working with then-President Donald Trump’s legal team tried to convince then-Vice President Mike Pence that he could overturn the election results on January 6 when Congress counted the Electoral College votes by throwing out electors from seven states, according to the new book “Peril” from Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa.

The scheme put forward by controversial lawyer John Eastman was outlined in a two-page memo obtained by the authors for “Peril,” and which was subsequently obtained by CNN. The memo, which has not previously been made public, provides new detail showing how Trump and his team tried to persuade Pence to subvert the Constitution and throw out the election results on January 6.

In short, Eastman’s plan was for Pence to assert himself as the “ultimate arbiter” of electoral votes, declare that “alternate slates” of electors (which did not legally exist) effectively nullify the results from swing states, and either declare Trump the winner outright or force the question to the House where each state would have one vote and Republicans could have hypothetically voted to overturn the result. Although Trump and his legal minions including Rudy Giuliani were enthusiastic about the plan, Vice President Mike Pence was not–and then when Trump began to turn on his own vice president:

The plan was first proposed to Pence when Eastman was with Trump in the Oval Office on January 4, during one of Trump’s attempts to convince Pence that he had the authority to stop the certification of the election.

“You really need to listen to John. He’s a respected constitutional scholar. Hear him out,” [Pols emphasis] Trump said to Pence at that meeting, Woodward and Costa write in “Peril.”

Eastman’s attempt to persuade Pence to go along with a plan to overturn the result of the 2020 elections during the certification process was reported in January, but Eastman’s primary authorship of said plan, as well as these details of the process, are new information. Pence’s refusal to go along with this monstrously undemocratic scheme cost Pence his friendship with Trump…and also may have saved the country.

Here in Colorado, as readers know, the question of whether the 2020 elections were legitimate turned into a major stumbling block for Republican gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl in the rollout of her campaign last week. Ganahl repeatedly dodged the question when asked by the Denver Post and the Colorado Sun during her launch tour press event-and by the time a third reporter came calling, 9NEWS’ Marshall Zelinger, Ganahl testily informed Zelinger that she was not going to answer such “divisive questions.”

Allowing us to explain again why that is an untenable position for CU Regent Ganahl:

The Benson Center, said Ganahl, teaches students about “the beauty of western civilization and the history.”

“We bring a visiting scholar or two to the campus who has a different point of view than most of the faculty at CU,” Ganahl said.

“There are fantastic folks who come in,” said Ganahl. “Right now, it’s Dr. John Eastman, who’s riling some folks up.” [Pols emphasis]

Regent Ganahl is, as much as any individual, the reason John Eastman is Colorado news.

Heidi Ganahl has a lot of “divisive questions” in her future. And she’s going to have to answer them. If Ganahl does not want to answer the most important political question of our times, despite her connection to one of the principal agents in Donald Trump’s attempt to subvert democracy, she simply has no business running for governor of Colorado.

So obviously, keep those “divisive questions” coming.


3 thoughts on “Inside Ganahl Bestie John Eastman’s Plan To Destroy Democracy

  1. The memo was presented to Trump … and clearly accepted by Trump. This is sedition, an attempt overthrow the Constitution.

    Anyone, like Ganahl, that defends and/or supports Eastman (and Tump) have encouraged sedition.

  2. WOTD from Matt Shuham at TPM: “How The Newly Revealed ‘Eastman Memo’ Fits Into Trump’s Election Theft Conspiracy

    As usual, Talking Points Memo gives us great in-depth reporting, this time on John Eastman, Trump’s anti-democratic Conservative lawyer. One fact I did not know: Eastman clerked for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. To connect the dots, Thomas’s wife Ginny, managed a big fundraising campaign to bring thousands of Trump supporters to Washington, DC on Jan 6.

    Responding to the Post’s reporting on his memo, Eastman told the paper that the document merely “explored all options that had been proposed.” But on the day of certification itself, Jan. 6, Eastman was standing on a stage outside the White House to tout the memo’s theory. He was joined by Giuliani, who demanded “trial by combat!” over Trump’s election lies.

    “All Vice President Pence has to do is send it back to the states to recertify, and we become president, and you are the happiest people!” Trump would later the crowd that day.

    Eastman was one of several speakers to address the D.C. rally Trump had beckoned — the rally that turned into a mob — and he didn’t mince words. 

    “We know there was fraud,” he said, falsely. “We know that dead people voted.”

    Then, he aimed his fire squarely, and publicly, at Pence.

    “All we are demanding of Vice President Pence is this afternoon at 1 o’clock, he let the legislatures of the states look into this so we get to the bottom of it and the American people know whether we have control of the direction of our government or not!”

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