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December 03, 2020 02:00 PM UTC

Jenna Ellis Makes Colorado Look Bad And We're Sorry, America

  • by: Colorado Pols

Yesterday morning, co-lead attorney in outgoing-whether-he-likes-it-or-not President Donald Trump’s flailing quasi-legal quest to overturn the 2020 elections, Colorado’s own Jenna Ellis, warned America that something juicy was coming in hot:

Rudi Giuliani, Jenna Ellis.

And sure enough, today the New York Times published a decidedly unflattering deep dive into the record of the Colorado Christian University “professor of constitutional law” who along with Rudy Giuliani has wrested control of Trump’s legal strategy to challenge the results of the election, and steered the 45th President toward an inevitable public relations flameout to distract from the pain of losing by six million votes and counting:

By late 2018, regular viewers of cable news would come to know Ms. Ellis as a “constitutional law attorney” — her preferred title — who aggressively came to Mr. Trump’s defense as he faced investigation and impeachment.

But a review of her professional history, as well as interviews with more than a half-dozen lawyers who have worked with her, show that Ms. Ellis, 36, is not the seasoned constitutional law expert she plays on TV…

Ms. Ellis’s work appears to largely be in a public relations capacity. [Pols emphasis] The Trump campaign and its supporters have so far filed about 50 election-related lawsuits. She has not signed her name or appeared in court to argue a single one.

As for Ellis’ self-described former job as “professor of constitutional law” at CCU, the facts aren’t all that auspicious for either the school or the instructor:

Colorado Christian does not have a law school or a program in constitutional law. [Pols emphasis] Ms. Ellis taught pre-law and political science to undergraduates and was part of the team that developed and advised a moot court program, according to a university spokesman. Eventually she was made an assistant professor of legal studies — but never a “professor of constitutional law,” which is how she identified herself in pieces for The Washington Examiner that she started writing in 2017.

The Times reports that it was Ellis’ appearances on Fox News that put her on Trump’s radar, but it wasn’t until the reported takeover over Trump’s legal effort by Giuliani and Ellis that her role became central–even more so after Ellis personally announced the disowning of fellow attorney Sidney Powell from the “official” legal team as Powell’s wild claims of a vast conspiracy wrecked her credibility even with Tucker Carlson.

Overall, Ellis’ ascension with Giuliani appears to be coincident with the transformation of the “legal strategy” seeking to actually undo the election via court action into a public relations effort to recycle claims of election fraud outside of actual courtrooms or other venues in which testimony might occur under oath. Giuliani denies reports that he’s being paid $20,000 a day to keep the PR charade going long enough to potentially influence Republican state lawmakers to ignore their state’s voters and appoint a pro-Trump slate of Electors–which is the only rational reason for any of this to be continuing weeks after the final result of the election has been plain. From what we can see, anything even close to that number is more money than Ellis has made in her life.

All we can say is, we hope Jenna Ellis is getting paid a lot of money.

Because, well, a person’s soul should be worth a lot of money.


25 thoughts on “Jenna Ellis Makes Colorado Look Bad And We’re Sorry, America

  1. I’ve been listening to Sean Hannity interview Newt Gingrich. I had no idea the extent of this massive fraud!!!  Wake up patriots (and be sure to tune into Hannity tonight where you’ll hear things you won’t hear on any other news channel!!)

  2. It’s a very proud day indeed for all the folks at John Andrews’ elite strike force team nutball factory . . .

    (. . . there must be a Holiday Inn Express somewhere very nearby that CooCooU Law School??)

  3. I'm having trouble deciding whether it's Ellis standing beside Giuliani, making him look kinda' lawyerly by comparison, . . . or vice versa??

  4. Marc Elias’ tweeted comment on Jenna Ellis’ title

    Marc E. Elias  @marceelias

    So this is an interesting point. I have argued/won 4 cases before the US Supreme Court—all involving the 14th amendment. I’ve handled more than 100 federal cases involving 1st and/or 14th amendment. I don’t refer to myself as a “constitutonal law attorney.”

    Rick Hasen  @rickhasen

    True fact: I know many people who argue regularly before the Supreme Court on key matters of constitutional law. Not one of them refers to himself or herself as a “constitutional law attorney.”…

    followed by the “winning” record of the elite strike force team of lawyers “Trump and his allies are 1-41 in post-election litigation.”  The “one win was shortening the post election cure period in Pennsylvania from 9 to 6 days for a small number of ballots.”

  5. Hold Everything!  Roger Stone has incontrovertible evidence of North Korea’s involvement in stealing the election for Biden!!

    Former Trump adviser Roger Stone claimed without evidence that North Korea had interfered in the U.S. presidential election, Newsweek reports.

    Said Stone: “I just learned of absolute incontrovertible evidence of North Korean boats delivering ballots through a harbor in Maine, the state of Maine. If this checks out, if law enforcement looked into that and it turned out to be true, it would be proof of foreign involvement in the election.”

    To paraphrase Arrested Development, “North Korea has boats?”

      1. I'm really surprised we haven't heard more about Cuba's role in all this. There's no question Chavez and Castro conspired to take the White House away from Trump, or somethin' . . . 

  6. So she goes by Jenna Ellis, but her Colorado bar registration is under her married name, Jenna Rives.  She lists her business address as ProActive Communications in Leesburg, VA.  Her husband, David Rives, is as big a nutcase as she is. 

    She seems the perfect candidate to teach "legal studies" at Colorado Christian University.  Fake professor, fake university, fake learning, all because they luv them some Jesus.  

    1. He's a very versatile person! "A singer/songwriter as well with Top-40 radio hits, David’s creativity allows him to approach each project he tackles with a unique perspective. As a seasoned pro with 10 years’ experience in TV and radio, David Rives is regularly available for interviews, features, film projects, speaking engagements, and more." I'll bet he is regularly available.

      1. I believe that is her ex-husband. She still has a way to go to catch up to Giuliani (3 exes) and Trump (2soon to be 3 exes), but you got to start somewhere. 

  7. So here’s a theory:

    Everyone Trump  has pardoned or promises that he will pardon agrees to promote the most batshit claims of election fraud, even though they will make complete fools of themselves.

    Mike Flynn: China is behind Biden’s victory; Trump should declare martial law to overturn election.

    Roger Stone: North Korea delivered ballots through a Maine harbor. Bill Barr is a member of the “Deep State” because Barr dismissed election fraud claims. 

    Rudy Giuliani: Michigan election was fraudulent ; GOP electors should hand it to Trump. Laughed out of court. Tried same crap, with same results in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

    Steve Bannon, KellyAnne Conway, Jenna Ellis, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Kayleigh MacEnany, Trump kids, whomever else is still lying and promoting election fraud claims is probably paying for a future or past pardon.

    It could also be simpler than that: blackmail or bribery.

    1. Don’t forget Hannity, Mark Levin, Lin Wood, Sidney Paulson; Senators Graham, Johnson, Cruz.

      At least Rush Limbaugh said something like: “if you are promising information bombshells about fraud, you had better produce bombshells.”

      1. On that, we agree. The public mouthpieces, the attorneys pushing bullshit, frivolous cases, his thieving family, his congressional "fixers" and accomplices…all need to be held accountable for their part in the closest thing to full blown treason and insurrection this country has seen in recent times.


  8. It is still the overarching goal of the Orange King and his band of anarchists to get something to the SCOTUS. The "oh, it's just so obvious there is widespread fraud/enemy election officials/ inept representation/..whatever, you don't really need "evidence"…do you?, argument", is the one "his" justices will immediately see as valid and overturn the 2020 election for him.

    If he could just get an appellate court to go along. 

  9. They’re trying to undermine the public’s confidence in the President’s election integrity battle by pushing a false “report” on my credentials & experience.

    Is that like undermining the public’s confidence in the Easter Bunny and circular squares?

    The star Rudy/Jenna witness at the legislative committee hearing in Michigan was quite completely hammered during her testimony. The flawless victories just keep coming.

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