Un-Squelched Lauren Boebert Has Learned No Lessons

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Scaring the hell out of people).

The Denver Post’s Conrad Swanson follows up on yesterday’s odd suspension and then un-suspension of Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Twitter account, reported by Boebert herself via Instagram to be a week-long suspension but mysteriously lifted by the afternoon:

Twitter officials temporarily barred Colorado’s newly elected Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert on Wednesday from tweeting after she spread false information about the presidential election, a Twitter spokesperson confirmed to The Denver Post.

However, after a review, the social media platform’s staff determined they had ruled in error and instead flagged as disputed Boebert’s Jan. 9 tweet that falsely accused Democrats of rigging the 2020 election.

“In this instance, our teams took the incorrect enforcement action,” the spokesperson said in an email. “The Tweet will not be required to be removed and the account will not be temporarily locked.”

“[S]tanding up for the Constitution, not just in word BUT IN DEED!” – Rep. Lauren Boebert (R).

In the absence of an explanation from Twitter about what specific rules Boebert violated to earn her suspension, many including ourselves speculated that it was in response to Tweets during the storming of the U.S. Capitol last week that could arguably be considered valuable intelligence provided to the insurrectionists. But Swanson reports that Twitter had instead flagged a Tweet in which Boebert accused Hillary Clinton of “rigging the election,” and after subsequent evaluation Twitter apparently decided to lock that particular Tweet and restore Boebert’s access.

Our purpose today is not to second-guess the Twitter Rules or how they are enforced by that private company, though obviously in the wake of what seems to be a capriciously-applied policy readers are likely to have some reasonable questions about that. But based on what Boebert has been Tweeting since her account was restored, we can say pretty confidently that Boebert has in no way been chastened by the experience:

Boebert Tweeted this today, on the morning of January 14th, but the language seems more like a Tweet from before the insurrection, when the incitement to violence flowed freely. When Rep. Boebert says today a week after the U.S. Capitol was attacked that Republicans need to stand up for the Constitution “not just in word BUT IN DEED” (emphasis hers), what exactly does she mean by that? Does the next sentence “Donald Trump gave us the model for how to lead” provide any clues? Hopefully not, since Trump was just impeached yesterday for inciting a violent insurrection that killed five people.

It’s Boebert’s “1776”, folks. Like Twitter moderators, Boebert’s increasingly nervous colleagues in Congress, and the FBI itself, we’re just trying to sort out the bellicose rhetoric from the bonafide threats to public safety.

Rep. Boebert is not making that easy, and it’s discomforting to say the least.

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  1. unnamed says:

    Overturning an election is the opposite of standing up for the Constitution.  It is working to shred the Constitution.

  2. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Interesting thread earlier today on Yahoo News. Ms. Boebert claims to need a gun in the Capitol for protection, due to the MAGA riot last week (which she possibly helped to incite).

  3. Meiner49er says:

    Translating Boebert-speak is no easy task, but I'm pretty sure she thinks she's saying:

    I am the future of the Republican party

    I stood up to Twitter and won

    If you gave money to Trump, now give money to me.

    It may come across as tone-deaf, but remember, so are most of those to whom she is tweeting.

    I hope I'm wrong, but I wouldn't underestimate her (handlers). 

  4. Diogenesdemar says:

    Did anyone else, other than Q-bie1776, see General Backbone Bonespurs leading that charge of patriots criminal insurrectionists from his speech to the Capitol??

  5. JohnInDenver says:

    re:  " President Trump gave us the model for how to lead with backbone "

    *resident Trump might more accurately be said to have " the model for how to lead with SOME OTHER PERSON'S backbone "

    FIF-Boebert;  I'll waive my speech writer fee.

  6. Gilpin Guy says:

    When oh lord will we be spared another Qbert is an idiot article by Pols.  Spare us we beg you.  How about some juicy insights regarding Diane and Joe being appointed impeachment managers?  God wouldn’t that be a 1st to actually highlight the good and necessary things that Colorado politicians are doing instead of the embarrassing one’s antics.  Bypass the low hanging stupidity and focus on something of value.  Please! 

  7. COgator95 says:

    Q-bert is just a pretty face for white hate. Thankfully she's dumb as a f**king pile of cold cow manure and I suspect she won't be in office for very long.

  8. davebarnes says:

    I see some good coming from Qbert's hogging the limelight—she is sucking the air out of the room for all the other Colorado  G卐Pers.
    She may motivate the base of deplorables. She may win again in her district. But, she will turn off the overall general electorate.

  9. JohnInDenver says:

    Boebert and colleagues played "outraged Constitutionalist" with the new metal detectors.

    Sadly, Capitol Police have limited enforcement powers, as the Rs are correct that they have a right to NOT be arrested when going to or coming from their job on the floor of the House. 

    Nancy Pelosi has a response.  "

    In a Wednesday night statement, Pelosi said the House will move forward with a rule change when it comes back in session on Jan. 21 that will impose fines on members of Congress “who refuse to abide by these protections.”

    The fine for the first offense will be $5,000, and $10,000 for the second offense. The fines will be deducted directly from lawmakers’ salaries.

    Anyone think Ms. Boebert can afford even the first time fine, which would be a loss of a third of her monthly gross pay in commitment to her principles?  How many sandwiches do you suppose Shooters Grill would need to sell to cover even a first violation?  How many t-shirts?

    • unnamed says:

      How many sandwiches do you suppose Shooters Grill would need to sell to cover even a first violation?


      I'm going to guess enough to get the entire population of Grand Junction sick with major diarrhea. 

    • High Valley Lurker says:

      Of course, if any ‘ordinary citizen’ tried to avoid a metal detector that helped to protect a very sensitive area protecting important people at the heart of the government, then the guards would quickly yell “Terrorist” and “Gun!” and deploy live ammunition.

    • High Valley Lurker says:

      Q’bert now has a job with a salary of $174,000 a year. Plus of course, what ever she can con out of her sucker’s list in small donations. And, she is undoubtedly now a rising star of some far-right oligarchs will shower her with money in their long-running anti-government campaign.

      She’d probably use the fine as a fund-raising opportunity. She’d post a FundMe page and get the hardworking wage-slaves to give up a part of their meager paychecks to cover it multiple times over.

      • MichaelBowman says:

        It's a safe bet she's fundraising off of this exchange:

        • JohnInDenver says:

          Boebert, exchanging with Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.), seems to mainly have

           * kept the story alive

           * made people say "why dost she protest so much" ?

           * triggered a number of additional liberals to list off Boebert's exploits of her short Congressional career. [12 days and counting … has anyone started a pool yet on if and when Boebert's time in Congress is up?]

  10. JohnInDenver says:

    And, we don't have views of the scene (yet) — but there is a report of some CCTV showing who gave tours on Jan 5.  According to someone called @laurasessions10, Boebert is among them.




  11. kickshot says:

    Found on the Wayback Internet archive:





    Event goes from 1 PM – 5 PM

    We the People must take to the US Capitol lawn and steps and tell Congress #DoNotCertify on #JAN6! Congress cannot certify this fraudulent Electoral College. Our presence in Washington D.C. will let Members of Congress know that we stand with Rep. Mo Brooks and his colleagues in the House of Representatives who will bravely object to the certification of the Electoral College. We're in need of at least one Senator. We've identified six (seven including Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville) that could join our cause.
    StopTheSteal.us is working closely, whipping the vote up, with patriots in the Congress.

    Invited Speakers & Featured Guests

    Rep. Paul Gosar

    Ali Alexander

    Roger Stone

    Rep-Elect Marjorie Greene

    Scott Presler

    JennyBeth Martin

    Rep. Lance Gooden

    Rep-Elect Lauren Boebert

  12. kickshot says:

    ‘Bullhorn lady’ gives detailed instructions in viral video of Capitol riots A viral video shows that the Capitol rioters were coordinated.

    “What’s the floor plan?” a man asks at the beginning of the video, which is filmed from inside the building. The room is crowded and chaotic.

    “We need a plan. We need enough people. We need to push forward,” shouts another man.

    Seconds later, a woman in a pink hat and sunglasses appears in the window.

    “Hey guys, I’ve been in the other room…” she says into a bullhorn, then proceeds to deliver detailed instructions on how to take the building.

    “In the other room on the other side of this door right here where you are standing, there is a glass that somebody, if it’s broken, you can drop down into a room underneath it,” she says, gesturing.

    “There’s also two doors in the other room. One in the rear, and one to the right as you go in.”

    “So people should probably coordinate together if you’re going to take this building.”

  13. Voyageur says:

    To Tune of Colonel Boogie March


    Boebert, one of the Great Dimwits

    Boebert, she gives us all the shits.

    If her gunshots don’t kill you quickly

    Her sliders will make you sickly.

    Racist riots she will always bless

    And her waiters are Waffen SS.


  14. spaceman2021 says:

    If this is 1776, then I presume she'll be working on her version of the articles of confederation.  

  15. High Valley Lurker says:

    OMG. I hear that Snowflake Q’bert is now whining about how awful it is that she’s catching heat for helping to organize the overthrow of the government and abetting the potential assassination of Speaker Pelosi.

    Yep, those Republicans are really admirable the way they believe in and accept personal responsibility for their actions.

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