BREAKING: Lauren Boebert’s Twitter Wings Clipped

UPDATE #2: We are duty bound to report that the once-weeklong suspension of Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Twitter account has been lifted:

Un-sound the all clear, folks.


UPDATE: KRDO-TV’s Zachary Aedo:

Rep. Lauren Boebert says Twitter has locked her account for nearly a week until the end of Inauguration Day…

Boebert has been in the hot seat online after defending President Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud and also saying he did not incite any of the violence seen when pro-Trump supporters stormed the Capitol.

Critics have also accused her for inciting the violent mob on Jan. 6 through her Twitter posts.

Thousands of people online and across Colorado have asked for the newly elected congresswoman to resign. But she fired back on Monday saying Democrats and “Hollywood elites” are hypocrites and also to blame for escalating political division.


That’s the circuitous word from Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Instagram page:

As it turns out, live-Tweeting security details during an insurrection violates the Twitter Rules!

We’re comfortable with that. Watch this space for updates.

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  1. Voyageur says:

    Treason comes at a cost, Two-Gun Tootsie.

  2. JohnInDenver says:

    Did ALL of the various twitter streams get locked down?  And is someone ready to play whack-a-mole if Boebert's staff or followers start writing for her?

    Anyone check to see if other social media have taken similar steps?

    • kwtree says:

      Boebert’s current staff:

      Jeff Small, chief of staff, DC Tweets seem to be pretty much blaming Democrats for the 1/6/21 riot (note – his name is Jeff Small, but Twitter has him as Jeff Smalls)

      Paige Agostin, Legislative director, DC

      Ben Goldey, Communications director, DC (protected tweets)

      Clarice Navarro, District Director, CO (protected tweets)

      Cathy Garcia, S CO District director

      I’m sure Goldey or someone is writing for Boebert, as her style has gotten more coherent. But her staff seems to be keeping their collective heads down. I’d be interested to see if bonafide CD3 constituents are able to view the social media feeds and to talk or leave messages with staff for “Representative” Boebert. Any CD3 folk willing to try?

      Boebert’s office numbers and email



      • Sunmusing says:

        I have been thinking on this….I have been emailing our senators…I have been hesitant on emailing Qbert…I believe that she would abuse the power of the office to get back at me…like trump does…I am really angry that my neighbors voted for this skank moron..I don't know how to approach this without getting in trouble…

  3. Diogenesdemar says:

    See Kwtree’s post on the related idiot-proofing diary . . .

    . . . So, when Q-bie gets expelled how will her replacement be selected?

    . . . can Q-bie’s honorary G.E.D. degree be withdrawn?

    PS. Condolences to Fluffy on his family’s soon-coming halving income — generic Kleenex sucks.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      replacement has to be by election in the District.  I think major parties can nominate a candidate.  Minor parties and independents can qualify with signatures — 1,250, I think.  Election dates have to be far enough out to allow for party processes and signature gathering, certification of candidates and design of the ballot, plus 45 days for any overseas voters. 

    • kwtree says:

      That photo was wrongly captioned. Sorry. I took the caption from a reliable Twitter source and a sketchy Instagram source; both were wrong. Media Matters has the credit for finding the photo, which shows Boebert with 3% militia members at a December “We will Not Comply” rally at the Colorado State Capitol. Not pre- “reconnaissance” tour in DC. 

      Boebert may still have been one of several members who took sketchy- looking militia type folks on Capitol tours January 5. It’s being investigated at the request of 34 other members. But we don’t know yet.

  4. bullshit! says:

    She's a security risk and she should not be on Capitol Hill on inauguration day.

  5. Meiner49er says:

    Best news I've heard all day. Now if only Capitol Police would do their job and glock block her from entering Congress while armed.

  6. slater says:

    Looks like her @ShootersGrill has been deleted. Clip. Clip. 

  7. itlduso says:

    Did QBert conduct a tour of the Capitol for people who turned out to be rioters a day before the riot allowing them to case the building?

  8. High Valley Lurker says:

    Republicans are so inconsistent as to become totally farcical. And it goes beyond Q’bert.
    Republicans HATE regulations upon business. In Republican-land, anything a business wants to do to make a profit is good for them.
    Until ….
    The Republicans decide to use social media to organize the overthrow of the United States, and corporations decide that perhaps it might be bad for their brand if they are seen to be the tools by which the Shining City on the Hill became the land of Q’Anon DeathCamps.
    Suddenly Republicans cry for massive government regulation!
    The Republicans cry for massive interference by the Courts in business! Every attempt to ban a Twitter user must be reviewed by the Supreme Court as a 1st Amendment case.

    Really? Can’t these people stick to a story? If this crew ever does get busted, they all tell 10 different stories to the police, and of course the police will know they are lying.

  9. spaceman2021 says:

    You know what, lil lady, twitter as a private entity can shut your ass down for being conservative.  As a freedom-luvin', anti-gubmint yeehawer, you should be standing up for twitter to do what it pleases, free from intervention from the feds, states, or Garfield county.  Sorry your feelings got hurt.  I've got some tots in the freezers, but no pears. 

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