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December 21, 2020 11:04 AM UTC

Deep Thoughts By Lauren Boebert: "Irony"

  • by: Colorado Pols

It’s time to return again to a new feature we call Deep Thoughts By Lauren Boebert.”

When last we caught up with Congresswoman-elect Lauren “Q*Bert” Boebert, she was busy trying to explain the “algorithms” that done messed up the 2020 election for her man President Trump.

Today, Boebert sent out a tweet that wouldn’t even try to summarize ourselves. In fact, we managed to catch screenshots of two different versions of Boebert’s tweet. We decided to show you both versions of the tweet to underscore an important point: Boebert took the time to edit her tweet to change “Santa Clause’s” to “Santa Claus’s,” but at no point did she apparently re-think the logic of her message or her weird decision to say publicly that Santa Claus isn’t real just a few days before Christmas.

Lauren Boebert Tweet, take one
Lauren Boebert tweet, take two


Our first reaction to Boebert’s tweet was similar to this Twitter user who wanted to know if Boebert’s message was some sort of a riddle. It’s true that particularly-clever riddles can appear almost incomprehensible at first glance. But no, this is not a riddle. It just doesn’t make sense.

If it’s a joke, what’s the punchline? Is Boebert insinuating that Dr. Anthony Fauci is not a real person? Would that be funny? Boebert has referenced Fauci numerous times in recent months, so what does that say about her?

Our next reaction, of course, was about Boebert’s decision to out Santa Claus as a fictional character with Christmas Eve just three days away. Hopefully Boebert’s younger children don’t follow her on Twitter.

Our final reaction was to marvel at the use of the word “irony,” which Boebert clearly does not understand. Since it’s the season of giving, we wanted to help. Here’s a definition of “irony” that might make sense to “Q*Bert”:

It is IRONIC that you announced that Santa Claus isn’t real while taking a dig at a guy who was just trying to reassure nervous children about their safety and the existence of a character who inspires hope and belief and the Christmas spirit. 

It feels good to give.


24 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts By Lauren Boebert: “Irony”

    1. Yeah, it's clearly a Q-koan.

      There are actually a couple of reasons why they mis-spell words.

      One is to gain more attention –  consider the repetition in your news feeds of the "Moran" sign. Notice how frequently poorly spelled signs show up at T-party demonstrations.

      The other is to h!d3 w0rds fr0m Fakebook's (sic) false flags.

  1. lol

    I'd say that Qbert is dumb as dog shit, but that would be unduly disparaging to the substance our dogs deposit on the ground during their morning walks.

    1. She is smart enough to know how to slam science with a wink-wink joke.  What's infuriating is that she is quick to insult Fauci about fantasy encounters but chooses to ignore that he is offering a form of cultural reassurance that the vaccine is for everyone.  What a nasty person to engage in insulting scientists who work to help people while pretending to be Pro-Life.

  2. hmmm…I am trying to think of ways to get Lauren Qbert to resign…I know that she is a grifter…she only ran for congress because of the salary of a congressman….her restaurant was/is failing, and she was getting desperate, what, with all the court appearances that she avoided, and the petty crimes she committed, there needs to be money to pay the fines…and the salary of a congressman is a large chunk to her…I am angry at the folks who voted for this unmitigated moron…anyway….we have a problem in CD3…

    1. Not to mention the problem with her sliders making people sick.

      As far as being angry at the people who voted for her, don’t bother. It’s the hyper-partisan nature of this country today.

      People now will vote for anyone if there is a “R” or a “D” next his/her/their name. After 46% of the voters in this country voted for a guy who bragged sexually assaulting women, absolutely anything goes.

      There was time when I would have had pause over Hick’s ethical lapses and voting for him. Not anymore. Hick could have been indicted and I would still voted for him because if convicted, he could resign or be expelled and Polis could appoint another Dem.

      I was even prepared to vote for Bernie Sanders if he won the nomination and had a “D” next to his name. Fortunately, South Carolina Democrats spared me the discomfort of having to do that.

    2. I think she’ll resign like Palin,  or at least, not run for re-election. Fox or Newsmax or some other rightie media will offer her a better deal as a spokesmodel, which is more in line with her skills set. Her Twitter feed shows her appearing on Breitbart News and the Q- conspiracy promoting Epoch Times, as well as railing about the Budget bill funding wind and solar. 

      Work in DC is going to be a real stress on her family, too, since her kids are staying back in Rifle with Daddy.

      Her fellow Freedom caucus and Kraken Kookus member Ken Buck, has one of the worst attendance rates for votes in Congress, missing an average 6% of votes overall, and  28% of votes in 2019. Boebert is  likely to follow Buck’s example and barely show up unless there’s a photo op to pose for. 

      1. Unfortunately, tree, I disagree. Boebert loves the limelight. She gets the kook media's attention because she got elected. If her congressional seat goes away, so does she. And the money is orders of magnitude better than any salary she ever dreamed of.

        As for her family, she had no problem leaving Rifle to campaign across the 3rd CD, which does not allow for being home every night.

        I'm afraid we'll be treated to her special brand of stupid for some time to come. At least it has an entertainment value.


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