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November 24, 2020 09:16 AM UTC

Which Car Lot Will Cory Gardner Land In?

  • by: Colorado Pols
Donald Trump and Cory Gardner in Colorado Springs, February 20, 2020.

We’re obliged to note this report in the New York Times, though we’re not ready to take it to the bank:

[Republican Party chair Ronna Romney] McDaniel, a Michigan native, has a gilded political pedigree: She is the niece of Senator Mitt Romney of Utah and the granddaughter of George Romney, a three-term Michigan governor. She earned Mr. Trump’s trust in part by urging him to make trips to her home state during the 2016 campaign, which he credits with helping him win there.

She has told people she does not intend to seek another term after 2022, one person briefed on the discussions said, a move that could ensure her exit before the 2024 presidential cycle gets underway in earnest.

So far nobody has emerged to challenge Ms. McDaniel, but some influential Republicans are trying to stir support for Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado, who has just lost his re-election bid and is well-liked among pro-Trump and Trump-skeptical Republicans alike in Washington. [Pols emphasis] Mr. Gardner did not respond to two emails inquiring whether he had any interest in the chairmanship.

In the three weeks since the 2020 election Sen. Cory Gardner and President Donald Trump both lost, Gardner’s failure to join the ever-so-slowly-growing chorus of fellow Republicans admitting the reality that Joe Biden won has stood out–even more so after being cornered in Washington long enough to accuse reporters asking if he considers Biden to be the President-elect of asking “gotcha questions.” After losing his Senate seat in no small part due to his loyalty to Trump while the voters of Colorado migrated left, Gardner’s silence is generally assumed to be in the interest of preserving his standing in the GOP long enough to land his next gig.

It’s not unreasonable to think Cory Gardner might want Ronna Romney McDaniels’ job, and as former head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Gardner undeniably has relevant experience. On the other hand, Gardner leading the Republican Party after running in both 2014 and to a lesser extent in 2020 as a contra-brand “different kind of Republican” highlighting his supposed post-partisanship is a bit whiplash-inducing for those who don’t know him well. Also, K Street pays much better.

Would Cory Gardner give the Republican Party the smooth-talking pitchman they need to move on after Trump? Or would Chairman Gardner just be another indicator that Republicans aren’t learning any lessons? This particular rumor may or may not pan out, of course, but it’s reasonable to assume Gardner won’t be immediately selling tractors in Yuma in 2021.


15 thoughts on “Which Car Lot Will Cory Gardner Land In?

    1. Exactly.

      Coreless’s career fortunes have always depended upon people who don’t know him well . . .

      . . . and, he’s not smart enough to think on his feet, so it’s hard to imagine a party chair who won’t answer presser questions, or do interviews other than on FOX.

      As anyone’s spokesmodel, he’ll need someone to hand him a strict script and no more than 30 seconds of spot airtime.

    2. Among other things, yes…….

      And the party chair doesn't get compensated nearly as well as a K Street lobbyist or a senior vice president at Koch gets paid.

      No one is going to try to stop Ronna McDaniels from staying on as chair. Supposedly everyone in the GOP (Trumpsters and non-Trumpsters) like her personally. (Even the junior senator from Utah is fond of her.) 

      OTOH, Cory did learn how to satisfy the donors when he was NRSC chair a few years back. 

  1. It is a mystery …. but if the Trump inner circle was telling people not to look for new jobs because that would be a sign that Trump was not going to have them continue in their present positions, I think Cory may well have gotten a similar message and will hold tight until after the new session of Congress is begun.

    With a bit of background in US-Asia relationships, he could land at a RW think tank — then spend a couple of years figuring out what ought to be the next move. 

  2. I'll still guess Buck stays one more term in the 4th, and Gardner runs in 2022 in the new eastern plains district. If redistricting is favorable for the GOP in that district, he could probably count on that $174,000+ per year for quite some time.

    1. I’m guessing that primary will be a food fight. This week’s guest editorial in The Wray Gazette is penned by our own Senator Sonnenburg and hits every eastern Colorado political buzz word in the Freedom Dictionary. Who knew an alert on your cell phone warning you about the dangers of COVID could be such an assault on our constitutional freedoms – all orchestrated by the dimmycrats who want to destroy our way of life?

      Me thinks he doth protest too much. 

  3. Future cory is about to find out if all the years of photobombing republican groups pays off.  Would he run in a house race?  Probably not.  His future will be smoozing fools for money.  K Street? Probably not as they are shifting to Democratics now.  Some trump campaign/business position, I am not too sure about that as that guy does look at height of his cult members and Cory has a problem there.  Used car lot, looks good for his skills.

  4. Biden needs to appoint a few Republicans into his administration. Let’s suggest Cory as the next ambassador to the Central African Republic. Knowing how to speak French could be helpful.

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