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November 18, 2020 9:27 am MST

Cory Gardner's Loyalty To Trump Extends Beyond Political Grave

  • by: Colorado Pols

After nearly two weeks of trying, a reporter finally got outgoing Sen. Cory Gardner to utter words in response to the terminal crisis of Donald Trump’s out-of-control presidency–Trump’s refusal to acknowledge the results of an election that no reasonable observer has found any reason to question the results of.

Free of the obligation to defend a unified Republican ticket in a state Republicans have been losing for 15 years and at an accelerated pace since Trump took office, did Gardner finally summon up the spine to admit the obvious, and call for the peaceful transfer of power he assured us would take place when Trump suggested delaying the election back in July?

Sorry to disappoint you, folks.

The only thing we can say in response to this latest and perhaps final refusal by Sen. Gardner to keep the promise he made to voters in 2014, “when my party is wrong, I’ll say it,” is that it strongly indicates something more than political expedience at work in Gardner’s loyalty to Donald Trump. After Gardner called on Trump to pull out of the presidential race in October of 2016, Gardner’s swift about-face into one of Trump’s most indefatigable defenders ran directly counter to the preference of a majority of Colorado voters–even many Colorado Republicans, who had tried to make the state an example of Republican resistance to Trump by locking down for Ted Cruz at the 2016 GOP state assembly.

Cory Gardner had countless opportunities to meaningfully separate from Trump, plotting a careful course like neighboring Sens. Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse to exit the Trump era with their reputations intact in much redder states. Trump’s divisiveness created a bright white line between his supporters and the rest of the country, and Gardner stayed with his President even though that clearly meant aligning with a minority of Colorado voters. In setting the stage for Gardner’s widely anticipated defeat, there was a rush to make excuses for Gardner’s very deliberate choice to stay loyal to Trump over Colorado.

None of those excuses explain why Gardner is still covering for Trump now.


28 thoughts on “Cory Gardner’s Loyalty To Trump Extends Beyond Political Grave

      1. Try to find a copy of Pete Townshend's Live at the Chicago House of Blues concert cd.  It has phenomenal renditions of "Drowned" and "Then and Now" from Quadrophenia, along with so many others.  The best concert album ever (well, on par with "Stop Making Sense").

  1. At this point it's now an open question in my mind as to whether any of the Kochs are going to be willing to toss even some pocket change to this blithering tool?

  2. I wonder what Cory would say was NOT a gotcha question? 

    He is still a Senator until January … so maybe ask him about scheduled votes for nominees?  the chance for a pandemic relief package? a continuing resolution to keep the government open beyond the middle of December? Something about how the Land and Water Conservation Act is being (not) carried out? 

    Or, we could expect Cory to continue as he has, talking about as much as the Cardboard Cory toted about the state.

    1. Well, according to that ad above, Cory's silence is due to the fact that his party has done nothing wrong.  Ergo, nothing is broken thus in need of fixing.

      Personally, I think he's got a job lined up at Mar-A-Lago as the head pool boy.  He has the bartending experience already on his resume.

  3. Well, Cory, if you're so tired of the so-called "gotcha" questions, you could resign.  You're out on your ass in 6 weeks anyway and you have been a shitty Senator.  Now, you're just phoning it in.  So, you don't want to be bothered, then get the fuck out, asshole.

    1. Agreed. What is pathetic is that this really isn't a hard question to answer. All he would have to say is I am going to let President Trump exhaust all legal avenues available to him before I say that, and lets let the process play itself out first, blah, blah, blah.

      This is why I hate Cory Gardner though.  He just won't answer a fucking question. It's irritating as hell.

      1. For sure. What remains of the Establish GOP in Colorado isn't stupid enough to put any effort into the Recall Polis movement. The Q Continuum, OTOH, will salivate each and every time someone rings that bell.

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