Colorado GOP’s #NeverTrump Moment Sullies Cruz Sweep


Donald Trump is not gonna like this.

Donald Trump is not gonna like this…

Our friend Eli Stokols at Politico reports on the hotly controversial Tweet you can read above posted by the Colorado Republican Party’s Twitter account, then quickly deleted last night after Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz completed his sweep of the state’s national GOP convention delegates:

Steve House, the Colorado GOP chairman, insisted his staff had nothing to do with the tweet and is now investigating.

“There’s no way we tweeted that,” House said, although he acknowledged that the state party was responsible for deleting it…

Several local GOP operatives were quick to suggest that the tweet, which was quickly deleted, was the work of the two young Republican operatives at D/CO, a newly formed Republican consulting firm that caters on outreach to Millennials. Caleb Bonham and Kyle Forti, who formed D/CO in December, just took over a number of clients from another local firm, Avinova, which used to assist the Colorado GOP with social media.

But Forti denied that he or Bonham were responsible and said they don’t have access to the state GOP’s Twitter feed.

This guy also claimed his Twitter account was "hacked."

This guy also claimed his Twitter account was “hacked.”

We certainly can’t claim to know who posted this Tweet, although we do believe the Party has the propriety and/or legal authority (as needed) to find out from Twitter where it originated. Making the charitable assumption that this Tweet was not a moment of anti-Trump exuberance from someone fully permitted access the account, the question becomes one of password security–who among past staff or consultants who may have had access that wasn’t taken away after they parted ways.

Whatever the investigation (if any) into this Tweet produces, there’s no question it’s a public relations nightmare for the state party and the “Never Trump” counter-revolution generally. You couldn’t ask for better “proof” of the grand conspiracy theory Trump’s still-substantial following is consoling themselves with as his campaign has lost momentum in recent weeks. After a series of procedural errors and rumored bad hiring decisions by Trump’s Colorado delegate-hunting team, Cruz won the state by all accounts fair and square.

But have fun telling The Donald and his lawyers that now! Odds are this is not going to end well, folks.

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  1. davebarnes says:

    The "not us, we wuz hacked" defense is complete bullshit.

  2. OrangeFree says:

    The State Party and a plurality of the activists are in the bag for Cruz, so why be coy about it? 

  3. Moderatus says:


    This could destroy the party. I don't support Trump but if I were Trump I would sue the pants off the Colorado GOP.

    • BlueCat says:

      On what basis? Is there a rule that says you can't back one candidate to block another? It's been known for many months that the Colorado GOP wasn't going to hold a straw poll to keep their options for delegates open. This isn't the first instance of Trump the reality star failing to bother with political organization while politicians do their political thing.  

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Meh.  The fact that he's Republican is already prima-facie evidence of incompetence and mendaciousness …

      … anything else is just, as they say, gravy.


      • BlueCat says:

        If his goal was to see that Cruz got the delegates then he's apparently kind of competent. Since Team Trump has made so many similar mistakes out of sheer incompetence and lack of organization it's going to be real hard to say Team Trump's were accidents, the Colorado GOP’s were on purpose and prove it. Besides. Cruz would have beaten Trump with or wthout this stuff. 

    • FrankUnderwood says:

      I don't understand you. You love Cruz and hate Trump. House implements a process which gets Cruz 37 out of37 delegates. Yet House is incompetent. Moderatus logic?

      • Half Glass Full says:

        Breaking in and stealing the goods are only two parts of the game. If you then leave fingerprints all over the place and get caught red-handed, you're a lousy thief.

  4. Duke Cox says:

    Don't shout, you idiot.

    I hope "it" destroys your party. Your party definitely deserves destruction….

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