Colorado Is Voting In Historic Numbers

It’s unprecedented:

Much as we have no frame of objective reference with which to compare John Hickenlooper’s game-ending $22 million fundraising haul in the third quarter, there is simply no way to adequately put in perspective the massive and swift rate of return of ballots that just arrived this week in Colorado mail boxes; after all, this is our first experience with voting during a global pandemic. Nevertheless, here’s the breakdown of returned ballots by party affiliation as of yesterday, also showing an historic shift:

In previous Colorado mail ballot elections going back to the first in 2013, the prevalent trend for ballot returns has been Republican voters quickly getting their ballots back to county clerks, with Democrats filling in later and through Election Day. In 2020, this trend is completely reversed, with Democratic ballots flying back to clerks in unprecedented numbers and Republicans a distant third behind unaffiliated voters. It’s been suggested that this may be due to more Republicans choosing in-person voting on Election Day citing President Donald Trump’s baseless conspiracy theorizing about mail ballots. Or, we’re seeing dampened enthusiasm from Republicans in the face of an oncoming Democratic landslide.

Either way, Democrats in Colorado we’ve talked to are in something close to a state of disbelief over what’s happening, and determined to avoid becoming complacent until this election is not just over, but mutually agreed to be over–a point that, the bigger the landslide, the faster we’ll arrive for the good of the whole country.

We can’t predict outcomes everywhere, but we’re looking at an early election night in our state.

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  1. Early Worm says:

    Anecdotally, it is amazing how effective Trump's disinformation campaign is with his followers. I spoke to an 80 + year old republican yesterday and mentioned I had already dropped off my ballot at the collection box at the JeffCo government building. Her response, "Do you trust that?" If you don't trust the box outside the County offices, which we have been using for years, what do you trust? The stable genius is, once again, proving to be not so smart.

    • NOV GOP meltdown says:

      Exactly Early Worm. The whole disinformation strategy was to “own the libs” by fomenting distrust in mail in ballots or drop boxes by encouraging voting in person only. Then they could clog up the polling places and cause havoc the day of the election. Then they can attempt to call the election early to disenfranchise those voting in person, especially at the last minute.

      I guess he forgot the key part that only his base is listening to this bullshit, so millions of us who want his ass out are voting early, many by mail in ballots or drop boxes, to make sure our votes count.

      So now it looks like his base is still sitting on their hands waiting until election day, and an unprecedented amount of Americans who have had enough are voting him out now through other means.

      Kind of the exact opposite outcome of what the stable genius was planning.

      Winning !

      • RepealAndReplace says:

        "So now it looks like his base is still sitting on their hands waiting until election day, and an unprecedented amount of Americans who have had enough are voting him out now through other means."

        Meanwhile, if they keep attending his campaign events without masks, many will become infect and symptomatic by Election Day, and too sick to show up to vote. And it's too late for them to early vote or request absentee ballot – which after all, he told them not to do.

        • kwtree says:

          In 2016, $rump told people to vote for him before they died. seriously, this is like a doomsday cult nowadays. 😵

        • JohnInDenver says:

          In Colorado, it literally is only "too late" to register and vote when the doors close at 7 pm on November 3 (or when the people standing in line at 7 pm are done voting at a Voter Service & Polling Center — which may be long after 7 pm).

          Drive through drops and 24 hour ballot boxes are locked down at 7 pm November 3, too.

          Most counties in Colorado have said they will stop sending out ballots on October 26.  But after that, Denver voters ( and I think others) will be able to call their election officers and have a ballot prepared for inside or curbside pick up at a VSPC, until 5 pm on November 3.

          Colorado generally and Denver in particular REALLY bend over backwards to make it possible to vote.

  2. bullshit! says:

    Oh shit, Moderanus needs to get in here STAT and say why it's all a lie.

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