Casper Stockham’s “Mask Burning Challenge”–Yes, Really

Republican perennial congressional candidate Casper Stockham, presently serving as the GOP’s sacrificial lamb running against longtime Democratic incumbent Rep. Ed Perlmutter in suburban CD-7–not least for the paycheck he’s allowed to draw from his campaign contributions–has found his gimmick for 2020!

The “Mask Burning Challenge.” It’s just what it sounds like. Find a face mask, and instead of putting it on your face like the Deep State tells you to, burn that sucker! Paper or natural mask fibers are recommended for this demonstration of personal liberty, unless you like huffing plastic fumes. Some receptive to this message may be into that, it’s true.

And above all, pics or it didn’t happen freedom fighters:

Move over, Tide Pods! This is the now dumbest “challenge” on the internet.

As everyone even casually familiar with Casper Stockham knows, this over-the-top ridiculousness isn’t about going to Congress. Casper Stockham is never going to Congress. In fact, if Casper Stockham were to ever find himself with a serious chance of going to Congress, Republicans would intervene to stop it from happening.

But as was once famously said on the Titanic, we believe you may get your headlines Mr. Stockham.

They won’t be good headlines, but Stockham won’t know the difference.

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  1. Diogenesdemar says:

    Why isn’t this yet a contest event at Shooters Grill? . . .

    . . . Why isn’t Casper blasting that damn mask with an AR?

    . . . Where’s that Confederate flag?

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  2. kwtree says:

    The man is a Lyft driver. So clearly, he isn’t burning one of the masks he and his passengers are required to wear. Or maybe it’s a used one, in which case, fire it up- just don’t hail yourself as some kind of culture warrior. 

  3. Meiner49er says:

    Why is he lighting that mask with an extended lighter, in a 10 gallon washtub? Afraid he might get burned?

    Even women burning bras in the 60s did it with a 'Merican Zippo lighter, and weren't afraid to hold them as they burned.

    Oh, yeah, he's going to get burned for this stunt, regardless.

  4. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    As a registered Republican and resident of Congressional District 7, I'd like to welcome Casper as the new, biennial, sacrificial lamb that helps Ed Perlmutter run up the score, so to speak.

    I've voted for Ed every time he's ran. I've met him and like his approach. I don't have to agree with each and every position he takes, to continue my support.

  5. davebarnes says:

    Casper: a Black man with a torch! Must be Antifa!

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