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March 11, 2020 07:50 PM UTC

Is Trump Seriously Still Coming To Colorado?

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE (7:50 pm): Guess not:

Revisiting the Denver Post’s report from last week, which seems like ages ago:

President Donald Trump will take part in a high-dollar Denver fundraiser with U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner next Friday, according to an invitation for the event.

A donation of $100,000 to Colorado Trump Victory — a joint fundraising committee for Trump, Gardner and the Republican National Committee — buys a table for two at the luncheon fundraiser, along with a photo opportunity. The location of the Denver event has not been made public.

A spokesperson for the Yuma Republican, who spoke at a rally with Trump in Colorado Springs last month, confirmed an invitation obtained by The Denver Post is for the event. The president’s campaign and a Republican National Committee spokesman did not respond to requests for comment.

Hosted by Colorado Republican demi-megadonor Larry Mizel, who apparently still doesn’t want to talk about how President Donald Trump’s presidency has correlated with a dramatic spike in the anti-Semitic hate crimes Mizel claims to revile, this high-dollar insider luncheon was supposed to be another celebration of the close relationship Trump has forged with Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner in recent months. No matter how unpopular Trump may be in Colorado, Gardner has decided that standing by his man will serve him better than going his own way.

Instead, it could be an example of Trump’s limitless hubris–the kind that keeps him gladhanding with the public when we’re all supposed to be learning the fine art of “social distancing.” Events are being called off and postponed right and left as the coronavirus crisis grips the nation–so we’ll watch and see if this fundraising visit goes forward or turns into a nice, sanitary conference call.


16 thoughts on “Is Trump Seriously Still Coming To Colorado?

  1. Calm down, you guys. It's all good:

    There’s no deadline for a decision [on whether to issue an emergency declaration per the Stafford Act], but one of the people familiar with the talks said the task force will not give Trump its final verdict until Jared Kushner, the president’s senior adviser and son-in-law, finishes his research and comes to a conclusion himself.

  2. New definition for CPAC  (used to be Conservative Political Action Conference):

    Now: Conservatives Passing Around Coronavirus

    Seen on Yahoo! News earlier today.


  3. Mizel is less interested in alleged anti-semetic behavior than he his protecting the extensive use of undocumented workers illegally employed by the housing industry. In 2006 Mizel had Owens kill a bill that would have required the use of E-Verify – a direct threat to the housing industry using illegal workers.Yes, those big "contributions" to the GOP paid off then, and they're paying off again now.  Interesting how Mizel, who pockets millions off the backs of cheap illegal labor, is such an ardent supporter of Trump. the anti -immigration candidate. It's really quite simple – pay to play. 

    In the coming months, Mizel's criminal behavior will be well documented in a new publication in the works. The Teflon Criminal will be exposed for what he is.

  4. Ummmm, lemmesee here . . .

    Donnie, Cory, Larry, Phil, Jake, John, a Brownstein et al or two, the other Larry, Jim, Charlie, Jack, Bruce maybe, a handful of outta’-state Gotrocks wackos, . . .

    . . . these germbags are already a virulent contagion!

  5. Nope.

    1. “But please, by all means, send in your filthy lucre donation checks . . .

      . . . we’ll do our utmost on behalf of the President to properly launder decontaminate them.”

    2. I wonder how many Trumpers already contracted the virus from a rally. Democratic candidate rallies, too.About a month from now, we’ll know.

      Smart people (former health officials in Obama administration) are advocating that in-person campaign events for this election be cancelled. All of them. From whatever party.

      Voting can still happen, preferably by mail ballots. But no giant rallies, no baby-kissing, hugging, hand-shaking, thousands of selfies. Until ….when?

      1. Progression I've read says 5-7 day incubation before full symptoms, so we'll know impacts before a month from now.  Even the extended "exposure" quarantine is only 14 days. 

        Shifting political campaign tactics:  following Warren Harding's 1920 example of a "front porch campaign" is sounding better and better.  He was able to attack the incumbent in numerous ways in speeches from his Ohio home.  His campaign used local surrogates and advertising to stress the idea of a "return to normalcy."  The results:  he won by a landslide — 16 million to 9 million votes, 404 to 127 in the Electoral College.

        We don't want to follow the path TOO far, of course … Harding only served March 4, 1921 – August 2, 1923, feeling ill on a trip and dying of (pick one) a stroke or a heart attack.


        1. The delay comes from the delays in self-reporting, and the necessity of getting a doctor’s referral for testing, and the scarcity of tests. While those factors limit knowledge about the prevalence of  the CV19 disease, the spread of the virus follows a classic exponential curve, doubling daily unless quarantines and other “ social distancing” methods are implemented.

          Right now, for example, I have a slight case of the sniffles. It it were to develop into something worse, it would probably take a week. Then, I’d have to see a doctor, who would have to agree to order a CV 19 test.  In the meantime, I could spread it to hundreds of people.

          1. I have been on the phone to some of my older friends and my brother, trying to get them to take this seriously.

            I have no doubt this virus is already in our community. I live on the I-70 corridor, near a gas and oil town. Luckily, I am retired from building and my next show is on the 27th. I am staying home except for essential procurement. Because we are remote from town, we are usually well stocked, so that is not a problem. My family and friends lives are much more complicated. I feel for them.

            They will need my help. Many of us are in a position to help our families. Don't hesitate.

            It is time to lay down the brickbats for awhile.

            1. I tried this with my parents, both in their mid-80's.  Mom has just gone through a pretty aggressive cancer treatment.  They were dismissing the threat (FoxNews/Dr. Limbaugh in their house 24/7).  I haven't talked to them since Cheeto's bizarre 11 minutes on national television last night.  Will be interesting to see if it had any effect. 

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