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October 18, 2019 12:53 PM UTC

BREAKING: Recall Attempt Against Leroy Garcia Fails...Miserably

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE #4: Here’s the official word from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office:

You are reading this correctly.


UPDATE #3: Via Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, the “Summer of Recalls” ends with even less of a whimper than first reported:

Four signatures. We could not have imagined in our wildest dreams a more pathetic waste of time.


UPDATE #2: Colorado Democratic Party chair Morgan Carroll’s statement:

“The people of Colorado spoke loud and clear, and sent a message to the sore losers and con artists running these sham recalls — they don’t want their 2018 decisions to be overturned. The voters of these districts chose dedicated public servants — like Puebloan and Marine veteran Leroy Garcia — because they knew these state Senators and Representatives would fight for Colorado values at the State Capitol. The fact Colorado Republican Party chair Ken Buck kicked off his term as chair by promising to ‘teach Democrats how to spell R-E-C-A-L-L’ shows just how out of touch leadership in the Colorado GOP really is.”

“It’s incredibly vindicating that these desperate attempts by the Republicans were rejected so decisively. Now, Colorado can continue to move forward and our Democratic legislators can get back to doing the work of the people without interference from these cynical distractions.”


UPDATE: The Denver Post’s headline captures the magnitude of the failure succinctly:

The 0.009% has spoken!


Photo courtesy Colorado Times Recorder

That’s the word from the Colorado Sun’s Jesse Paul–the “summer of recalls” is officially over:

Friday was the deadline by which they had to turn in 13,506 valid signatures from voters in the Pueblo Democrat’s Senate District 3.

The campaign says they will turn in some signatures, but that the amount will not be sufficient to force a special recall election.

And this positively wacky update from reporter Marianne Goodland:

We’ll have many more updates as they come in–but keep in mind that in recent days there was at least some expressed hope from Republican usual suspects of a surprise in the recall petition drive against Senate President Leroy Garcia, driven in part by the head start afforded them by the 2013 recall list still in their possession.

Obviously, that didn’t work out, but they were still trying to bullshit their way forward as recently as this morning:

“They say they have no idea how many signatures are in these boxes.” Can they not count past 100?

With this final ignominious end to the last of the once-feared campaign of recall retaliation by Republicans convinced that the 2018 landslide victory for Democrats in Colorado was a fluke, the Republican leadership who backed and, in the case of the disastrous recall attempt against Rep. Tom Sullivan principally organized these failed recalls have now wrecked their own credibility and demoralized the Republican base. Colorado Republicans next have to reckon with a lost year of failure that has left them weakened and disorganized ahead of what is shaping up to be another historic wave year for Democrats.

We wish we could tell Republicans this is the bottom. It probably isn’t.


47 thoughts on “BREAKING: Recall Attempt Against Leroy Garcia Fails…Miserably

  1. I'm curious …

    • When does the committee have to file the financial report?
    • Why two boxes to turn in 120 signatures? 
    • Why, after broadly announcing they would be turning in signatures, did they send two (and only two) people to the Secretary of State's office?
    • "Volunteer Dave DeCenzo said they are not turning in the rest for fear of intimidation."  What sort of "intimidation" are they concerned about? And who are the 120 brave souls willing to be intimidated?
    • And finally, why use boxes from the Fort Collins Budweiser operation instead of going local and using Pueblo brewery boxes? 
    1. The Committee to Recall Leroy Garcia raised about $14,900, spent about $13,000, mostly on advertising, office rent, and yard signs, plus $2,000 for attorney fees to Randy Corporon. Also another ~ $3k on polling and “consultants”, as Pols reported.

      Only about $300 was spent on printing – possibly explaining how few petitions they had.. They filed October 7, and TRACER says they have no other filings due.

  2. As a long time registered Republican, I'd like to "thank" Ken Buck, Kristi Burton Brown, and Patrick Neville for making our party look like a bunch of confused idiots, with their recalls. 

    And again I ask the boys over at Colorado Peak Politics….when are you going to open up your blog for commenters?

      1. Hey, Hee Haw  was a good show, even if it was broadcast from "Cornfield County." And it featured really good musicians like Buck Owens, Roy Clark et al.

  3. Two questions:

    1.  How much did they pay Moderatus to do their counting for them?

    2. Insufficient number of valid signatures.  Rounding error, perhaps?

        1. It's 106 miles to [Denver], we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, [two cases of Bud], it's dark… and we're wearing sunglasses [and beards]. 

          We’re on a mission from [M]od.

          Hit it.


          [on the road]

          Think we gots enough of them signatories?

          I duunno’

          I thought you counted ‘em?

          You knows I hates math. Moddy said he counted ‘em.

          We’s good then!

          That’s what I figgur!


          [on the ride home]

          We done good today!

          We done real good! Missions recomplished!

          I was awonderin’ — You think 4 is more than 13,000?

          Dunno’. You knows I hates math. Trust the Mod, Trust the Mod.

          We gots any of them Buds left?

          Theres some backwash left in afew of them empties.

          Well, don’t sound like theys empties then, hot damn.

          Real good day.

        1. The latter, in all likelihood. Affixing a handwritten signature, along with the other info needed for one of these petitions, requires a level of literacy Moderatus simply does not possess.

  4. So Buck taught Democrats how to spell R – E – C – A – L – L while simultaneously making the Colorado Republican Party look foolish. The optics for the Republicans is about as bad as it can get.

    Four signatures – total – that's it!  

  5. Wanker Repubs sing this song:

    Recall.  Recall.

    Wanker Repubs get it wrong.

    Cash is what they crave.

    On the make all night

    On the make all day.

    15 grand bought just four sigs

    Cash is what they crave.


    1. V – nice touch on the rhymes. 

      to quibble —  Rather than a minstrel song, isn't it more suitable to have a solemn hymn or dirge — even at a badly attended funeral?

      1. How can you be solemn when mocking wanker pols?

        I do admit "A Whiter Shade of Pale" has possibilities and will file the suggestion for future reference.  

        If mike pencetakes over from Trump, maybe "A Whiter Shade of Orange." ?

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