Josh Penry: Queen of Middle School Drama

(This is definitely getting a little silly…not that we expected anything else – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Ever wondered what it would look like if a hormonal teenager decided to run a U.S. Senate campaign?

Wonder no more as Josh Penry is taking pettiness and grudges to the next level with his response to the disapproval among many Colorado Republicans for Jane and Josh being less then genuine in their personal attack on Ken Buck for being friends with (gasp) a democrat and being supported by Americans for Jobs Security.

From Josh Penry-

“For all the Buck supporters showing supposed outrage over my email, here’s a suggestion: call Ken and ASJ, and tell them to pull their smear ads. Until they do, we’re going to continue to point out that Ken’s association with the phony-conservative, Washington-based  ASJ is as peculiar as the fact that Bill Ritter is Ken Buck’s best friend and best man. Remind me again which Republican candidate is the consummate political insider?”

For the full response go to Jane’s website.  Simply hilarious.



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  1. WashParkPoet says:

    Isn’t the Americans for Job Security abbreviation AJS? For the record they are a well respected conservative organization. However, since he can’t even figure out how to abbreviate it correctly I doubt he knows what they really do or are about.

    From what I heard they were willing to support Penry in his run for Governor. Bet he didn’t have a problem with them then.

    • Middle of the Road says:

      isn’t even about Norton. It’s all about him. And he can’t resist bringing up Bill Ritter. I think Penry has forgotten that neither he or Ritter is running for Governor anymore.

      Norton needs to dump Penry. I thought he would be great for her campaign–so far he’s turned out to be a nasty, attention seeking whore who is undermining her message and taking the focus off of her campaign and putting it on himself. And didn’t Ralphie call that one straight out of the gate? Hat tip to him for that one.

    • CoalCreekWildfire says:

      Is AJS reliably right-wing? SourceWatch is not sure, saying AJS worked to block the Pebble mine with the Sierra Club Alaska Chapter, the NRDC, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

      We do know that AJS backing keeps the Republican primary competitive, weakening the nominee and helping Bennet.


      • ClubTwitty says:

        funded by private donors including Bristol Bay area resort owner Bob Gillam and the group Americans for Job Security…  

        But that’s neither here nor there:

        The next chapter in the Tea Party novella is The Primary.  I still have doubts whether it/they are powerful enough in CO to pull a UT coup-although the Senate race seems the most likely for that.

        The ‘RINO’ and Ray Scott advance from HD 54. But that had the added dynamics of the third contender’s issues, which I threw a diary up about a couple of weeks ago. Still a more sensible element prevailed there.

        The TP is a blustery fractured faction bolstered by a major cable network, their airbags and clowns, and orchestrated by a multimillion dollar K Street astroturf campaign.  Yet the Tea Partiers have refused to do the bidding of the GOP leadership.  Dr. Turtlestein and an angry orange Igor watch it rise from the table, parts stitched together–a little militia, a healthy portion of populism, charged up with xenophobia and fear, with corporate message guidance: cut taxes, slash regulations–turn now on the befuddled leadership to clean first its own ranks: Bennett, Crist, Grayson…

        TPs may yet ride the anti-incumbent wave to some sort of success in 2010–if they do that on the backs of candidates they advance through the Primary, however, that success might be short-lived.  

        There are a number of sensible Republicans who want to solve problems–they might have the wrong solutions, but they belong at the table.  

        They don’t like being shut out, and their loyalty to their values and principles is much stronger than to Party.

        Firing up the crazies might work for 2010 to some extent for the GOP, but can they turn it off by 2012 and beyond?  It never worked that way in the novels.  

  2. marilou says:

    Josh Penry sounds like a middle-school girl.  When is McJain Norton going to get embarrassed?

  3. It's Me says:

    Josh Penry and Rich Beeson are kicking back, drinking beer, and letting it all just roll out.  The crap, that is.  

  4. H-man says:

    Norton has lost 20% of the people who thought very favorably of her since March 2nd according to Rasmussen.  When you launch a dishonest attack against a fellow Republican in a primary you lose your base.

    Republicans know that the Americans for Job Security was founded by the leftists at the US Chamber of Commerce.  What is it the AJS is saying that is not true?  Has Jane already run out of money to put up her own ads?

    Ken Buck hasn’t put an ad up.  Not even when Obama visited.  He saved his money, won the caucus and will be at the assembly.

    BTW.  Sorry to hear Jane is having to cut staff but someone has to pay for those petitions and no one is volunteering for her.  As to Jane the DC outsider, sorry she won’t be getting anymore help from Senator Bennett from Utah.  He lost too.

  5. OneEyedOwl says:

    and Penry is seen as a cause of that loss, does that mean Penry will be done in Colorado politics?

  6. libertarian11 says:

    It appears that it is a sin for a Republican to be friends with a Democrat, in this case, Buck being friends with Ritter.  You would think that having friends on both sides of the aisle would be a benefit, but not in Penry’s eyes.  And that would make Buck a political insider, how?  

    I guess if you’re a Norton supporter, you’re a real conservative, but if you’re a Buck supporter, you’re phony.  

    Did I get the gist of the article right?  Man, the Republicans really like to eat their own.  

  7. Skyler says:

    I’ve managed campaigns in the throes of puberty, and I’ve never sunk to the level of Penry.

    Take it back!  

  8. ClubTwitty says:

    Ohh, how fickle their friendship is.

  9. Colorado Law says:

    … what it would look like if a hormonal teenager decided to run a politics blog?

    Wonder no more.  

  10. SheepskinStrutt says:

    OK, I’m usually a pretty nonchalant guy, but I have a bit of an issue here; here me out.

    Does it strike any of us over here on the other side, or at least in the middle (shout out to MOTR!) a tad odd that H-man, Co-lawman, Goldeneye, marilou etc. have all just begun accounts in the last month, and rarely comment outside of trashing Norton? Methinks I smell a gaggle of trolls. Again, I look at this race as a bit of an outsider, but it seems a trifle dishonest and juvenile.

    C’mon, guys; as much as some of us may get a devilish sense of glee when the GOP devolves into a drama club (non-thespian, even), do any of us seriously think these people are doing anything more than a cheap bit of stumpting? We should know better than this, and call them out on it.

    • We always get a lot of new registrations around a strong election cycle.  And a lot of them are partisans.  Notice the pick-up in Romanoff supporters, too?

      I think most of them have been providing rational conversation and aren’t just spitting out campaign press releases.

    • libertarian11 says:

      I’ve been a long time reader, but I decided to join today.  

      I’ve never met Norton or Buck.  I’ve met Penry and Ritter.  Penry seems a little too intense and always calculating.  From what I have seen, Ritter, although I disagree with his politics, is a good and decent man.  I don’t think he was cut out to be a politician.  I think he just wanted to run to make Colorado a better place to live.  I’d definitely have a beer with him.  Or is it wrong to be libertarian and still be his friend?

    • bjwilson83 says:

      What, you don’t want Republicans on your site? After all, it is “read more than the political section of the Denver Post”. You shouldn’t be surprised when your advertising works. 😉

      • Cartesian Doubt says:

        But not one-topic trolls or Libertad-type “cut-and-paste-with-no-real-point” folks.

        This site must be important to campaigns, since shills show up here just to bash the opposition.

        Adding a voice of reason to the conversation? Welcome.

        Petulant whining? Go to SquareState.

    • colawman says:

      Did a little research on you. You have been on this site a grand total of 4 months. It appears you joined because of your interest in the Bennet and Romanoff race. So how is your joining any different than mine or any other recent addition.  I don’t deny I am a basic one issue (race) kinda guy.  I was drawn here by posts about the Buck/Norton race. I post because I am trying to make a point or counterpoint.

      So…. call me out for committing the same offense you are guilty of. Attack my posts but don’t attack me.  I paid my $39.94 per month dues to join!

      • SheepskinStrutt says:

        I’ve always attempted to comment on the multiple things I take interest in since I joined earlier this year, and not just on the Bennet/AR race; the song-posting on Fridays is one of the few areas I haven’t touched yet.

        It just seems really strange to me; I count 5 of you within a span of a week, all generally saying the same thing, and my suspicions arise.  Trust me, I have nothing against persons of any political affiliation being on here, but like Cartesian said, it shouldn’t be to shill, and I just want to make sure we don’t devolve into a sock-puppet fest.

      • There was more sludge coming out of the mouths of those two than toxic waste out of a Manhattan sewer

        Those guys gave a new definition to TROLLS…. and ultimately, their ‘sockpuppet’ salaries ran dry…  

    • Middle of the Road says:

      Oh hell, yes. 🙂

      Really odd how often I find myself agreeing with you…

  11. fragiledem60 says:

    I wonder if Ritter and Buck are still facebook friends, after Penry called them out. Reminder Dems and Republicans are not allowed to fratenize with eachother period. All should act accordingly.

    • RedGreenRedGreen says:

      It’s hardly a secret one of them stood up at the other’s wedding, but it didn’t happen the way Penry says. He’s got his facts scrambled.

    • DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

      I respect Ritter (and wish he was running for re-election). And I respect Buck (although I will vote for Bennet). They’re both people we can be proud to have representing us.

    • milehighpolitico says:

      You don’t seem to get the point of Buck being Ritter’s best man. It’s not bad to be friends with the other side of the aisle — in fact all my close friends are Democrats.  It’s just beyond ridiculous to claim you’re an “outsider” while you were so close to the sitting Governor you were his best man. Outsiders are not in Gubernatorial wedding parties.  

      • RedGreenRedGreen says:

        Check your facts, milehigh. The Ritters were married in 1983, and Ken Buck was not in the (pre)gubernatorial wedding party. Not to mention that neither Buck nor Ritter was exactly an insider 27 years ago, when both were fairly fresh out of college. Penry bolloxed up his facts in this attack, and repeating his mixed-up attack doesn’t make it any more true.

      • H-man says:

        The fact is Buck was not at Ritter’s wedding.  They had not even met in 1983.  Buck was still going to law school in Laramie and coaching a HS football team in Cheyenne.

        What does it tell you about the character of Norton to tell things she knows is not true?

        I don’t think we need to be adding anymore of that to Washington, DC.

      • It's Me says:

        …get new talking points.  Because — as my favorite Governor used to say — “that dog just aint gonna hunt”.  

        I was in the same college sorority as the now-spokesperson for Planned Parenthood. We were… how do you say it… SISTERS.  Does that make me pro-choice?    

        And more to the point – do you REALLY think voters give a whit?  I mean… REALLY??

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