Vicki Marble Escalates Attacks on Kyle Clark

State Senator Vicki Marble (R-Broomfield) made quite the spectacle of herself over the weekend when she appeared to threaten 9News reporter Kyle Clark for having the audacity to inquire about an interview on the subject of her enthusiasm for another secession movement in Colorado. Marble’s thinly-veiled threats were picked up nationally by outlets like Newsweek, yet she seems in no hurry to put this problem behind her.

On Monday, Marble was a guest on the Jimmy Lakey Show on KCOL 600 AM radio, where she proceeded to trash Clark and accuse the 9News reporter/anchor of intentionally reporting false information.

You can listen to the full interview here; read on for the entire exchange, which we transcribed below. Be advised: There is a WHOLE LOT of crazy after the jump…


The show starts out with host Jimmy Lakey asking Marble about her back-and-forth with Clark over the weekend. Marble wastes no time going after Clark once again:

MARBLE: It’s so amazing, yes. When he called into the Senate [communications] director, he basically made it sound like, well, since she isn’t going to call me back and she’s not available, you just let her know I’ll come find her…it’s what’s known as a ‘cold interview’,  and down at the Capitol, in many instances it’s what we call an ambush. When you get a camera crew there and they come upon you unannounced for a cold interview – it’s pretty well known that that’s called an ambush.

And what we tell people when we see them – the camera crews down there at the legislature — and find out who they’re looking for, usually a Republican, we say, ‘Hey, they’re coming after you. You’re going to get ambushed,’ you know. So it’s a well-known way that we, you know, kind of the terminology for these tactics by certain camera groups. News groups.

Kyle Clark of 9News

Lakey prods Marble to keep going, though she clearly doesn’t need much encouragement:

LAKEY: Yeah, and so Kyle Clark goes on TV on Friday night on his broadcast and says that you threatened him…

MARBLE: [giggles]

LAKEY: …and that he had to call his attorneys. I’m sure you were watching all of this and just shaking your head because this was simply using a phrase that was used in his industry. You really think Kyle Clark didn’t know what you were referring to? You think he really felt physically threatened by you?

MARBLE: No, he knows exactly what I meant. He’s like a bully in a Pee-Wee Herman suit. He just gets up there, bully, bully, bully. He thinks – and you know, I am not intimidated by him. I do not care what he writes about me, and I said that in my post. You know, go ahead. I don’t really give a ‘blank’ how you trash me…[Pols emphasis]

LAKEY: [giggles maniacally]

MARBLE: And this is exactly what he does. There is no respect for the truth. What I said in my post was basically about the oil and gas industry, and then he gaslights it and makes it about himself. And it’s not. He is the truth twister of Channel 9 and the respect he has is none, you know, within the realm of conservative thought, and a lot of people within the state of Colorado. [Pols emphasis]

What he wanted was to talk about the secession, uh, seceding from Colorado and/or annexing into Wyoming. Many, many people who have been in my office talking about, ‘What are we going to do? What can I do? You know, we need to secede. Can we annex into Wyoming? Where can we go, because our voices aren’t being heard?’

At this point in the interview, Marble transitions briefly away from criticizing Clark so that she can blindly throw mud at Democrats in general:

MARBLE: I’ll give you a classic example of one of the groups of people who came in to talk to me. They had left a Democrat Representative office to talk to him regarding a bill that was going to devastate their small business within Colorado. Many people own these businesses. And she said, ‘it’s just going to kill us.’ She said…and she went in…the response by this Democrat House Representative was, ‘You are collateral damage. It’s acceptable, because we don’t want you in this state.’ So much for debate. That was said before this even got into committee, and this way of talking to people who own businesses here and who have given to the economy the way they have, and have people employed, and they’re treated like this. [Pols emphasis]

Sen. Vicki Marble (R-Broomfield)

State Sen. Vicki Marble says here that a Democratic lawmaker told one of her constituents that “we don’t want you in this state.” That seems…unlikely.

MARBLE: It’s just like the Rocky Mountain Heist [sic] that came out in 2014. The ‘educate the idiots’ campaign by Jared Polis, Pat Stryker, Tim Gill and Rutt Bridges. This is how they think about people. It is just…it is sickening the way these people are treated. And they have no idea that this is actually what’s going on in their political realm – in the Democrat political realm. It’s heartbreaking.

LAKEY: I’ve been using the hashtag “I Stand with Vicki,” and I hope you will as well. Let’s spread that one around. Senator Marble, I said earlier in the program, we had this Jared Polis that campaigned on transportation, mass transportation or whatever. He talked about all-day kingergarten. Now that he’s sworn in, it seems like Gov. Polis has forgotten everything – though I disagreed with what he campaigned on – he’s not even pursuing that. He’s back to trying to get oil and gas workers out of the state. Trying to shut down Weld County…we’re not talking political differences.

No, we’re not talking political differences, because Lakey wants to make this into a cultural war:

LAKEY: We’re talking…they don’t like – meaning the Denver and Boulder bureaucrats and elites — they don’t like people that drive the Ford F-250s, the Ford F-350s, that are the new middle class working in the oil and gas patches here in Colorado. It’s not just political, Republican and Democrat, they don’t like rural or northern Colorado. Am I so wrong on this? [Pols emphasis]

Now, dear readers, pay attention as a Republican State Senator accuses Democratic lawmakers of stealing money from taxpayers:

MARBLE: Well, they definitely have a problem…we’re talking about [Senate Bill] 181, the oil and gas bill that is so devastating to the State of Colorado. Well, throw in the TABOR bill that’s coming out…this is recession by legislation in Colorado. The TABOR bill that is coming out – I haven’t seen it – but TABOR is our tax and spend control mechanism, and Democrats want to set aside spending caps. They want to keep more of the money that they’re stealing from us to the tune of $960 billion through June of 2020. Or, a million — $960 million. I mean, this is our money, but if they keep it and they spend it, they’re never going to give it back. [Pols emphasis]

And if TABOR goes – who is going to back fill all of that money that the oil and gas sent into this state. Oil and gas – they actually had, I think, 232,000 jobs in the state of Colorado. That’s 6.5 percent of Colorado’s employment. And those workers received $23 billion in wages, and then added $31.4 billion back into Colorado’s economy. Who is going to back fill that? You know who is? They’re going to make us – taxpayers. How are we going to do that? We need TABOR…

…If the people of Colorado don’t wake up, this is socialism in the making. And it’s happening like a freight train against a brick wall right now. Against the mountains. [Pols emphasis]

Like a freight train against a brick wall against a mountain. Got it.

MARBLE: The bills that we have…the National Popular Vote went through. The sex ed bill is being heard now. In the House, we have the family leave act, and that is for illegals. [Pols emphasis] And the next bill you’ll see will be a sanctuary state. That will be coming up at some point…

Let’s just stop for a moment to point out that the “family leave act” has absolutely NOTHING  to do with illegal immigration. Marble transitions quickly from this point to another absurd argument:

MARBLE: …22 or 23 counties have rejected the red flag bill. That is one of the most dangerous bills that has come up. And then we have deconstructing TABOR that I talked about. Well, look at the safe injection sites that we spent two months talking about and fighting down at the Capitol.

Annddd…now we’re back to Kyle Clark again:

MARBLE: Kyle Clark raked a Republican candidate, Tony Sanchez, over the coals for exposing who is now Senator Brittany Pettersen.

Yes, this Tony Sanchez. What a hero.

After a commercial break, Lakey returns to the topic on Kyle Clark and 9News.

LAKEY: Big news over the weekend – Kyle Clark and 9News say, ‘We’ve got to call our attorneys. Vicki may come hurt us.’ And they’re afraid of Vicki Marble [laughs] because they were going to ambush her with cameras today. Vicki, when you head to the Capitol here in just a few minutes, are you going to be looking for Kyle Clark’s cameras? Do you think he’s up this early, waiting to chat with you?

MARBLE: [laughs] I hope so. I hope so. You know, he didn’t say he was coming today, just some time this week, just unannounced, come in, cameras…how pompous of these people to think that we are down there watching bills, we are trying to conduct the people’s business, but he’s supposed to be more important than what I was elected to do? Excuse me, Kyle, I’m just not a media hound, and I don’t care about you, honestly. [Pols emphasis]

LAKEY: [laughs]

MARBLE: And what he did to candidate Tony Sanchez, how he treated him for exposing the safe injection sites, and backing up Brittany Pettersen. What we went through for two months. Thank God for Peter Boyles…

This might be the first time anyone has ever said, “Thank God for Peter Boyles,” but we digress. Apparently Marble thinks that Kyle Clark is somehow able to determine which stories are covered by national magazines:

MARBLE: We have got to stop believing everything that is parroted out of their mouths on these newscasts. What’s really amazing is Kyle Clark sucked in some reporter for Newsweek to report on the false narrative that he created about what happened here. This is how irresponsible these media people are. And it’s a pile-on. They want to not debate, they want to destroy – destroy anybody who is going to come out and actually confront them. And it’s actually pretty hilarious that these…[Pols emphasis]

Lakey interrupts here because he wants to make sure they have enough time to talk about all of the Coloradans who want to secede from the state — which is actually a silly threat that Republicans began floating long before the 2019 legislative session had even begun.

LAKEY: Let me ask you a question, because we’re pretty short on time…Vicki, Kyle was very disturbed that you had commented something about how secession is the answer. But there is a lot of people in Northern Colorado that do feel like they’re being ambushed by the Denver/Boulder elites, Jared Polis included in that. To your constituents in Northern Colorado, what do you say to them? A lot of them do say, can we go to Wyoming? Can we get out of this state? It’s gone to hell in a handbasket. Is secession the answer? What do you tell your constituents who feel betrayed by the great State of Colorado and Jared Polis?

MARBLE: I tell them if a citizens’ movement comes forth, I would support it one-thousand percent. And when you look at annexation into Wyoming – what is Wyoming really going to do when it’s brought up that there is a $31 billion dollar industry that wants to annex into their state? Hmmm…that’s going to be pretty interesting. I wouldn’t mind being in Wyoming. The way that people are calling into my office to secede or annex…and that movement, if it comes up by the people, certainly. And I have heard from Mesa County, Pueblo, El Paso, the Eastern Plains, Weld, people in Larimer. They are really upset, and they get it. Yes, they get it, that ‘collateral damage’ means there is no debate. These things are decided long before it gets to committee.

Now it’s time for Lakey to bring up Senate Bill 181 so that he can perpetuate the myth that the bill is moving too fast for anyone to keep up.

LAKEY: [Senate bill] 181 was a record time. In your time in the state legislature, how often do you see something get to committee as quickly as 181 did? They did that under the cover of darkness, making sure the stakeholders in Weld County didn’t even have a seat at the table. That was a record time to get to committee.

Under cover of darkness? Democrats held a massive press conference to announce the legislation. But Marble certainly isn’t going to disagree:

MARBLE: That was very, very fast. I think we’re going to see that more and more. We’ve only gotten halfway done with our session. I don’t know what all else is waiting to, you know, hit the floor. But it is happening very, very fast.

And, finally, we return once again to Kyle Clark and 9News:

LAKEY: I’m sure the folks at 9News and Kyle Clark are paying very close attention to this interview because they want to know if they can make this story about them again. [Pols note: Yeah, right]

MARBLE: [unintelligible]

LAKEY: So, final question for you, Vicki Marble. If Kyle Clark is listening, do you have anything to say? Do you want to set up an appointment with him and tell him where you can meet and talk to him [laughs]. What’s your final word?

MARBLE: Well, knowing Kyle Clark and his tactics, the only way I will do a video or any interview with him is if I have my people there too. To also interview. Because the way he twists things and his propensity to lie – it’s a joke. To even think that I’m going to spend my time with this person who has done nothing but twist words – not just from me, but from so many people, and prey upon them. He’s a bully. And he’s a bully in a Pee Wee Herman suit, if I might add. He is not in my purview of things to do, but if he comes, just let me get my people there, too. [Pols emphasis]

According to Sen. Marble, Kyle Clark is a liar, a spinmeister, and a bully…in a Pee Wee Herman suit, no less.

We don’t need to add more commentary here. Marble’s own words speak volumes.

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  1. Voyageur says:

    If this woman gets any crazier, she will be in Tru mp's cabinet!

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, your Senator representing downtown Broomfield.

  3. gertie97 says:

    She makes state Sen. Ray Scott seem sane, rational and responsible. Words I'd never thought I'd ever write.

  4. ParkHill says:

    I like this poetry:

    If the people of Colorado don’t wake up, this is socialism in the making. And it’s happening like a freight train against a brick wall right now. Against the mountains.

    Voyageur could learn a few things:

    If the people of Colorado don’t wake up, this is stalinism in the making. And it’s happening like a freight train against a brick wall right now. Against the mountains.

  5. MADCO says:


    What is it about modern Republicans that make secession even remotely ok.
    150 years ago, Honest Abe took some time off killing vampires and held the Union together with his bare hands.

    Wouldn't the tough thing to do sort of stick and show some grit instead of cut and run to Wyoming or Kansas. Wyoming is not Colorado cast-off dumping ground. freaking quitters.



    • ajb says:

      O&G won't let Weld County secede to Wyoming. Their taxes would go up.

      • MADCO says:

        don't tell anyone in Weld county.

        Meanwhile – wouldn't local control mean O&G could do whatever Weld County residents want? Which is apparently drill, nene, drill


        • Duke Cox says:

          Actually, yes…it should. The COGCC and state regulations have always overridden local zoning laws. One of the issues I stressed during the regulation rewrite was the need to apply local zoning laws to oil and gas production just like any other industry.

          The industry hates the idea for many reasons, not the least of which is that, though a county like Weld may want to drill their clean water and air into oblivion NOW…that may not always be the case. The industry parasite doesn't want its host entity to have a choice…ever.

          Besides…dealing with multiple jurisdictions will cost the industry more because, if a city and county don't agree on something, it will have to be negotiated.

          Of course, I have not read the bill, so I may just be talking from the wrong orifice. I have not yet heard the fate of my favorite industry "gimme"…the Ad Valorem tax credit. Anyone know?


  6. JohnInDenver says:

    The previous story asked "Why Can’t Colo Republicans Win? Bad Campaign Tactics? Or Bad on the Issues?"

    I think when a state Senator can find time to talk with a radio reporter known to be have a sympathetic, encouraging attitude toward Republicans in office, but can't find the time to talk with Kyle Clark, who I'm betting has a bit wider audience without a pure ideological bent, it says something about how well the Republicans are going to do in an increasingly diverse state.

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