Tony Sanchez is Disgusting

We’ve seen a lot of ridiculous and untruthful political advertisements in this election cycle. Heck, we see a lot of awful political advertisements in every election cycle. But as bad as political ads can get, we (thankfully) rarely find something that makes us physically recoil at first sight.

And then there is this new mail piece from “Tony for Colorado,” which supports the State Senate candidacy of Republican Tony Sanchez in SD-22 (Lakewood). This is flat-out one of the most repugnant political ads we’ve seen in years (click here to see the back page):


Tony Sanchez

“Heroin on your street.”

“Vote against Brittany Pettersen…or she will let addicts shoot up on your street!”

What makes this attack piece doubly-disgusting is the fact that Pettersen has been very open about her own mother’s struggle with drug addiction. Sanchez is certainly aware of this fact, but he authorized a mailer on the subject anyway.

Back in 2014, Sanchez materialized from California just before he ran for a State Senate seat in SD-22. Thanks to support from Dudley Brown, Tim Neville, and the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (RMGO), the little-known Sanchez knocked out a more moderate candidate (Mario Nicolais) in a Republican Primary before losing a General Election matchup to Democrat Andy Kerr.

This year, Sanchez is again backed by RMGO, the Neville family (Tim Neville and Pat Neville), as well as the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry (CACI), and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).

We never do this at Colorado Pols, but in this case we’re happy to make an exception. Please enjoy the following links…

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  1. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Have to say that this is worse than the anti-Jessie Danielson hate crap that's been pushed by registered agents Katie Kennedy and Mike McCauley here in SD 20. 

    I'm not a big fan of Danielson. She's generally too liberal for my taste, except she is a strong supporter of keeping public lands public. However, I've already written elsewhere that the antics of Kennedy and McCauley have cost Republican Christine Jensen my vote in SD 20.

  2. unnamed says:

    Go Brittany!!!  Beat the Dirty!!!#

  3. davebarnes says:

    All I seen (not heard) on TV are anti-Tony adverts.

    • Awen says:

      In SD22, there have been no fewer than 38 mailed pieces to voters. Evenly split between the anti-Pettersen/pro-Sanchez and the anti-Sanchez/pro-Pettersen, although I haven't yet gotten the latest anti-Pettersen on drugs. The pro-Sanchez pieces include a two-page double-sided letter from Sanchez (TL:DR) and what's become known around here as the "Brittany brags" pieces.

      Sanchez and the House 28 Republican candidate, Kristina Alley, must have the same advisors: we just got a two-page, double-sided letter from her on her positions. TL:DR.

  4. JohnInDenver says:

    Is "Tony for Colorado" really this confused about "sanctuary cities,"


    is he simply cynically evoking the link in order to join appeals to the anti-opiates and the anti-immigrant voters?

  5. doremi says:

    As much as I dislike the radical extremist RMGO, I don't think their money is in this ad.   This ad comes directly from Tony Sanchez's campaign.  The Colorado Republican Committee gave $11,286 on October 20th. 

    According to RMGO reports, they have not given to Tony yet, although they have spent several thousand on their own ads from their Independent Expenditure Committee.  Also Tim Neville and his wife have collectively given $500 to Sanchez ($100 and $400).  

    In 2014, RMGO supported Sanchez with over $27,000 in contributions and expenditures. 

    Nevertheless, this ad has the ugliness that is commonplace with their style.

    The state senate is critical to both sides, so much much money is being spent on about 5 races, this being just one of them. Remember that there was $14 million in dark money donated to the cause of Republican senate campaigns.  That is a HUGE amount of cash.   The Democratic candidates have done a phenomenal job of raising money in their individual campaigns, but it is dwarfed by that $14 million.

  6. RepealAndReplace says:

    Has anyone verified Tony’s legal status? It will be a hoot if some Trumpkins decline to vote for him because of his ethnicity.

    Those who live by the sword bigotry fall by the sword of bigotry.

  7. DavidThi808 says:

    My rule is donate solely based on the polling. But I'm making an exception here and just donated to Brittany.

  8. Negev says:

    Petterson did in fact vote in favor of sanctuary state in HB17-1230, and she does support safe injection sites as stated on the flier.

    Knowing what I do now about Pettersens mother being a addict I can certainly see where this would appear to be a personal blow to the candidate. However, if the candidates mother was not an addict would this be fair game?

    While I do not favor her sanctuary policy the safe injection  model has seen some success, and while I think(?) I would support such an action I would be lying to you if I said I would be fine living near such an operation. 

    These are relevant political topics this cycle and I don't think you get a pass for your record just by having family members affected by the crisis. 

    If you put this in the same perspective as the Stapleton racism genealogy, one could only conclude Brittany Pettersen is a heroin addict. 



    • Davie says:

      Hey Negev, are you still in mourning for the loss of one of your best clients?

      I mean really — 129 guns (lots of assault rifles, naturally), sex predator son, and the guy takes out cops too!  Talk about your ideal client — a one man market development team!

      Authorities found approximately 130 guns inside the South Carolina home of a man who set up his house in an upscale neighborhood to ambush police officers coming to question his son about a possible child sex assault, the sheriff investigating the case said Tuesday.

      Frederick Hopkins only fired three of the guns on Oct. 3 — a pistol and two military assault rifles, said Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, who first put the total number of guns in the home at 129, then said it was still an approximation.

      One officer was killed and six more wounded. Two Florence County deputies remain in critical condition and a third is also still in the hospital, Lott said.

      "It's chilling to see how this house was set up," Lott said. "The officers had no chance whatsoever."

      Man, if you just had a hundred more clients like that!  Get those sales brochures to the printers, stat!

  9. denverpilotmike says:

    WOW.  The left is beyond desperate.  I have not seen this level of hate, and disrespect ever.  Now, you know that the left is only the uneducated, uninformed, at this point.  I am in-awe how the lefties hate Trump so much, and berate Liberty Loving Tony Sanchez, only because they are "R"s, now.  I can honestly say that many in the Republican Party, now, are very much aligned with INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES.  Whether you are gay, enjoy defending you family with guns, want less intrusive govt, or like being taxed less, that "R" is the way to go.  The lefties message seems to be: HATE, YELL, BREAK THINGS…   …Basically act like a 2 year old.   Wow, ColoradoPols is a Lefty rag.   I know Tony, and I also am very confident he will win by a landslide.  Brittany Pettersen's policies of Tax and Spend / pro-Illegal Imigration / Pro-BIG govt. are just plain wrong.  Her sponsoring a bill to have "safe places" to shoot-up heroin, paid by tax-payers is beyond coo-coo.  

    • unnamed says:

      denverpilotmike says:

      October 26, 2018 at 11:20 AM MDT

      I have not seen this level of hate, and disrespect ever.


      This, from a Quisling supporting Trump, who condones violence against his opponents.  Who's own party includes a man that tried to bomb people on the left because he HATED them.

      • Conserv. Head Banger says:

        As a Never Trump Republican and a common sense conservative, I don't quite know what to make of denverpilotmike's comments. Doesn't sound like a real conservative to me. Between 10% and 15% of registered Republicans are Never-Trumpers, according to polling. That's millions of Republicans, assuming that registered Republicans in the country number 50 million +. Wonder if Mike knows that? It’s not just “the left.”

        Or maybe Mike comes here because Colorado Peak Politics doesn’t allow for posting from the public.

        Otherwise, maybe a suggestion to check out some online resources to help with sentence structure, spelling, and grammar would be of assistance for him?

        • denverpilotmike says:

          OMG Head Banger, I am so sorry that my spelling, grammar, and sentence structure do not meet your "Never Trump" agenda.  I really thought this was a discussion on Tony vs. Brittany, not a English class.  Brittany wants to have HEROIN VANS patrolling you local neighborhood, giving junkies an opportunity to shoot-up in your front yard AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE.  Tony want to give a voice to the people, and limit BIG govt, and give you liberties to do as you please.  THE CHOICE IS CLEAR — TONY for State Senate….   

    • unnamed says:

      Your friend, the MAGA bomber says hi:

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