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February 04, 2019 01:21 PM UTC

Coffman vs. Frazier For Aurora Mayor--Please Clap!

  • by: Colorado Pols

The Aurora Sentinel’s Kara Mason reports on what’s shaping up to be an epic contest between two battle-hardened Republican politicians, stepping up to reach for the prize of serving as the Mayor of Aurora…

Actually it’s just Mike Coffman, recently ousted from his seat in Congress versus Ryan Frazier, one of the state’s losing-est perennial also-ran Republican candidates:

Frazier, who served two consecutive terms as an at-large city council member for Aurora in the early 2000s and made a run for U.S. Senate in 2016 and for for the 7th Congressional District against Congressman Ed Perlmutter in 2010, is back at it, hoping to secure the chief city lawmaker position this year. He ran for mayor in 2011, losing by seven percentage points to former Mayor Steve Hogan, who died last year.

The Aurora politician, who owns his own consulting firm, kicked off his campaign Saturday at Bethel Eritrean Church with a room full of supporters who cheered when Frazier talked about “Aurora on the rise,” the candidate’s campaign slogan.

For ex-Rep. Coffman, serving as Mayor of a Denver suburb cannot reasonably be considered an advancement of his career. The best analogy we have is former Rep. Scott McInnis, whose dreams of being governor of Colorado were dashed in a plagiarism scandal, finding a second life in the much-diminished but still elected position of Mesa County Commissioner.

As for Ryan Frazier? Sure, serving as Mayor of Aurora would be a step up–if not in aspirations as a former congressional and U.S. Senate candidate, then in practical effect since Frazier never came close to winning any of those higher offices. It remains our considered opinion that Coffman is more damaged as a candidate for any office within the congressional district he just lost by double digits than conventional wisdom seems to indicate. On the other hand, Frazier has always come across as a politician in search of a constituency instead of a leader in his own right.

Who would win this matchup of mediocrity? If you have the inclination to ponder, we’re all ears.


6 thoughts on “Coffman vs. Frazier For Aurora Mayor–Please Clap!

  1. Wouldn't it be a really bummer if Coffman loses the race for mayor right after losing his congressional race? Perhaps there is an open seat on the RTD board for which he could run.

    1. A seat on the RTD board wouldn't be ideal for ol' Mike, but it would surely be acceptable. Ol' Mike will be just fine so long as he doesn't have to detach himself from the public teat for too long.

  2. It's Coffman's to lose, in my opinion. Aurora voters have been getting his mailers since 2009. His Congressional office was known for its constituent service, particularly on veteran's issues.

    Name recognition goes a long way. How many know or care that he's $rump's flunky that voted with him 96% of the time? We will see.

    Frazier had his 15 minutes of fame when he tried to put a right to work amendment (47) in Colorado's constitution in '08,and  when he challenged Ed Perlmutter in 2010. Frazier is a "Drill, baby, drill" oil and gas guy – presumably, he'll have no problem fracking near the Rocky Mountain Arsenal.

    Bob LeGare, the current appointed mayor, will not run for another term. Who else is running?

    Per US News:

    Aurora NAACP President Omar Montgomery and former city council members Renie Peterson and Ryan Frazier have also indicated plans to run for mayor.

    Renie Peterson, as Mayor Pro Tem of Aurora City Council, helped push through the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center. If that's successful, and is as much of a jumpstart to Aurora's economy as she'd hoped, she might have a chance at the Mayor job.

    Omar Montgomery may have a decent chance at Mayor, if he also has good name recognition. Here's hoping.

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