Seriously? You Really Just Did That? didn't think I really cared, did you?

Got ya! You really thought I was serious?

Politico reporter Manu Raju has a strange story up today that doesn't reflect well on Republican Senate candidate Cory Gardner. In the story, Raju seems determined to make his reporting match his pre-determined narrative — that Gardner miraculously cleared the Republican field for Senate — so much so that he virtually glosses over this incredible tidbit:

A woman on a breathing tube made clear that she was relying on Medicaid to survive.

“I was on my death bed, literally,” she told Gardner. “It kept me alive.”

“We got to protect Medicaid,” Gardner told her.

Asked about that episode later, Gardner made clear he opposed Colorado’s move to expand Medicaid under Obamacare. “I don’t know how Colorado is going to pay for it,” he said.

It says a lot about the author's determination to tell a specific story that the article just skips right along after this weirdly disgusting exchange. Gardner has been accused of being willing to do and say just about anything that might help him get elected, even if he doesn't agree with what he is saying (see: Personhood), but this is on another level entirely.

Just. Wow.

Gardner completely lied to a sick woman on a breathing tube, and the reporter who witnessed it can't wait to move on with his narrative. No follow-up. Not even a simple, Um, didn't you just lie to that woman?

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  1. DavieDavie says:

    But Cory is so cute and harmless looking, right?  Isn't that all we need?

  2. CaninesCanines says:

    The hospital bed scene follows these earlier paragraphs:

    Now that he has to worry about a statewide electorate, Gardner has a choice: He can embrace some of the harder-line positions he’s taken in the past, or he can try and tack to the center, possibly broadening his appeal but exposing him to charges of pandering.

    Early indications are he’s opting for the latter course.

    In an interview, Gardner appeared to soften a number of his past stands, on issues ranging from taxes to abortion to climate change.

    It appears to me that the reporter was using the hospital bed scene as a further example of Gardner's pandering. 


  3. horseshit GOP front grouphorseshit GOP front group says:

    Can another Colorado Republican politician really be as much of a pathological liar as Scott McInnis ?  It is looking more and more like a possibility.

  4. DawnPatrol says:

    "The Karl Rove is strong in this one." — Yoda

    "Sometimes a turd is just a turd — no blossom." — DawnPatrol

  5. gaf says:

    Well, now, Gardner has a defense. When he said "We got to protect Medicaid" he meant protect it from ever getting bigger. See–no lie here, you just have to understand what he meant!

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