Beauprez Will Run for Senate

UPDATE #2: Beauprez is a little more up front about it with Politico:

Former Republican congressman Bob Beauprez told POLITICO that he is “leaning towards running” against Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) because he doesn’t think any of the party’s current crop of candidates can win. [Pols emphasis]

“There’s a general sense that our field isn’t really set on our side, and Bennet is quite vulnerable,” said Beauprez. “We’re looking at it — with an increased sense of urgency.”

Look! Something we agree with Beauprez about: The current crop of GOP candidates cannot beat Bennet. But being on the top of the trash heap still leaves you on the trash heap. Beauprez may or may not be better than Buck, Frazier and Cleve, but if he is better, he’s not that much better.


UPDATE: Beauprez tells Lynn Bartels over at Politics West that he isn’t definitely in or definitely out. But the most telling quote, perhaps, is this:

Beauprez said he is “asking the questions that need to be asked” as he deliberates about whether to run.

“I don’t want to go in assuming everything is just going to work out, somehow, and the team will come together, somehow, and the money will be there, somehow, and at the end of the day we will win, somehow,” Beauprez said.



Following up on a post from Mountain Dem a little earlier, it sounds like Bob Beauprez will indeed run for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. We hear that Beauprez is telling friends that “he’s in” and is already beginning to solicit financial support.

Coming off one of the worst campaigns in the country in 2006, and what many — us included — have called the worst statewide campaign in Colorado history, Beauprez would seem to be a poor choice to be the Republican candidate against Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet. But Beauprez does have a deep financial rolodex and should easily be able to outraise both Ken Buck and Ryan Frazier. Whether or not he can convince GOP primary voters that he is not the same disaster that he was in 2006 is another story entirely.  


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  1. redstateblues says:

    Will his horse’s rear end be coming out of retirement along with him for one more campaign ad?

  2. Fidel's dirt nap says:

    hasn’t the man embarrassed himself enough ?

    • Colorado Pols says:

      Is he really a worse candidate than Buck or Frazier? Probably not, and he at least will have better name ID than Bennet.

      • Fidel's dirt nap says:

        More name ID, former congressman, better support network but if he runs a campaign anything like last time he just becomes a laughingstock again.

        • BB is a good guy – and he clearly has the experience and the resources – we’ll see what happens

          • Arvadonian says:

            don’t select people who equate homosexuality with bestiality as their running mates.  On the contrary, they distance themselves from them so that they are not perceived as endorsing that position.

            Beauprez is a right-wing whack job ala Dave Schultheis or Marilyn Musgrave.

            And for someone such as yourself who claims to support equality for gays and lesbians, I rather surprized you would call him a “good guy” when his record on this issue is every bit as bad as Marilyn Musgrave’s.

          • Jambalaya says:

            I didn’t read that.  But your post is consistent with your strange way of putting things.  Rather than say someone is a good candidate or would be a good representative, you say he is a “good man,” etc….as if these things were all the same.

  3. Aristotle says:

    Beauprez still has his supporters in the GOP, and should have much better name recognition around the state than Buck or Frazier. Heck, in a general he might even have better name recognition than Bennet. It’s hard to see him running such a bad campaign a second time around.

    I doubt Bennet will lose to anyone, but I can’t help but think that Beauprez will pose a serious challenge, regardless of 2006.

    • Skyler says:

      Now let’s hope he outraises his competitors enough to win the GOP nod. Then this Senatorial race is smooth sailing.

      And, the plus with Beauprez, over, say, Ryan Frazier, is that he won’t turn up support to help races out downballot. Who the hell is excited to vote for a former loser? Not many. This in turn really, really helps Ritter out, and, if McInnis wins the Gov nom, then even competitive house races, or GOP leaning (see: Steve Harvey) probably won’t get a huge boost of GOP turnout.

  4. rocco says:

    I simply can’t fathom bothways actually pulling the trigger and comitting to a Senate run. Honestly, in his heart of hearts, he has to know the extreme right wing lunjatic fringe base he’ll appeal to in the primary simply doesn’t translate into viable general numbers. Not any more. Colorado’s not your daddy’s no questions asked, vote red goober haven ala Owens/Andrews/Tancredo these days.

    Should he run, Fidel hit the nail square. bothways’ past “gaffes”, his birther membership, his recent radio vitriol, and the general public perception of him as sleezy will doom the reds to a Senate loss in ’10. Maybe wadhams does know something, and doesn’t want to risk a young turk getting his ass kicked by the yet unknown Democratic candidate. If that’s the case, bothways would be a throwaway candidate. And that would be another reason yet to call him sleezy.

    If he runs, he’d no question  be a formidable primary candidate. But, if he does, the shamefull business concerning the Air Force flight suit he was wearing at the ’06 campaign stops will be front and center. And it might even be brought up by opportunistic conserve opponents.

    Both bush and owens got away with masquerading as Air Force pilots, but that was before federal legislation was enacted to put a stop to that fakery. And with the recent realization by most Americans that the republicans are “strong on national defense” in bloviation only, flightsuitgate could be a real problem for bothways.


  5. I shouldve taken redstateblues up on his bet after all!

    A $20 check sent to Senator Scott Renfroe from RSB wouldve been pretty awesome  

  6. A-bob says:

    it’ll actually be the first in a while to be up for grabs and exciting.

  7. Laughing Boy says:

    …of Beauprez’ problems were the fault of his campaign staff and not the candidate?

    Agreed, though.  Worst.  Campaign.  Evah.

  8. No flaming here – I want honest honest answers –

    In 2006, BB was a solid candidate

    That said – please tell us 2 or 3 reasons why you thought BB’s 2006 campaign was so bad – or better, what about his 2006 campaign completely turned you off from supporting him?

    Was it all Marc Holtzman? Or was it actions after the primary?  

    • redstateblues says:

      Not necessarily because Cory Voorhis was breaking the law (he was acquitted after all), but for Beauprez it was a massive political miss-fire. Any time you have a criminal investigation associated with your campaign, it’s a huge blunder.

    • WesternSlopeThought says:

      1.  Janet Rowland

      2.  John Marshall

      3.  Elk Whisperer  

    • Steve Balboni says:

      Once Holtzman was out the BB campaign was directionless. They didn’t have a good message, they weren’t strategically smart and they looked confused about how to proceed.  

    • Craig says:

      Can you imagine you standing next to the wrong of a horse and saying its time to clean things up.  It’s really not good to have the public laughing at you and rightfully connecting his with a horse’s ass.

      The number of missteps, misfires, and just plain incompetency were unbelievable.

      As for Congress, that’s in name only.  He never did anything there and from what folks could tell (and they can tell) he just didn’t like the job.  That sort of stuff carries over.  Why will he like the Senate any more.  Could only be the power and the fact that he only has to run a rough race every six years.  Makes him look sleezy and lazy.

      He’s a nice guy, but really, seems to me to be in over his head.

    • Colorado Pols says:

      But here’s another, and one of our favorite gaffes: telling Colorado Public Radio that 70 percent of all African-American pregnancies end in abortions.

    • Middle of the Road says:

      Lying before Congress about who paid for his trip that he took and spent quality time with his wife ara sailing in same said islands while supposedly super busy checking out working conditions for people making a dime an hour.

      Do you suffer short term memory loss from drugs or were you just not paying attention.

      Oh and you may add thinking Dick Wadham would make a good campaign manager to his list of missteps.  

    • DavidThi808 says:

      Yes BWB had more than the normal number but I don’t think that’s what made his crash & burn so spectacular. What I think killed it was he did not give people a reason to vote for him. He threw out the standard Republican talking points, but there was no there there.

      Voters want people who are fired up to address our problems and plan to improve things. And I think that is why Ken Buck could be a serious contender – and why BWB isn’t.

  9. Born with red blood says:

    I love this guy.

  10. walk_the_line says:

    I posted this news long ago and was told I by RedGreen that I put my “political street cred front and center.” Guess someone should eat their words.

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    by: you @ soon

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    no not really

    But, if it brings out the Penry shills at least we know who you are.

    Doesn’t matter about me. I’m not running. I only call out things as I see them. That’s for others to fight. But, love your defense of Penry though. Are you as loyal to him as he is to the people who got him where he is? Those “ten years” of Republicans?

    Speaking of ten years, since he is “the new kid” will he be supporting Frazier or Beauprez for the US Senate? Rumor has it, according to Facebook, Beauprez is joining the race. But, I bet Penry doesn’t want to be a hypocrite does he?

    “…Penry…would be a shitty Governor.” -Ralphie


    by: walk_the_line @ Wed Jul 15, 2009 at 16:52:40 PM MDT

    [ Parent | | Reply ]


    brings out the Penry shills

    You really are new to this site.

    If you’ll actually read what I wrote, it’s not a defense of Penry, it’s questioning the thoroughness (and clumsiness) of your postings.

    And if you think Beauprez is joining the Senate race, “according to Facebook,” you’ve really put your political street cred front and center. Good job.


    by: RedGreen @ Wed Jul 15, 2009 at 17:01:03 PM MDT

    [ Parent | | Reply ]

  11. rocco says:

    What was the name of the PAC bothways was using during the ’06 Gov run?

    Trailhead? I remember vauely the Vorhees debacle, as I recall the big question was did Vorhees illegally get the plea bargain for ag tresspass stuff and give it to bothways via Trailhead ’cause he was a good citizen or did they ask him to illegally get it? And was there a little “gratuity” involved?

    Then bothways threw Cory under the bus when the thing blew up. Adding insult to injury, bothways then proclaimed himself the hero and catalyst when the jury came back.

    With friends like him………

    Hey, gotta wonder if Caplis will have bothways on this week. Announce on Caplis’ show?

    One thing to remember. To get the red nomination, bothways has to remain staunch unapolagetic birther.

    That alone kills him in the general.

  12. ohwilleke says:

    Ken Buck, Ryan Frazier and Cleve Tidwell are all junior varsity players on the GOP bench (if that) contending for the highest federal office in the state (which is clearly a bigger deal than any other office in the state but the Governorship).

    Bob Beauprez comes into the race having served a respectably long term in Congress, and has run a statewide campaign.  While he lost that time, he has presumably gained some “lessons learned” wisdom in the process, while the others have no experience as a major campaign candidate.  

    Beauprez is the only senior varsity player in this race, so anyone else will be hard pressed to match him.  I suspect that we will see one or two contenders drop out of the by early next year, as the race shakes out.

    Beauprez’s primary prospects are improved by the fact that Penry and McInnis, both of whom are bigger GOP fish than Beauprez’s fellow candidates for the GOP U.S. Senate nod in Colorado.  John Suthers and Mike Coffman also appears to be safely out of this race.  CO-4 is trying up Cory Gardener and other possible contenders, and Marilyn Musgrave has taken her toys and gone on the road.  Ben Nighthorse Campbell hasn’t uttered a peep about returning to politics either.

    Bill Owens could be a formidable candidate if the rumors about him that have never come out don’t actually have any truth to them; and so could John Elway.  I could also see a run by Troy Eid in the cards.

    But, Michael Bennet appears to have secured the good fortune of a weak field this year and I fully expect to see Bennet win a Bennet v. Beauprez race in 2010.

    • RedGreen says:

      He was in Congress for four years — 2003-2007 — which is about the shortest term anyone has completed in a long time (there are some currently serving members who haven’t served longer than two terms yet). So let’s not get carried away here.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      “rumors” then the question of whether they “came out” or not is a funny play on words.  Maybe the Dems wouldn’t go there but the media would have a field day with John Edwards II.  Do you think Mark Sanford is the only Republican governor with a Christian background and a secret love affair?  Owens isn’t going to put himself under the magnifying glass again particularly if he knows he is going to be asked those questions.  

      Owens other problem is that he actually works with Dems on issues like Ref C so that automatically disqualifies him with the red meat birther voters.

      • Arvadonian says:

        media in Colorado are lapdogs to all elected offials.  They sheilded Owens and his rumored “love child” just like they sheilded Roy Romer and BJ Thornberry affair the whole time both of them were in office.

        We are not talking national media who eat this stuff up or big city (New York, Chicago, LA) media who thrive on scandal exposition.  Owens could run and never have to answer a question…because it wouldn’t be asked.

      • ohwilleke says:

        I know that Westword has tried hard to pin down the story without success.

        • Gilpin Guy says:

          for disappearing after showing that he can appeal to independents and moderates.  His public split with his wife must have been over not doing the dishes.

          So you basically have the best and brightest of the Republican Party a no show leaving bothways as the party standard bearer.

            • Gilpin Guy says:

              in name recognition and proven ability to win a state wide race.  He is young and good looking and can speak in complete sentences unlike other Republican ex-governors who have ambitions for high political office.  Mike Huckabee has been the ex-governor of Arkansas for years and is still being touted as a 2012 presidential candidate.

              With the dearth of experienced Republicans who don’t come across as total nutjobs and the weak field that the Democrats are going to put up, Owens complete disappearing act really stands out.  The guy is never mentioned and is rarely seen in public.  He is an obvious choice unless he has some big skeletons in the closet.  After the Sanford debacle, the public would likely believe any rumor of scandal.  Once upon a time it is the Democrats who were portrayed as the party of sex fiends.

  13. Gilpin Guy says:

    Bothways is the best they can do.

    No talent

    No new ideas

    No humility

    No clue

  14. ArdentAdmirer2 says:

    Bob Beauprez ran a great primary and  general election campaign in 2002 and a hard hitting race against Dave Thomas in 2004. No one who saw those races could believe how badly he ran in 2006.  Beauprez has plenty of money and ran good campaigns two out of three times.  

    • Arvadonian says:

      it is generally only the most recent campaign that counts….

    • RedGreen says:

      And he beat Mike Feeley by what, 121 votes, the closest congressional race in the country? Again, let’s not go overboard here.

      • ArdentAdmirer2 says:

        Beauprez is a wealthy guy who has shown that he can win tough races and spend his own money to do it.  Feeley was up in the final weeks until Beauprez unleashed a barrage of negative ads to pull it out.  

        I am also along with most Coloradans still laughing at the horse ad from 2006.  Which Bob Beauprez  will show up in 2010?

        • Colorado Pols says:

          It was that the campaign was probably the worst in Colorado’s history. If Beauprez had lost to Ritter by even a fairly large 6-8 points, then there would be much less questioning whether or not he could run successfully in 2010.

          2006 wasn’t just awful for BB – it was magnitudes of awful that have not been seen for a long time.

  15. SaveCoH2O says:

    Gov’s please repond

  16. Ralphie says:

    he isn’t definitely in or definitely out


  17. Alan says:

    It was a very good year, happy to relive it.

  18. kboggus says:

    I have been a political consultant for 20 years and I agree, that of those mentioned in this article the field can probaby not win. Breauprez is no better and will be wasting alot of peoples money. He should get behind a winner while he can.

    Both Buck and Frazier with many followers were only able to muster a few dollars and that is unusal for coming out of the gate and currently being in office.

    It seems that to win you will need to use the strength, experience and passion of the non mentioned Cleve Tidwell who is staying low and yet making a big impact both in Colorado and on the hill. He appears to have the difference that is needed to give Bennett a run. If the local party were smart they would figure this out but whoever said they were very bright. One of the problems we have around the country

    If Tidwell brings in the money by January he will be the best choice and can win.

    My picks for Colorado




    and others

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