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While not news to anyone that Bob Beauprez is consistently floating his own name for political office, new gossip has managed to hit the progressive circles of Larimer county that not only is “Both Ways Bob” planning on announcing for Senate in the very near future but he is also telling people that the “party needs him” right now. Why he thinks the “party needs him” I am not sure, but it would seem that Bob Beauprez is eager to get beaten worse in 2010 then he did in 2006. While many would think that this is impossible, I ran across this little gem which I had forgotten all about.

From the Rocky Mountain News circa 2006

Beauprez’s Mexican ID vote questioned

A vote by U.S. Rep. Bob Beauprez to allow banks to accept an ID card

the Mexican government gives to illegal immigrants has raised the issue of

whether Beauprez faced a conflict of interest and voted to protect his own bank.

The use of “matricula consular” cards has been controversial in

Colorado. The cards, which are issued by the Mexican consulate, are intended to

help illegal immigrants prove their identity in the U.S. In 2003, the Colorado

legislature passed a law forbidding state and local governments from accepting

the cards as identification.

Beauprez founded Heritage Bank in the early 1990s, becoming chairman

and CEO as the company grew to 14 locations and more than $400 million of

assets. He stepped down after being elected to Congress in 2002.

In 2004, Beauprez broke ranks with the other Republicans in Colorado’s

congressional delegation and voted in favor of an amendment that allowed banks

to accept the matricula consular cards from their customers. Heritage Bank, like

many others, accepts the IDs from Mexican citizens who want to open an account

or take out a loan…

Can you imagine how this would play in today’s political climate where the banking crisis is in full swing, not to mention the Republicans out there whose top issue is immigration?

While many were skeptical of Bennett in the beginning, myself included, he has proven to be a very good fundraiser and is working hard to make the rounds across the state.

We could only be so lucky to have Both Ways Bob, with his through the roof negatives, not only do his part to lose the Senate race, but again drag down the rest of the Republicans on the ticket. Bob Beauprez could help Bill Ritter once again win the Governors race and he isn’t even running against him!

Yes Bob, the party does “need” you right now, but just to clarify it’s the Democrat Party.

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  1. Leonard Smalls says:

    He also took money from the Russian mafia so it’s not as if this is the worst thing in his background.

  2. Spade my dog says:

    He may be right that banks ought to be allowed to decide for themselves what constitutes adequate identification, (and from his experience he may have had a good perspective on the issue.)

    He may be right that his party “needs him right now.”  His party may need a sacrificial lamb that is not going to be permanently damaging his political future (Bob has no political future) by taking a beating in a statewide race.

  3. Colorado Pols says:

    Articles cannot be reprinted in their entirety. A note to all diarists to please be mindful.

  4. allyncooper says:

    Maybe he should go into therapy or a 12 Step program to differentiate between “needs” and “wants”. Hi, my names Bob, and I’m a recovering gubernatorial candidate who wants to be your next Senator…..

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