Cory Gardner’s Out of This World Constituent Outreach!

UPDATE: Sen. Gardner brings his super-duper surprise outreach to Ft. Collins on Wednesday evening:


With a recess underway and thousands of Coloradans looking to ask their GOP Sen. Cory Gardner questions about what’s going on in Washington, D.C. under President Donald Trump, Gardner is doing his best to look like a politico engaged in outreach to his constituents–without actually, you know, doing so:

“Meeting with Coloradans” in Gardner’s case appears to mean either staged and access-managed events, like today’s panel at the Governor’s Forum of Colorado Agriculture (admission $200), or impromptu drop-ins at random locations that occur too fast for the word to get out that he’s even there–thus preventing ordinary constituents who have been trying to speak with him for weeks from being able to do so.

During today’s ag event at the Raddison Hotel Stapleton, FOX 31’s Joe St. George caught up with Gardner, and tried to ask him repeatedly why he’s not holding any public events during the congressional recess:

Folks, how many times did Gardner dodge the question about in-person town halls? We counted five times in under two minutes. Even by Gardner’s slippery standards, that could be a new record. Nothing about that made Gardner look good.

But Gardner did count among his “outreach” visits today a stop at the Colorado Space Coalition! Word is he was finally cornered by a “constituent” there, who had traveled to see him all the way from under Denver International Airport.

We joke. But to actual Colorado voters who just want to talk to their Senator, it’s probably not very funny.

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  1. unnamed says:

    The comments on Gardner's Facebook page went from about 75% positive his first 2 years to 99% negative this year.  It is brutal towards him.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      It is going to be interesting if he even has a Facebook page in four years after the Antarctica polar cap breaks apart and Gardner has voted with Trump on every issue.  It is going hard for him to claim that he is just a middle of the road kind of guy when he votes to spend $50 billion for the wall and 20,000 more militarized border agents.  He is going to have a Yuuge image problem with all those Trump photos floating around.

  2. mamajama55 says:

    The big-headed one looks like a paid protester to me.

  3. mamajama55 says:

    "That's the kind of alien immigrant I like – tall, white, and rich. "

    This was a "caption this" op, right?

  4. So this private event mentioned in the update Twitter – is this a different event than the ones mentioned elsewhere?

    Just in case it happens: if Gardner appears at a private event organized by the GOP or other partisan group (without balancing his appearance), isn't that campaigning rather than constituent outreach?

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