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October 08, 2016 10:30 AM UTC

As Trump Collapses, Mike Coffman Flounders in Response

  • by: Colorado Pols

SATURDAY UPDATE #2: The word of the day in Republican circles is “panic.”


SATURDAY UPDATE: Just like Mike Coffman’s spokesperson said in February that he would “of course” support the Republican nominee, apparently we were all supposed to somehow fill in the blanks last night. With the outrage over Donald Trump’s latest PR disaster showing no signs of abating, Coffman finally states clearly to Denver7’s Marshall Zelinger:

Of course, folks! And that’s good since Trump says he is never going to drop out. But even now, Coffman’s determination to stay ambiguous as possible has forced him to go back to the press with ever-evolving statements as they lose patience with his stalling.

We’ll update when we hear who he’s actually voting for now.


UPDATE #5 (12:01 am): And here’s where we stand as the day (literally) comes to an end:


UPDATE #4: And here come the Trump supporters recognizing Mike Coffman’s political stunt:


UPDATE #3: Here is the original breaking news report from Marshall Zelinger at Denver7:

More from Zelinger:


UPDATE #2: Consensus is forming…


UPDATE: It almost worked for Coffman, but some news outlets didn’t buy what Coffman was selling. From Denver7:

In a text conversation with Denver7 Political Reporter Marshall Zelinger, the Republican Congressman said Trump should drop out of the race.

Zelinger has asked for an answer if Coffman will vote for Trump if he is still the candidate. [Pols emphasis] He told Denver7 this summer that he is still considering his options including voting Libertarian.


A rough approximation of the face of Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Aurora) on Friday evening.
A rough approximation of the face of Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Aurora) on Friday evening.

It’s been a crazy few hours on Friday night as Republicans scrambled to get out of the way of the great cratering Donald Trump. Here’s what you may have missed:


The Trump Tapes

First and foremost, make sure you are familiar with the latest Donald Trump bombshell. From the Washington Post:

Donald Trump bragged in vulgar terms about kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women during a 2005 conversation caught on a hot microphone, saying that “when you’re a star, they let you do it,” according to a video obtained by The Washington Post.

The video captures Trump talking with Billy Bush, then of “Access Hollywood,”on a bus with the show’s name written across the side. They were arriving on the set of “Days of Our Lives” to tape a segment about Trump’s cameo on the soap opera.

Yeah, it’s really bad. Here are some of the other more popular quotes from Trump now burning up the Internet tubes:

Trump discusses a failed attempt to seduce a woman, whose full name is not given in the video.

“I moved on her, and I failed. I’ll admit it,” Trump is heard saying. It was unclear when the events he was describing took place. The tape was recorded several months after he married his third wife, Melania.

And this one:

“I did try and f— her. She was married,” Trump says.

And one more for good measure:

“I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married,” Trump says. “Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look.”

Yeah, it’s that bad.


The First Responder

Earlier tonight, Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz set the new bar for rejecting Donald Trump after hearing about the GOP nominee’s latest comments. From Fox 13 in Utah:

Congressman Jason Chaffetz said he is withdrawing his support for Donald Trump  Friday after a video surfaced showing the Republican candidate for president making vulgar remarks in 2005 about touching and kissing women without their consent. Chaffetz, a Republican representing Utah’s Third Congressional District, appeared on Fox 13 News at Nine Friday, saying: “I’m out. I can no longer in good conscience endorse this person for president. It is some of the most abhorrent and offensive comments that you can possibly imagine.” [Pols emphasis]

Rep. Chaffetz said he and his wife have a 15-year-old daughter, and he said if he can’t look her in the eye and tell her about what Trump said he can’t endorse the man…

…Earlier Friday, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert also reacted to the footage and stated he would not vote for Donald Trump. In the video, Trump makes several vulgar remarks and talks about touching or kissing women without their consent. “You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them,” Trump says in the footage. “It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait… And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything.”

Chaffetz has withdrawn his support for Donald Trump and will not vote for the Republican nominee for President. This is, now, the new standard for Trump: You’re either with Chaffetz, or you’re with Trump. Period.



Mike Coffman Absolutely Blows it on Trump

Remember this New York Times story from early August? Coffman is doing it again:

In the past week, the campaign of Representative Mike Coffman of Colorado, who represents suburban Denver, began airing a television ad in which he pledges to stand up to Mr. Trump if he becomes president. Other Republicans are expected to follow suit as early as this month.

But even that approach may be insufficient. House Republican officials were furious at Mr. Coffman for not being prepared to answer predictable follow-up questions about whether he still supported Mr. Trump. Democrats responded with an advertisement showing photos of Mr. Coffman and Mr. Trump side by side and urging voters to reject them both.

Two months later, we’ve reached the point of no return for Coffman. He cannot have both the loyalty of Trump supporters and the belief from voters that he has rejected Trump wholeheartedly. You’re either Chaffetz, or Trump.

Coffman initially had this to say about Trump after hearing of his comments toward women today:

Not long afterward, Coffman learned that Chaffetz had actually taken a real stand on Trump, which put him in a very awkward position. So what does Coffman do? He comes up with a new statement:

“For the good of the country, and to give the Republicans a chance of defeating Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trump should step aside. His defeat at this point seems almost certain. And four years of Hillary Clinton is not what is best for this country. Mr. Trump should put the country first and do the right thing.”

Notable, of course, is what Coffman does NOT say. No mention that he will not support Trump and will not vote for him if he remains a candidate for President. This isn’t a semantics argument because Rep. Chaffetz raised the bar. Coffman MUST say these things because Rep. Chaffetz has already said them.




So, here we are. If you are a Republican candidate running for office in 2016, you can be with Rep. Chaffetz, or you can be with Donald Trump. What you cannot do is attempt to dance around the subject. If you are Mike Coffman, you cannot have both the loyalty of Trump supporters and the belief from voters that you have rejected Trump wholeheartedly.

Mike Coffman (and others) missed the exit on Donald Trump two months ago. When he had a chance to redeem himself, he swung and missed. But for the courage of Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah, Mike Coffman would never have taken a stronger step forward on Donald Trump.

And until Mike Coffman says he will neither support nor vote for Donald Trump, everything else he says — however grandiose he makes it sound — is just a string of words.


53 thoughts on “As Trump Collapses, Mike Coffman Flounders in Response

    1. Don't bother. He doesn't need your defense. Regardless of the fantasy 50/50 race ColPols has been insisting on, Coffman has not, in the real world, been in a particularly tough race up to now. He's not going to lose for not denouncing Trump enough to suit us lefties. It's probably quite enough for enough of the voters he needs here in CD 6. 

      If a deep Trump induced plummet in the fortunes of the GOP all the way down the ticket or even the chaos of Trump dropping out gives us a chance to take back both the Senate and the House, I'm pretty sure we here in CD 6 won't be contributing a House seat to that victory this time around.


      1. Anything can happen this time around BC.  Those commercials tying Coffman to Trump have been running for a while.  Now they have additional emphasis.

        Coffman trying to disassociate himself from Trump is a telling moment in his campaign.  Anything can happen at this point.  Darrell Issa is trailing by 4% in California.

      2. It ain't over till its over, bc.  You might have to live with the shame of a bright and caring rep. Morgan Carroll yet!  Leave the dark side and join itlduso's campaign.

        1. I'll be thrilled if conditions change so much that Morgan Carroll wins but I've beaten my head against that wall, giving my heart and soul to losing congressional campaigns here in CD6 for so many years now, until redistricting knowing full well they had no chance but hoping to do well enough to get targeting for next time and since then watching lame campaigns failing to take advantage, I just find I don't have it in me to do it again at this time.

          I'm no good at peppy cheer leading for its own sake. I ditched mandatory pep rallies in school and couldn't help but notice, when an acquaintance tried to recruit me into Amway many years ago, that the wholesale prices she swore Amway members had access to were retail prices and not even as good as your average department store sale.  

          Best of luck to Carroll and if we have a strong candidate running a smart, strong campaign in 2018, maybe I'll jump back in.

          1. We had such hi hopes for Andrew too.  Maybe we can hope that it is slow erosion and what was once a mighty foundation of support is starting to get shaky.  His ad featuring every possible combination of ethnic female was kind of telling.  He knows he can't win with aging, angry white voters.  Too bad his policy positions aren't changing and he is still fundamentally a right-wing jerk who will try to thwart President elect Clinton at every opportunity.  The guy the classic definition of a gridlocked Washington insider.

  1. I made the call here at ColoradoPols months ago that Trump would not be the Republican candidate on Election Day.

    You guys can applaud my foresight and political instincts now if you'd like. Or you can wait til he's gone. 

    1. According to GOP rules they can't force him off. He'd have to quit. Very hard to see him doing so, especially after hearing his attack/apology tonight.

      1. I've seen several sources of speculation saying the GOP could, given some time for notification, a compliant rules committee, and a sufficient majority on the RNC, replace Trump. Or that the GOP could find a sufficient bribe to get Trump to resign, and then the RNC could act to fill the vacancy.

        My guess: even if somehow it COULD be done, it won't happen. There will be an amplified "Dole" approach, where the RNC message changes to "don't let Clinton be unopposed," money and effort is shifted to down ballot races, and the strategy becomes how to deny the election provides any sort of mandate until 2018 races "really" show what the country wants.

      2. I really didn't expect his response until 3:30 this morning after he got to watch a re-run of the Alicia Machado porn video.

        But you are correct about the only way to get rid of him is if he were to withdraw. Could they offer him enough $$$ to drop out? And then there is thew question of who would replace him. Rafael did finish in distant second place. Does he have first dibbs? And what about Pence? Does he inherit the crown from the clown? Would the entire process re-start with all of the original candidates – yes, even Jim Gilmore – making their sales pitches to the Republican National Committee?

        The other thing is this (and I do believe it is in the works):  get Drumpf across the finish line with a win and then at the first outrageous thing that he does (which shouldn't take long), the House GOP votes to impeach him.

        The question remains:  does Schumer provide McConnell with enough Democratic votes to place Mike Pence in the Oval Office?

        1. Don't think the only readily available replacement, Pence, or any replacement who denounces Trump would do much good. There aren't that many conservative voters left who weren't willing to vote for Trump to stop HRC for a new conservative R to pick up.

          On the other hand there is a very significant number of Trump fanatics who will not vote for anyone else and who will be infuriated by his being replaced. They will certainly not come over to Pence or anyone else who denounces Trump and in the swing states where their votes are vital to push Trump over the top, and also where R candidates are most likely to denounce Trump the most strongly, they will not vote for any congressional candidate they see betraying Trump. Would either skip the election or write in Trump where that option exists or vote for third party wackos. There are usually a few of them on ballots in various states. None of this takes a single vote away from HRC. Only from an alternate R candidate.

          This is where the GOP decided to drive this train and it's pulling into the station at its natural destination. Too late to put on the brakes now, a month before election day and days or a week or so before (or in some places already after) mail in and early voting in so many states. 

          1. Paul Ryan got a strong taste today of the monster he and the Republican Party created and nurtured.  Trump will not go gently into the night.


            Here is a pretty good prediction of what tomorrow's town hall will bring:

            A series of disastrous news reports also added fuel to the flames amid the continuing fallout. The New York Times reported the businessman had declared an eye-popping $916 million loss in his 1995 tax forms, which could have led him to legally avoid paying federal income taxes for two decades. BuzzFeed News reported that Trump once appeared in a Playboy soft-core porn film. The Associated Press reported that Trump repeatedly demeaned female contestants on the set of his reality TV show, “The Apprentice.” Newsweek reported that Trump’s company violated the U.S. embargo against Cuba.

            Any one story would have sunk a presidential candidate in a normal election year. On Sunday night, however, the impulsive, short-tempered, thin-skinned reality TV star will likely do what he usually does when cornered ― lash out wildly, with no regard for himself or his party.


            1. Justice for the GOP. They can't with the Trump Deplorables and they can't win without them. The monster they created is destroying its creator as all monsters do.  

      1. That's not necessarily so, pseudo. If he were to be persuaded (arm-twisted) into quitting before election day the votes for him could be counted as generic votes for the office and the RNC could pick another guy. Not saying it's likely, but go read the story I linked above. and see that it's possible.

        1. They certainly might.

          It's interesting to me that the article didn't mention that about 2/3 of the states have laws which require electors to maintain faith with the voters.  Whether those would be enforced or not is certainly an open question, but then the election might move to the courts, and that could cause some serious problems.

          Colorado, for example, has this to say:

          CRS §1-4-304(5)

          Each presidential elector shall vote for the presidential candidate and, by separate ballot, vice-presidential candidate who received the highest number of votes at the preceding general election in this state.

    2. Want to bet $100 zappy that Trump stays the nominee?  I can use the money.  Deadlines have passed in states including ohio, texas, floriida, many others.  Trump stays in to the bitter end.  Just maybe, he gives us the house.

  2. Fox Reality Check:  I watched Hannity tonight (well, parts of it) and they were busy trashing Bill Clinton for "raping" someone, and Hillary bullied others, etc.  The takeaway for me is that there is still a Trump base that will not be swayed and this has cleaved the GOP party in two.

  3. Trump Apology Video just released.  He apologizes, then immediately pivots to attacking Bill and Hillary Clinton as was done on Hannity that I noted above.  

    The GOP Revolution will be televised.   must get sleep…….

    1. then immediately pivots to attacking Bill and Hillary Clinton as was done on Hannity that I noted above.

      That's because the Donald and Hannity share one brain. We heard Alec Baldwin last Saturday night explain how the Donald and Sean Hannity whisper sweet nothings into one another's ears.

  4. I'm not much into the politics, but I'm curious why some enterprising individual, rather than knocking on Mike's door, doesn't go over to Cynthia's house instead and ask her what she thinks about TRUMP™ and her husband's position on him.

    She is, after all, a female Republican, and a state officeholder.

      1. Has our junior senator weighed in on this yet? Even though Gardner is not on the ballot this year, he is the highest ranking elected Colorado Republican and should have some opinion on this.

      2. No need to wake up Buck and Lamborn.   Tipton however has a tigress by the tail with Schwartz and she might bite him.  By the way, Morgan Carroll outraised Coffman this quarter.   Go for it, Gail  and Morgan!

  5. Deja Vu All Over Again

    I'm old enough to remember July 1974 when each day, another batch of GOP office holders announced that it was time for the Dear Leader, Richard Nixon, to step down. It finally ended when the GOP Senate and House leaders plus Barry Goldwater made the fateful visit to the White House to break the news to Tricky Dick that it was over.

    We're watching something similar happen now.

    There are two big differences:  1.) As awful as he was, Nixon at least gave some thought to the damage he was doing to his political party. Trump isn't. 2.) Nixon was eventually going to be removed anyway by impeachment. Better to leave voluntarily and ask for the pardon to avoid prison than stay til the bitter end. Trump isn't facing prison or impeachment so there's no incentive to step down.

  6. We need the GOPers to strongly support Drumpf™ as a boat anchor with a too short chain will sink the boat.
    As someone who is with her, I urge all Republicans to support their party's candidate. Loyalty before morality.

    1. Most of it isn't all that bad and she does say some very sympathetic things about ordinary Americans while admitting her lifestyle has kind of created distance , something she realizes she needs to work on. Everybody knows she was for TPP before she was against it and this is from before she changed her stance and she can credibly claim she was persuaded that it has flaws as written. Pretty big yawn compared to the other party openly investigating how it can dump its sex assault loving standard bearer.

  7. Good afternoon, students.  I am throwing a pop quiz at you!

    What was the worst thing that happened to the Trump campaign yesterday?

    1) Trump said the Central Park Five defendants were guilty even after they were acquitted based on DNA evidence and had wrongfully served many years in jail.

    2) Trump said the Obama Administration is allowing illegal immigrants to flow into the US so they will vote for Clinton and undermine our election

    3) Trump said he tried to F*** a married woman and that he could get away with grabbing women's P**** because he's famous and rich.

    Answer:  All of the above!  And, extra credit to those who had even heard about the first two items.

    1. Trump DOES have a wide range of possible challenges.

      You didn't mention the TPM writer pointing out that Trump got a "middle class" tax break on a small apartment in NYC, a $300 tax break for those making less than $500,000 per year. And that NYC makes a pretty good effort to monitor those tax breaks, matching income up with NY State income tax.

      Donald Trump received a middle class tax credit on a Park Avenue condo that his campaign acknowledges he never actually lived in, even though only primary residences were eligible for the New York property tax credit, TPM has learned.



    2. And here's one for the "basket of deplorables", from (neo-Nazi Trump supporter magazine catering to the younger white supremacists – check out the  cartoons).

      I'm not posting the picture, but they called NY Atty Gen Schneiderman a "kike" and showed him with a gold "Jude" star – because he suspended Trump's foundation donations pending investigation. They call Trump "Glorious Leader". I shit you not.

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