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October 03, 2016 03:14 PM UTC

Bennet Trending Toward Historic Blowout in U.S. Senate Race

  • by: Colorado Pols
History may be made in Colorado's U.S. Senate race.
History may be made in Colorado’s U.S. Senate race (Michael Bennet, left, and Darryl Glenn).

As we mentioned today in writing about the new Monmouth University poll, Senator Michael Bennet (D-Denver) continues to widen his polling lead over Republican challenger Darryl Glenn.

According to Monmouth, Bennet now leads Glenn by an eye-popping 18-point margin (53-35), with Bennet picking up five more points since the last Monmouth poll in July. To put this in perspective, the total margin of victory in the last four Colorado Senate races works out to 18 points.

In other words, polling numbers show Bennet beating Glenn by at least as much as the margin in the last four Senate races combined.

That’s absolutely ridiculous…for Darryl Glenn.


34 thoughts on “Bennet Trending Toward Historic Blowout in U.S. Senate Race

      1. maybe a hyuuuuuuuuuge win will compel Bennet to push for more than just some student loan interest rate changes that he so boldly proposed this election.

    1. That was well worth the time following that link, just for the humor.  I guess 10/5 is when his campaign gets that much needed boost in the arm.

  1. When this race started, I absolutely didn't see Glenn as a sacrificial elephant, a la Stockham in CD 1. But, somehow, he managed to transform into one. This is definitely a race that will have the Republicans asking "What the hell happened?"

    1. Many things happened. First, neither Coffman would take the plunge. A RINO (Ellen Roberts) tested the waters as a born-age tea-bagging wingnut. That went no where. Then there was the clown car of candidates. My personal favorite was the woman in the tin-foil hat – Peggy Littleton. Jon Keyser was supposed to save the GOP. How'd that work out for you, Moddy? Timmy Neville, hero of the anti-vaxxers and the ammosexual communities, was supposed to energize the base. That went no where. What was left but Daryl Glenn.

      This reminds me of the 2010 gubernatorial race with Jon Keyser playing Scott McInnis. Except I don't expect Tank to jump in as the Constitution Party's candidate to save the GOP from Dan Maes/Daryl Glenn.

      1. Remember when Bennet's seat was supposed to be one of the most likely to  flip?And when Trump won the nomination in the same clown car fashion?

        Now. winning clown Glenn is where many thought Trump would be (way behind) and Bennet is where many thought HRC's candidacy would be (way ahead of winning clown Trump). 

        Still think, though it's been too close for comfort,  HRC wound up with the opponent who's going to allow her to win despite the usual default to the other party after a two term presidency and with her high negatives. Bennet just got lucky as hell.

        Neither is a lesser of two evil candidates, though. Bennet is a good Senator for Colorado and HRC will be a competent, qualified President, the one that Sanders and Warren need in the WH, and will also let Dems make some more history. 



        1. I think you are missing the bigger picture Blue.  Clinton and Bennet aren't headed to victory because they are running against historically awful candidates.  These candidates are representative of the party that nominated them.  There were plenty of 'qualified' candidates seeking the nomination but the one's who won the nomination reflect the ideology and views of their base of voters.  They aren't accidents.  They are where the Republican Party has evolved to.

          1. Quite true and no I haven't missed that. Just musing on what the common wisdom was only months that seem like eons ago. But yes….. this is no accidental destination but the one toward which the GOP has long been headed.  Still…. very lucky for Clinton that the train pulled into the station just in time for her to have a snowball's chance in hell of becoming President  with her baggage. Good timing for Bennet too.

            1. FYI: There has been a lot of baggage heaped on Mrs. Clinton for nefarious purposes by her enemies.

              By the same token, Mrs. Clinton and Senator Bennet are both representative of the current Democratic evolution towards a more diverse and inclusive party.  The Obama Coalition is rising as a force because minorities are on the rise politically and support both of these candidates.  Sanders had a lot of assets in the Primary but didn't make any inroads on this coalition and failed to secure the nomination.  Just my hunch but I think that this coalition and Millennials are under represented in the polls and the Democrats could have a bigger advantage than the polls show.  We'll see post election if Mrs. Clinton and Senator Bennet 'over perform' in these critical states with large minority and and Millennial populations.

              1. Gee thanks for the helpful FYI. I had no idea. surprise 

                But, seriously the fact is it's there and not all of it has been foisted on her. The Clintons do a pretty fair job of collecting it with and without help.

                Historically, the natural default is to the other party after two terms and the election of either Trump or Clinton will be historic for their low approval numbers. 

                I think Clinton will be a competent President and I actually like Sen. Bennet and think he's supported a lot of good legislation.

                I also stand by my opinion that they are fortunate in their opponents this time around. Especially HRC. This is no cakewalk and it ain't over. Imagine how much harder it would be with her low approval ratings and a less unhinged type of opponent in an election that usually reverts to the other party anyway. That's all I'm sayin'

                  1. I was around for Johnson following Kennedy but of course that was an entirely different set of circumstances with neither serving two terms. Papa Bush did follow two term Reagan on the R side and that's it for my lifetime. Gore would have followed Clinton if not for the bloodless coup.

          2. I wouldn't use the word "evolved" to describe the GOP. First of all, they don't believe in it. Second, it's a misnomer since it implies improvement from generation to generation.

            "Degenerated" would be a more apt word.

      2. Jack Graham would have been a far better Repub. senate candidate: fiscally conservative and moderate/common sense on the dreaded social issues. But was not to be.

          1. +10.

            “Fiscal conservative” is a joke for today’s R’s. They are more than happy to blow out a budget for tax cuts or increased military spending, but aghast at investing in our most critical infrastructure or having the richest of the rich pitch in for the sake of “The Greatest Nation in History”…….(or what was until that black guy invaded the WH.)

            Austerity has failed the world over. Bennet should lose the text on his website that still hints at his Austerian desires. (He could look what it did to Udall, but ….. )

            1. Nonsense, it doesn't matter if one is talking about the borrow and spend liberalism of Bush/Cheney or tax & spend liberalism of Bernie Sanders. Neither is good for the country.

              And it's funny that you select Saudi Arabia as your example of austerity failing. The monarchy there has kept things quiet by putting most citizens on the government payroll, action that was sustainable only by high oil prices. Now that oil pricing has collapsed, the government gravy train is coming to an end as the Saudis spend down their reserves.

              1. Sorry CHB. Without reference to anything Zap has to say about it (that's between you and him) we have decades of evidence that the entire premise of conservative economic theory is bankrupt, discredited, failed, does not work, period.  

                It's time for Dems to stop going with …. we're way better on social issues and will be almost as responsible as those big daddy conservative Republicans on fiscal issues. 

                Sticking with Republican economic theory is what would be irresponsible. Conservatives aren't the sensible daddies. They're more like religious fanatics who believe just because despite all the evidence.

                Time to shout it from the roof tops, Dems.  We're better for the country in every way, social issues and economic issues. Our policies create more jobs, more prosperity and the rich do just fine too.

                Screw DLC Republican Lite. Screw apologizing for not fully embracing the failed economic conservatism that has brought us the train wrecks of cities like Colorado Springs, states like Kansas and a nation that has seen it's once glorious world's greatest infrastructure decline in disgrace.

                It's time to get back to the liberal policies that made this county great and built the broadest most prosperous upwardly mobile middle class, the class most important to maintaining thriving, stable democratic institutions, that the world had ever before seen. 

                We've seen the perfect closed lab experiment in government shrinking (meaning penny wise pound foolish lack of investment) conservative economics. It's name is Kansas. It doesn't simulate. It doesn't trickle down. It really just blows. Sorry.

  2. It was a rhetorical question, Frank.wink They did, indeed, have such a full clown car to start, it was inevitable that a weak candidate wouled emerge from the pack. And despite Zappy's irrational hatred of Bennet, he's been a reasonable Blue Dog Democrat; which is all he ever promised to be. We had a genuine liberal senator. He ran an atrocious campaign and got taken out by a weasel.

    1. That is an insult to weasels everywhere.

      Thus far, I’d suggest a better analogy would be that our junior Senator is a male calf still following the herd around. Not terribly productive, most noticeable when he leans on things, and likely to have a limited term.

    2. Sorry… he's not even close to being an example of Blue Dog Dem, most of whom lost their seats long ago.  Unless you consider Obama, to whom Bennet has never been an iota to the right, a Blue Dog Dem and that's absurd. 

  3. Where or where is Moderatus to tell how fake these polls are and how Glenn is just coasting to victory?  Oh that right.  He is a coward who flees at the first sign of reality.  Change your underwear buddy.  The stink filters through the tubes.

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