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May 24, 2016 10:33 AM UTC

Senate Conservatives Fund Endorses Darryl Glenn

  • by: Colorado Pols

glennscfSignificant news in Colorado’s Republican U.S. Senate primary today, as the influential hard-right Senate Conservatives Fund throws their support behind the winner of Colorado’s GOP assembly in this race, El Paso County commissioner Darryl Glenn. From a letter sent by SCF President Ken Cuccinelli:

Every once in a while a truly exceptional candidate comes along that, if elected, will be a real game changer for the country.

Darryl Glenn, who is running for the U.S. Senate in Colorado, is one of those candidates, and it’s why we’re endorsing him today.

Darryl Glenn is an El Paso County commissioner, a former Air Force officer, and the only reliable conservative in the Colorado Senate race.

When he announced his campaign back in January, nobody thought he had a chance. But in April, he shocked the Colorado political world by winning 70 percent of the vote at the GOP state convention.

Darryl’s principled and passionate message helped him win over the delegates who were looking for a conservative outsider to shake things up.

Colorado Democrats taking note of this endorsement for a good reason, and firing a volley at Glenn for effect:

Today, Darryl Glenn received the endorsement from the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF), a group responsible for helping elect some of the Senate’s most conservative and out-of-touch Senators, including Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Mike Lee. SCF is the same far right group that helped Ken Buck defeat NRSC-backed Jane Norton in the 2010 Republican Senate primary…

“Darryl Glenn is a climate change denier who has called Donald Trump a patriot, and wants to defund Planned Parenthood and effectively outlaw a woman’s right to choose,” said Chris Meagher, spokesman for the Colorado Democratic Party. “Now he’s won the financial backing from the same national right wing interest group that brought us Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, another sign that he is out-of-touch with Colorado and the wrong choice for U.S. Senate.”

With no clear frontrunner following the implosion of handpicked National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) candidate Jon Keyser, there is a growing opportunity for Glenn to position himself as the grassroots favorite in the race–while better-funded opponents Robert Blaha and Jack Graham slug it out with each other. Glenn’s fiery speech at the Colorado GOP state assembly that catapulted him into the primary is really one of the only bright spots for Colorado Republicans today in a sea of political uncertainty and calamity. Blaha’s bitter attack on Graham over Graham’s record at Colorado State University, without a counterbalance to motivate support for Blaha personally, could play right into Glenn’s hands…particularly if he has the money to make himself known to more Republican voters.

And yes, that’s right–SCF helped Ken Buck take out Jane Norton over the kingmakers’ wishes. So there’s that.


7 thoughts on “Senate Conservatives Fund Endorses Darryl Glenn

  1. Everyone knows how relieved Democrats are that Keyser has "imploded." But we still don't know if this was a Democrat plot against Keyser. If it comes out that Progress Now is behind Maureen Moss, Keyser will rocket back to the front of the pack and win the primary. There is still plenty of time for that to happen.

    The story was always too good to be true. Is Maureen Moss a plant? Is there any evidence Keyser knew about the fraud? The voters aren't as stupid as you think.

    1. What if the story comes out that Maureen was nothing more than a Republican who wanted Keyser to win so bad that she fudged on the petitions because she knew he didn't have enough signatures to get on the ballot without her "help"? He BARELY made it. Or maybe the R's actually wanted people hired that WOULD fudge the ballots to get their "pick" elected because they knew the oversight process was an absolute joke and they wanted to take full advantage of a system that was ripe for shenanigans? Afterall, the companies that represent Keyser are Republican stalwarts from what I've read. You don't know what they asked those people during the "interview" process.


      The news about Darryl Glenn really shook you up, huh? Did it ever occur to you that maybe Keyser is just a lousy candidate whose foolishness finally caught up with him? Who in their right mind would donate any money to Keyser at this point? We’re supposed to believe that donors are waiting for the saga of Maureen Moss and Jon Keyser to conclude in a month so they can start writing him checks? The real question is what has Keyser done RIGHT during his entire campaign to warrant any donations? Fact is they’ve MOVED ON. He’s yesterday’s pick from a failing establishment, and he makes news for all the wrong reasons. That ship has sailed…and SUNK.

    1. Ideologically, Darryl Glenn is 100% with Trump. As an El Paso Commissioner, he took the step of sponsoring a resolution denying any possible social services to Syrian refugees until they are shown "not to be a threat to the community".

      Glenn has denounced Obama's "granting amnesty" to illegal immigrants through executive action (translation: he doesn't like POTUS' granting of conditional legal status to parents of kids with birthright citizenship, nor the DACA exceptions to breaking up and deporting family members).

      On Glenn's Facebook page is a 4/11/16 lengthy all-caps screed from Walter Hayes, citing a Fox News report about Dr. Ben Carson supporting Trump. Hayes is a Trump supporter, and Glenn has allowed Hayes' pro-Trump posts on his page several times.

      So I think it's safe to say that Glenn is a Trump supporter, although, like most of the GOP candidates and elected officials, he's being cagey about it

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