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March 29, 2016 10:15 AM UTC

"Eye Candy"--Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg Lets Slip Inner D-Bag

  • by: Colorado Pols

TUESDAY UPDATE: Here are the clips–first, Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg refers to Sen. Kerry Donovan as “eye candy.”

A few minutes later, after Sonnenberg was pulled out of committee by persons unknown and presumably read the riot act, came the apology:

Apparently Sonnenberg calls everybody “eye candy,” which we suppose might be slightly less creepy.

On second thought, not really. Original post follows.


Sens. Kerry Donovan, Jerry Sonnenberg.
Sens. Kerry Donovan, Jerry Sonnenberg.

We’re getting word of a nasty exchange today in the Senate State Affairs Committee, which was temporarily chaired today by GOP Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg–while hearing House Bill 16-1275, which would have collected corporate tax revenue on earnings held in offshore tax havens. The bill died on a party-line vote in this “kill committee,” but not before Sonnenberg asked for closing statements–including from Sen. Kerry Donovan, and we quote,

“Unless she was just here as eye candy.”

So said one of the most senior Republican members of the Colorado Senate to his Democratic colleague who happens to be female. Audio of the exchange hasn’t been posted yet, but we’re told Democrats erupted in anger, after which Sonnenberg was pulled out of the hearing for conversations unknown. When he returned he apologized for referring to his fellow Colorado Senator as “eye candy.”

Just another day in Bill Cadman’s Senate, folks.


34 thoughts on ““Eye Candy”–Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg Lets Slip Inner D-Bag

  1. Shaking head…can't believe it…2016

    That is MY state senator you're insulting. Reminds me, I've not given her a check this year. Yet.




  2. Grrrrr. Sonnenberg, don't make us want our Brophy back.

    Second thought: That'll never happen. Your best bet, Jerry, is to try to pass this off as a performance art piece, ironically demonstrating why Donald Trump doesn't appeal to female voters.

          1. Of course you don't think it’s a big deal and of course the apology sounded sincere to you. After all, you're just a flaky little bubble head here for comic relief, sweet cheeks. But don't get your panties in a twist. Nobody's calling for him to resign or anything. Just noting his general douchiness which, of course, is nothing new. Where's your sense of humor and good fun?

    1. If we treated male politicians like women:

      Senator Jerry Sonnenberg, affectionately nicknamed "The Barrel Buster" in the Colorado Senate, shares a tender moment with Rep. Dan Pabon (right).  Cuddly bear Jerry sported a nifty, fashionably baggy grey polyester suit by  Zimmer, and steel-rimmed glasses to frame his sparkling grey eyes, which were cleverly used as fonts of moisture to lubricate his AR-15.

      Jerry has made time for his hobby of politics, after marriage to teaching powerhouse Vonnie Sonnenberg,  raising a family of four children, and helping out on the family farm. The northeastern plains hunka chunka burning love is known for his sunny disposition, sweet smile, and quixotic, but adorable, crusades.

  3. A harmless remark he already apologized for, but Sonnenberg still gets the Two Minute Hate. Thanks for making life humorless as usual Colorado Pols.

    1. Is it masochism that brings you here again and again, Moldy?… I mean…it's like…you bring a cudgel to a gunfight. Entertaining, certainly, but do you never tire of being outsmarted?..But, I guess that's just everyday life to you, ..never mind.

    1. Modster must be so pleased with your nice compliment to Jerry and/or sense of humor in offering such a cute, harmless, witty remark. Isn't that right, Modster? 

  4. Funny in that I was at Senate State Affairs yesterday to testify against the latest public lands land grab bill. I left afterwards and missed the Donovan incident. I can report that Senator Sonnenberg did not refer to the land grab bill sponsor; Senator Lambert; as "eye candy."  But, Senator Scott was chairing at that time.

    For what it’s worth, the bad bill passed on a 3-2 party line vote.

  5. This was not a harmless remark. It shows he is a sexist pig who is okay with making sexist remarks about his colleagues. Also, am I the only who heard that he did not single out Senator Donavon? He admits to using the eye candy reference to other people as a way of apologizing.




    1. Agreed it was not a harmless remark, but as for your last sentence – much too kind. Based on both tape recordings, Sen. Sonnenberg's comment was targeted at Sen. Donavon, and he mentioned Sen. Jones who was going to make a comment in committee. That made for a convenient "eye candy" apology. Sen. Sonnenberg is a very likable guy, but he erred and strayed into Donald Trump territory – danger zone! 




    2. Rs just can't help themselves because they actually are sexist. It's just a matter of some being able to remember better than others to be "politically correct', though all of them ultimately fail. It's as unconscious as breathing to them which is why this kind of stuff and less crude but just as sexist stuff pops out of all of their mouths all the time.

      It's not a matter of political correctness or lack thereof. It's their basic assumptions about women like Kasich making remarks about women in their kitchens as if that's where most 21st century women spend most of their time. It's why they think they're being pro-woman when they talk about cherishing and protecting them like children not responsible for their decisions because they're just delicate none too bright women. The most careful among them will never be able to stop letting their fundamental chauvinism show. It's just too hard. And those like Trump and Sonnenberg can't even remember that they're supposed to at least try.

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