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November 18, 2015 11:25 AM UTC

Stay Classy, Tom Tancredo: Blame "Diversity" For Paris Edition

  • by: Colorado Pols

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: The Denver Post’s Joey Bunch reports today:

Tancredo, a Republican who has long fought for tougher immigration standards, said he was glad to “start a conversation” about the risks of allowing Syrian refugees into the United States.

“I’m referring to the fact that this tragedy (in Paris), this horror, is something you cannot contain to one country is you don’t do something meaningful about immigration — a subject I’ve been involved in for some time — these are the kinds of things that result when you don’t protect your citizens,” he told The Denver Post.

Hickenlooper, a Democrat, was not amused.

“That’s beyond comment,” he said, dropping his shoulders after seeing the meme during a stop at The Post. “Come on.” [Pols emphasis]


As posted to former Congressman, gubernatorial candidate, and most recently “Coffmangate” co-conspirator Tom Tancredo’s Facebook page a short while ago:


For the record, this isn’t the original image. We’ve digitally obscured what appear to be a number of dead bodies and streaks of blood in the highly gruesome unedited photo Tancredo posted. The photo appears to be the interior of the Bataclan Theater in Paris, France after the terrorist attacks last Friday. The caption on the photo, “Celebrating Diversity One Massacre At A Time,” may or may not have been added by Tancredo personally, but clearly that’s the message he endorses.

We’re pretty sure the original photo violates Facebook’s terms of service, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it disappears at some point soon. But as much as he frequently embarrasses his erstwhile fellow Republicans, Tancredo has a considerable following on the anti-immigrant right–and his views are representative of enough of the conservative movement that he can’t simply be ignored.

And folks, sometimes that is a damned shameful fact.


29 thoughts on “Stay Classy, Tom Tancredo: Blame “Diversity” For Paris Edition

  1. Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Oak Creek, Tucson, Colorado Springs, Santa Barbara,  Umpqua Community College, toddlers shooting people accidentally … It's here NOW Tom and you have done Zilch to try to stop it and have in fact encouraged it.  

    Screw you hypocrite. 

  2. I know it is a fool's errand to find an point in the ravings on a lunatic, but . . .What is the point he is trying to make here? The murders were carried out in the name of religious purity. You could argue the murderers share Tanc's message: Diversity (tolerance) is the root of evil.

    How does he equate diversity with terrorism? Is his point that immigrant are terrorists? I know he spoke at white supremist's rallies in the past, but he is really showing his true colors here.

    1. I'm not defending Tancredo, I think this picture is inappropriate. But it's true that the left is willing to trade away our security to honor "diversity" for its own sake. The people of this country are not heartless, but we do not want to risk our safety while trying to help the world. 

      1. Those that support taking in refugees are not "honoring diversity," whatever the hell that means.  We are honoring our humanity.  We are honoring our commitment to the ideals this immigrant nation was based on.  We are not sacrificing those ideals and belief to appease the terrorists. If we abandon our principals and values, the terrorists win.

        1. modster thinks taking in refugee families running for their lives is an example of libruls wanting "diversity"? That's a new one. But you're right about handing victory to the terrorists. This is exactly what they want. They want more bitter young men to hate us, the people of the west.  

          Today's five year old whose family is turned away, perhaps to live in the hopeless impoverished stateless limbo of crowded refugee camps for generations, will naturally grow up hating us, feeling certain that we hate him and will be ripe for recruitment into the ranks of ISIS and other such organization when he's old enough, which will probably be at a very young age. Every year more of these young men come of age so we are guaranteeing a constantly replenished supply of cannon fodder for these organizations to deploy. 

          Is there any way to absolutely guarantee that no refugee will ever commit a crime or even attempt an act of terrorism? Of course not. But there's also no guarantee the guy next door won't commit mass murder starting with modster and in fact far more Americans have been killed by and continue to be killed by garden variety fellow Americans than have ever been killed by foreign terrorists on American soil.

          And the people who want to keep out five year old Syrians are the same people who think a simple background check on that guy next door is an unacceptable violation of freedumb regardless of risk. When it comes to that their attitude is stuff happens. Suck it up.

          How can the same people who take such a casual attitude toward the homegrown American carnage that is more likely by many magnituides to affect them than foreign terrorism be too hysterically afraid of terrorism to help those fleeing it if the risk involved isn't absolute zero?  How can they be so vehement about protecting the lives of the unborn but perfectly willing to see any number of children die if they can't help them with zero risk?

          Pretty sure we all know the answers to those questions. It's for the same reasons shiploads of desperate Jews were turned away from American ports to perish in the Holocaust and why Japanese American citizens were deprived of their rights and property and held in American concentration camps during the same time. Bigotry, racism and xenophobia. Oh, and let’s not forget cowardice.

          1. Tancredo is wrong…..period. Tancredo has no feeling for people who have been bombed out of their homes and businesses by Butcher Assad with his cluster bombs & barrel bombs. But Tancredo’s comments are no reason to reference him as a "bottomless pit of filth and excrement." 

            And the country already has its share of Christian affiliated terrorists. Eric Rudolph; the bomber of the Atlanta Olympics; comes to mind and his ties to Christian Identity. There also are the various assassins of abortion providers and bombers of abortion clinics. This year alone, several Planned Parenthood clinics have been torched. 

            And, Moderatus, yes, a few terrorist wanna-bees may slip in among refugees. But it's far easier already to come in on a boat to either coast, or to come in via Canada.  C.H.B.

            1. And speaking of Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau is sticking to his pledge to admit tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into his country.

              So all the vetting which the Congressional Republicans are calling for in the refugees Obama wants to let in will be for naught when they come through Canada.

              We could, of course, start policing our northern border (which coincidentally is how the 9/11 terrorists entered), but Tank and the Donald and the rest of their racist ilk are fixated on Mexico and building their frigging wall.

                1. How soon your little mind forgets details, Moddy. Only 13 months ago, there was an attack on the parliament building to Ottawa. And just today, a man named Yasin Ali, was detained carrying a concealed knife at Parliament Hill. Maybe we should ask Scott Tipon if Ali had a Syrian passport. 

                2. Hmmm . . . methinks you know just a little bit too much all bout the terrorists' plans and thinking …

                  … parlez vous Isis, Señor Moderatus, if that is your real name? …

                  (Wait, Moderatus — hmmmm, isn't that Arabicker for, "half a camel scrotum full of jackal dung on his shoulders"?)

                3. None of your lame excuses will ever cut it, modster. If a peson is a bigot, racist, coward and liar it's not demonizing to say so. Tancredo is all those things and so are you and all those who agree with you and Tanc and Governor Christie that we shouldn't let in a single Syrian refugee, not even, in Christie's own words, orphans under 5.  No one could possibly do a better job of making you all look like shit than you are doing all by yourselves.

  3. Shameful politicizing of a tragedy and invasion of victim's families privacy.

    Fascinating to watch conservative pundits tie themselves in knots about whether government should be able to spy on people's I-phones.

    Apple has "WhatsApp", which is apparently the communication method of choicei for terrorists – but the tea party / secessionist crowd would also like to feel that they can exchange treacherous communiques without the Feds listening in.

    Where will Tommy the Tank come down on this one? He can't please his base and also support realistic anti-terrorism measures.

      1. Imagine what those kids will probably be in a few years if we leave them to rot in refugee camps or return to face death and see death every day in the rubble that was once their home. Friends of the US and the west who treated them like garbage when they were desperate for help? 

  4. Muddyanus came out and saw his own shadow. Now he'll have the runs for six more weeks.

    Syrian orphans say, “Boo!” Muddy says, “I need a toilet — fast!”

    Don’t worry, Muddy. If the Syrian orphans don’t get you, the former Gitmo prisoners from Super Max will! LMAO!

    1. I wonder how he and Andrew Carnegie manage to drag their asses out of their beds in the morning between the Muslim terrorists, the Mexican rapists and murderers (according to the Donald), the Ebola virus (last year's terror du jour), Planned Parenthood on the loose, same sex couples marrying, Starbuck’s war on Christmas, the oppression of Kim Davis, and the Affordable Care Act.

  5. Going Godwin with a historical note: Jewish refugees from Germany were equally unwanted during WWII, for similar reasons:

    1. The suspicion was that with relatives and friends still in Europe, they might be spies.

    2. The religion (Judaism) was seen as a threat to Christianity. The John Birch society, the KKK, and innumerable other hate groups promoted anti-Semitism in America. Almost identical rhetoric is used today to cast fear and hatred on the religion of Islam.

    3. Case in point: the story of the St. Louis, a liner with Jewish refugees which was turned away from the United States. 250 of the passengers were returned to their countries, where they died in the Holocaust.

    This is more than just academic for me; my mother and her parents were labeled as "Hebrews" when they came over on the Samaria, because there were quotas. The family were secular Jews, who found it easy to convert to and practice Christianity in Austria. Because my family had money and connections in the US, they were able to jump through the hoops to emigrate to America in spite of their supposedly tainted ethnicity.

    The analogy is hard to escape. Lady Liberty does not welcome all of the huddled masses of refugees. . And history is not kind to those who turned them away.


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