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December 07, 2007 02:20 AM UTC

Shafroth to Go Petition Rout(e)

  • by: Colorado Pols

It’s been a busy day today in CD-2. Democrat Will Shafroth announced today that he would forego the caucus process and petition onto the ballot in August.

The decision certainly isn’t surprising and is probably the right move to make given that both Joan Fitz-Gerald and Jared Polis are party insiders. Shafroth wasn’t likely to surpass 30% in the caucus process, but if he fell below 10% then he would be out of the race altogether.

Click below for the full press release.

Will Shafroth Democratic candidate for the 2nd Congressional District in Colorado today announced he would be petitioning onto the August 12, 2008 ballot. Below is the letter he sent out explaining his decision.

Dear Friend,

My name is Will Shafroth and I am a proud Democrat running for Congress to replace Congressman Mark Udall, who is running for the U.S. Senate.  I am a fourth-generation Coloradan and have devoted my entire life to public service and protecting Colorado’s environmental treasures.

Like many of you, I am deeply troubled by what I see going on in Washington.  Our country has fallen further behind in so many different ways that it will take real, long-term systematic change to get our country back on course.   We need to change Washington by bringing people together, listening to one another, and focusing on long-term results.  As your next member of Congress, I will:

Ø  Work to restore America’s commitment to international peace, progress, and cooperation and repair the damage this president has done to our image and reputation in the world and will fight to bring our troops home from Iraq.

Ø  Take action to make sure everyone in this country has access to affordable, quality health care.

Ø  Stop the out-of-control spending and rampant waste that sits like a heavy weight on the backs of the next generation.

Ø  Take immediate steps to halt global warming which threatens the health and well-being of our planet and generations to come.

These issues are among the most pressing concerns of our time, which is why this election is so important.   I believe that the values and lessons I have learned fighting to preserve open space and protect the environment in Colorado are the values that are needed most in Washington. We need to take the long view, think about the legacy we leave for our children, and work to bring all parties together for a common goal.

To learn more about my campaign visit my website

Recently, I have decided to petition my way onto the ballot rather than go through the caucus process. This was a tough decision, as I have enjoyed being a part of the caucus process as a precinct captain and house district co-chair.  However, for my campaign, petitioning makes the most sense, as it will allow me to talk with as many voters as possible over the next several months by knocking on their doors and really listening to their concerns. In 1998, Mark Udall petitioned onto the ballot and said about his victory, ”What made the difference was all the people we got involved and all the shoe leather we expended.” I will do the same and I look forward to the opportunity to talk with you.

Please feel free to contact me anytime at (303) 681-6333 or I would love to come speak to your group or talk with you individually about the changes that need to happen in Congress.

Sincerely Yours,

Will Shafroth

Democratic Candidate for the 2nd Congressional District

P.S. While we can’t start gathering signatures for our petitions until April you can go onto my website right now and sign my website petition and we will contact you in April to sign a paper petition. Please visit


16 thoughts on “Shafroth to Go Petition Rout(e)


    He announced his enviro plan and probably did not get the response he hoped for. His biggest issue barely made the press, or did it even?

    Now he is announcing that bc he oviously cant make caucus threshold he has to petition. Not a terrible thing, but since he hasn’t spent any money he doesn’t have a solid field/voter outreach plan.  This was bound to happen.

  2. WS has a good campaign manager and I can guarantee he will be on the ballot. She hasn’t thrown her foot in her mouth like Jared’s alleged great manager at least…

  3. I don’t think this has to do with not meeting the 10% threshold, rather thinking that being out of the process is better than losing.  Even if he got over 10%, he would still be seen as losing to JFG or JP.  Better to remain an unknown quantity than to suffer an early defeat.

    1. I think he would get about 20% in the caucus (too insider driven) and he’d have to get the sigd anyway.   He might as well conserve his energy (and cash) and wait until getting 30% matters

      1. by leaving the caucus entirely to Joan and Jared he probably intensifies their press release war/negative attacks and keeps himself above that negativity.

    1. Although I agree that Jared will probably lose the caucus (again, too insider-y) he’s looking pretty strong for 30%. And I think this year’s caucus is going to be different, what with the presidentials organizing the heck out of the place. Probably huge (relatively speaking) turnout.

      It’s true that Mark Udall didn’t go the caucus route and still won. But that’s Mark Udall, owner of the most famous last name in Western politics and the biggest warchest in the race, and a sitting state Rep to boot. That’s a far cry from where Shafroth stands. Udall probably could have competed and gotten 30 quite easily.

      I don’t think it’s possible to spin this (inevitable) decision any way but as illustrative of the massive hurdles Will has in front of him. Although Udall is always out there as a counter-example, for the most part if you can’t even get 30% in the caucuses you really have little chance in the primary, short of some massive scandal involving both the other candidates.

      1. Who was the woman about 20 years ago running for SOS who did not get 30% and petitioned and then won the Repub primary (she then lost the general IIRC)?

        I don’t think the caucus vote is that big of an indicator unless the primary is a snooze-fest. I’m going to try and get elected in my caucus and my vote would have been to put all 3 on the ballot – and now to put both on the ballot as Will won’t be there.

    1. which is pretty low-there is no way that Jared would petition on. He’ll do fine in the caucus, JFG might still win. especially if Hillary is strong in caucus. But JP will do good as well.  

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