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November 29, 2007 11:57 PM UTC

Polis Swift-Boats Himself

  • by: Colorado Pols

We were puzzled earlier this week about why Democrat Jared Polis continues to accept questionable donations when he doesn’t need the money. The bad press he is getting is certainly not worth the few thousand dollars in his warchest.

The story just keeps getting worse for Polis, as the Rocky Mountain News reports:

A Nashville, Tenn., auto dealer who has donated thousands of dollars to Republican causes – including the Swift Boat attack group – said he contributed to Jared Polis’ congressional campaign because he considers the Boulder resident “a good conservative.”…

…Another donor, Arthur Gray Jr., of New Hampshire, said his friend Arthur Laffer, economist and former adviser to President Reagan, asked him to donate to Polis.

Gray said Laffer knows Polis and described the Internet entrepreneur as a “very good guy” who believes in “supply side economics.”

Asked about the donations, Polis said, “If conservatives want to support me in stopping the flow of hundreds of millions of dollars to the war in Iraq, then so be it.”

“I’m not surprised that people of all walks of life and across the political spectrum are supporting my efforts,” he added.

But Polis’ two Democratic rivals in the 2nd Congressional District, Joan Fitz-Gerald and Will Shafroth, attacked the donations because Beaman and Gray also contributed in 2004 to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. The group paid for ads attacking Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry’s Vietnam War record.

That story certainly hurts, but not as bad as what appeared in this Associated Press story:

Congressional candidate Jared Polis began a town hall meeting Wednesday to discuss his trip to Iraq by taking issue with an attack from a rival Democrat.

Joan Fitz-Gerald, who is running against Polis for Rep. Mark Udall’s seat, questioned why Polis accepted contributions from former supporters of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. The criticism Tuesday came just as Polis returned from Iraq.

“I say, ‘How dare they,'” Polis told the crowd of about 100, calling the attack “hypocritical.”

Polis did not deny taking more than $6,000 from five people who also gave to the Swift Boat group that attacked John Kerry in the 2004 presidential campaign, but said, “My vote is not for sale.”

He said after the meeting that “even many conservatives are fed up” with the war in Iraq, leading to a change of heart. If that is the case with the five people in question, Polis said, he was “happy” to have their support.

So…Polis is “happy” to have the support of the Swift Boaters, and he thinks its hypocritical of anyone to question that. Being proud to have the support of Republicans is swell – unless you’re running in a three-way DEMOCRATIC primary.

The Polis campaign has nobody to blame but themselves for this, and they’re not making things better with this response. And whose idea was it to bring this up as the first subject at his town hall meeting?

It’s too late now, but we’re clueless as to why Polis didn’t just plead innocence and return the checks when he had the chance. It would have been easy to claim that he didn’t know the connection between the Swift Boat ads and that he returned the checks voluntarily. That was the obvious response here, and it would have prevented the story from continuing like this (not to mention that it has completely stopped any visit to Iraq momentum).


175 thoughts on “Polis Swift-Boats Himself

  1. Jared Polis said he was going to Iraq on a humanitarian mission to help charities doing work there. What humanitarian work did he do?

    Did he bring something to donate? Did he donate anything?

    Or was it just another in a long series of lies.  Jared Polis thinks that he is smarter than everyone else. He lies because he thinks people are too stupid to notice.

    My personal favorite was when he denied ever supporting vouchers. A deliberate lie.

    He even hired a professional and admitted  liar, Jerome Armstrong to help get his message out.

    1. is remarkable. I believe you have found, in the mere ten days you have graced us with your presence, a thousand ways to say the same thing, regardless of the topic at hand. More more thing…I’d love to know where your extreme dislike of Jerome comes from? Did he steal your significant other? Something? Anything?

    2. The people who supported the Swift Boaters did the country a huge favor by helping defeat the Kerry-Edwards ticket. Two more incompetent and dishonest politicians than Kerry-Edwards are hard to find.

      Thus, JP can say he’s being backed by good-government supporters. And his opponents are crying bloody murder because they don’t believe in integrity in government.

      What we have here is a desperate effort by the local unions to demonize JP, because he doesn’t need their bribes, and he’s not in their pockets.

      Fun fight to watch.

  2. Please do not shoot the messenger but ask Mr. Polis why he says things that are not true? Not just once but over and over and over again.  

    As to Jerome Armstrong he is nothing more than a scam artist.  Why liberal bloggers fall all over themselves to praise this swindler is beyond me.

  3. is close to folk hero among progressive netroots activists. There’s got to be a back story here is to why two out of three posters here hate him so much. Do tell!!!

  4. i have said it before but this story just says one thing to me and that’s Jared must be the frontrunner, for Joan to be grasping at straws like this.

    what is she going to reach for next?  

  5. After reading the news reports this morning re: JP’s town hall mtg (which had a packed, overflowing house last night) I wondered how Co Pols could possibly negatively spin that positive press. I kept logging on to your site (I’ve been a reader for months never posted) to see for myself, but surprised to see that JP and his news coverage had not even garnered a comment from you – usually when he’s in the news you are up and at ’em early taking your swipes. When I was finally starting to think, aha, this time he has ’em, you post this laughable piece – seriously how long and how many revisions did it take to come up with this nonsense. If JP had not come out swinging re: the Swift Boat allegations, you would have sounded the ‘he avoids hot topics’ or stays silent alarm again. I was at the meeting – he was brillant and had the audience absolutely captured. Bravo to him for addressing Joan’s laughable attempt to link him to Swift boaters. he has nothing to hide! as he said his vote is not for sale (unlike Joan’s) and btw he max’ed his donation to Kerry in ’04 – guess what Joan gave Kerry? Nada……good on you JP – take on your opponents – you should be proud of your wide support – when even Repubs want a democrat in Congress, you know you must be GREAT!!!

        1. that if you read without logging in, you can’t easily follow what’s new because the “[new]” tags are visible only when you log in, and they only show up for posts you haven’t seen (or at least are new to diaries since the last time you went to that diary page).

          Now that you’re registered you can see what’s new more easily. Welcome.

    1. The meeting may have been great, but this press is not. Polis was called a “good conservative” by a Swift Boat donor. How is that positive when you are running in a Democratic primary? You had better believe that line is going to show up again and again in this campaign.

          1. I assure you my face is absolutely straight. The coverage clearly demonstrates JP has no issues with confronting the silly claims of his opponents; is not about to be bullied into allowing anyone to suggest because someone gave money to the swift boat cause and to him that he is responsible for a war he never supported, unlike JFG. JFG is trying to suggest that the Swift Boaters are all pro-Iraq war, when this press coverage clearly shows that while the guy in Tenn may have supported the Swift Boat movement, he very much supports getting our troops home and getting us out of Iraq. So, in my estimation when someone states to a reporter when his belief that JP “is a good conservtive” is corrected by the reporter goes on to say “If he’s a good man and believes in the right principles, I don’t care whether he’s Republican or Democrat,” ; then you bet ya – this is positive press at its best…..

      1. if you read the entire article you will note the swift boat donor you refer to, had no idea JP was a democrat until the reporter questioning him told him so…. this so-called Swift Boat donor, was very clear he supports ending the war in Iraq, so why not suppport JP? Moreoever, this man is from Tenn, not a voter in the district – he clearly donated to JP b/c a mutual friend asked him to. Do you think JFG or WS can claim they would or have never accepted money from a Repub? Not likely…..

        1. First off- He is not a “so-called” swift boat donor He IS a swift boat donor. Check out those  “so called FEC reports” to see.

          Second- We are not complaining that the donor was a Republican. Many R’s donate to campaigns.   So I am not sure why you are asking if JFG or WS would accept money from R’s that question is irrelevant, we are upset that he is taking pro-voucher, pro-swift boat dirty money, and pretending it is no big deal.

          1. you should know something before you get too frustrated, everything Jared does is bad and disingenious according to this website. jared cures cancer still a bad person…  

                  1. Its just that jared’s response casts a new light on him.

                    Also being a supply sider is about as far right in economics as you can get.  Its not even an economic theory, its a political religion.

            1. the reason I used “so-called” was not to dispute the fact that the man donated to both Swift Boat Vets and to JP – it was to call attention to the fact that he is being reduced to that tag line….folks here equate pro-Swift Boat with pro-Iraq war – clearly this guy donated to Swift Boat Vets and to an Anti-war candidate – and he went on the record to say he supports getting our of Iraq…so JFG accepts donations from O&G – does that mean she’ll always vote in their favor – although I don’t like her or her politics = as you clearly don’t like JP; I would never suggest that b/c she accepted money from such sources means she would always vote in their favor – her voting record shows that is not the case….as JP clearly stated last night and was quoted in the positive press coverage today “My vote is not for sale”…good on him. Finally, it never ceases to amaze me how Americans vilify anyone who actually captures the America Dream – JP enjoys tremendous business and financial success, b/c he’s creative, smart, high-energy and abviously a good business man – when he reaps the rewards of all of that in a great country that made it possible, he’s attacked….I’ll never figure that out…now mayve if he were a greedy SOB, I’d understand your hatred, but the man is generous, some would say to a fault….so, I really don’t get it.  

              1. I equate pro-swift boat with pro-dirty politics and pro-ends justify the means style of campaigning, and it’s fair to question the sincerity of someone who claims he wants to clean up politics (A-41, remember) when he accepts money from such notorious donors.

                1. ‘Notorious donors’ – we could comb all 3 candidates donor lists and come up with any number of ‘notorious’ names/donating histories….if JP was playing scared and weak-spined he would have returned the disputed 6 grand (a whopping less than 1% of his total campaign contributions) and avoided this alleged controversy….but because he has a spine, and refuses to play politics as usual (the easy way out would have been to put his tail between his legs and rejected the money b/c JFG demanded him to – obviouly the man could blow his nose in 6 one thousand dollar bills (do they still make them?) and not miss it; you have to give him credit for not cowering. I want someone in Congress who will not be bullied by the gameplayers like JFG who can only take down her opponents by slinging mud she brews up herself….now when JP is in Congress and lets a Swift Boat donor ‘buy’ or influence his vote, then call me and I’ll eat all the crow you can provide….something tells me I won’t need to prepare my digestive system for any such thing…

                  1. I think it would be more prudent to have returned the money once someone figured out who this guy was (which probably wouldn’t have taken long – I’m sure there aren’t that many people giving donations of that size, so it probably got some attention when it arrived in the mail).

                    It’s not what the donor may or may not want, it’s what he did in the very recent past that grates. The swift boat episode was the worst in smear politics since Willie Horton. I can see ‘pubs getting in bed with them since they benefited, but not Dems.

                2. I don’t like it that Polis is associating with and accepting donations from people who believe in this type of dirty campaigning, and it is probably going to make me vote for someone else.

                    1. It bothers me *a lot*.  These are people who played a large role in ensuring that we had four more years of an arrogant and ignorant Bush presidency – you know, the Administration that has kept us in Iraq and all that other stuff?  And they didn’t do it by any means honest or honorable.

                      If you want to let it pass, then maybe you’re also willing to let any Administration misdeeds pass, too?

                    2. How do you judge who can give money to a campaign.  By your reasoning, everyone that gave to Bush, John “Patriot Act” Ashcroft or Ted Haggert should not give to Joan, Jared or Will.  Is that a correct statement?  Because while swift boat was bad – a President Bush is much worse.

                    3. swift boating would be at the top of my list because it’s so repugnant.  That’s just the way I am.

                    4. Maybe you don’t get why there’s a stink being raised over JP accepting money from the people who made SBVT effective political sabateurs, which would explain your completely illogical comparison. But if you want a litmus test, I’d say, if you’re a moderate or liberal Democrat running for office, don’t accept money from major donors who made made notoriously vile and false attacks on the Democratic nominee for president, especially if said vile and false attacks helped the other side win. Further, if you’re selling yourself as a reformer who won’t do “business as usual” politics, don’t accept money from anyone connected with dirty politics, regardless of the side they’re on.

                      As PR points out elsewhere on the thread, candidates give back controversial donations all the time. And as one of JP’s shills supporters said, it’s only $6000, it’s not like he’ll miss the money.

                      The fact that he’s instead defending it and insisting nothing’s wrong supports the charges of arrogance other posters are leveling at him. I don’t know much about JP, but I will say that he’s making the worst impression of the three candidates.

              2. If you really cared about the stance on the Iraq war you would in no way be validating a donation from a person who GLADLY donated thousands not 20 bucks to smear a Vietnam Hero. Send these guys Xmas cards and thank them for keeping Bush in office continuing the war.  

      2. Finally you agree – there is greatness associated with JP – his sincere presentation was poignant, and very informative – we all learned things we never knew before from his eye-witness account. Thanks for stepping outside your constant criticism and acknowledging the meeting was great…I’m impressed.  

        1. “There is greatness associated with JP”.. Ok, I had to recover from the laughing before typing this. You are acting like Jared is holier than everyone else because he went to Iraq and so he has all the answers. Bush has been to Iraq a few times and well we all know how helpful that has been.  

          1. I was praising Co Pols for finally giving some Kudos to JP…we all have greatness associated with us 🙂 although per the editors of this blog you’d never know it with respect to JP…JP is far from being holier than everyone ….how you get I was suggesting that is beyond me – to be clear – I was not…..JFG’s camp is reeling over the fact that a man they want to protray as a spoiled, bored rich boy had the brass ones to don a bullet proof vest and travel through Baghdad’s red zone….yeah, I think that’s pretty great…the way he shared his story last night was also pretty great…BTW – JP clearly stated last night that he does NOT have all the answers re: Iraq – I admired him for honestly answering the lady who point blank asked him “do you have the answers”…another pretty great thing for a politician don’tyou think? he’s not holier than thou – far from it….but sincere, committed, and yeah pretty great in a number of ways  – see you at the victory party JP!

            1. Jared has proven he will say anything and pay anything to get elected. I didn’t even really care about this race but just reading about all the dumb crap that has come out of his campaign, has showed me that this guy clearly is not ready to be a Congressman. And your earlier point that Joan couldn’t pay 20 people to attend her events, if Jared didn’t have his millions no one would care about him guaranteed. He is not that “inspirational”.

              1. I never said any such thing about Joan not being able to pay people to attend her events….obviously Jared is not inpirational to you…that’s obviously fine..if you had been at the meeting where there chairs had to be brought in to accomodate the overflowing crowd of men, women, straight, gay, and of all age groups (as a guess I would say the average age of attendees was mid to late fifties at least) you would be hard pressed to suggest most of them were only there because of JP’s money – this was an older, obviously very politically savy group who wants this country out of Iraq, never wanted to go there in the first place, and clearly know JP is the one to get their job done. Finally, if Jared were willing to say and do anything to get elected as you suggest, he would have returned the 6 grand and avoided this – he’s taking a stand against his opponents bullying – his supporters and the diverse crowd at the meeting last night are absolutely grateful for that….

  6. You’d learn that the donors who were also Swift Boat donors agree with Jared’s position on Iraq. You’d also learn that those quoted don’t even know him and none were asked for money by Polis. They just gave. I’m sure he has a lot of similar donors, and more every day the buzz from his trip continues.

    Neither you, Editor, nor I have access to internal campaign polls. But if this week of crazed attacks by Fitz-Gerald and Shafroth means anything, I’ll stake my forty some odd years in the business on the probability that Jared has gained massively and is now being treated as the de facto front runner. I don’t think that’s true, at least not yet, but if they continue these attacks it’s going to be.

    I wouldn’t give those checks back, either. It seems to inspire Joan and Mary Alice to greater and greater heights of irrelevant inside baseball attacks, while Jared happily runs around claiming the number one issue of the day for himself. And presents himself above the fray and as a man of action rather than words.

    I love it. I was at the event last night and it was SRO. I doubt Joan could put together twenty people by paying them.

    1. No-where does it quote those conservatives as being anti-war – it only quotes Jared as saying their contributions must be related to his anti-war position.

      But, as you point out, none of them knows Jared, and one of the contributors – Mr. Laffer – told one of the other contributors that Jared “believed in supply-side economics”, and that’s why he donated.

  7. Oh, wait……

    Coming on the heels of the A. 41 debacle, how can JP and his supporters think he is viable?  And then getting all this support from right wingers in a Democratic primary?

    Are JFG and WS so pro-war? I don’t think so.

    Definitely not ready for prime time….or the House.

  8. And then he responds “swiftboaters are no big deal.”

    Then I find out that Arthur Laffer works for him (Laffer said in 2005–George W. Bush could well turn out to be the best president in recent history. […] Because of President Clinton, President Bush’s budget deficits can easily be absorbed by the U.S. economy. […] Supply-side pro-growth economics couldn’t ask for a better champion — nor could any American.”) and that Jared believes in Reagonomics.

    This is a big issue.  

    1. It’s not just supply-side (read voodoo economomics)  it is the joke that is the Laffer curve.

      I am so glad that JP is proud of this kind of support (Laffer is not just a donor but serves on JP’s board of directors).

      If I wanted to vote Republican, I would just vote Republican and not for an R in D clothing.

      So Jared is against the war, so is Ron Paul but I don’t think that is enough to ge me to vote for him rather than HRC, or Barack or Edwards, etc.

      1. I was saying that last night I told you that I had decided to back off Jared.

        Then Jared goes refuses to denounce swift boaters and return thir money.

        I appologize in implicating you in any way whatsoever.

      1. this is what he could manage for clinton

        “If you can get by the smell, Bill Clinton hasn’t been all that bad as president. His lack of morals and lack of core values really does stand him in good stead for leading an economy that is already on a rock and roll path to Valhalla. At present, doing no damage is as good as it gets”

        He did work for Jerry Brown…. in 1972. His first job out school.  I know how tough getting that first job is, you’d work for just about anyone.  

        As to not being a Republican: this is what he wrote in 2005 regarding GWB.

        “George W. Bush could well turn out to be the best president in recent history. […] Because of President Clinton, President Bush’s budget deficits can easily be absorbed by the U.S. economy. […] Supply-side pro-growth economics couldn’t ask for a better champion — nor could any American.”

        George Bush great president or greatest president ever? That is a question steven colbert asks, but he’s kidding.

        1. Those MBA/PhD Stanford grads really had it tough.  I’m sure he was just begging for a job…

          And if you’re going to use WSJ quotes to show how Republican Laffer is, you’ll have to reconsile the last part of the quote (that you use) with the first part of it.

          “When ‘W’ ran for president in 2000, I voted for him but not enthusiastically. I had voted for Bill Clinton in the prior two presidential elections, but with Al Gore as the Democratic candidate in 2000 the choice was easy for me even if I wasn’t all that excited about George Bush.”

          I’m not saying he’s not a repub…frankly I don’t care.  Nor do I care that JP accepted money from him and his friends.  The reality is they give money to politicians that seem like they will have a practical approach to governance (ex. Evan Bayh) AND nut-job repubs like Jesse Helms.  But guess what, that’s politics…

          And where did you get your biographical info on Laffer?  What could he have possibly been doing for the future “Governor Moonbeam” while he was SoS in 1972?  Just wondering…

          1. I misread something regarding a ’92 conversation Laffer had with Jerry Brown.  Laffer never worked for Brown, but convinced him to go with a flat tax after a couple hour conversation in 1992.

          2. Laffer has apparently been affiliated with Polis for a while; it’s not unreasonable for him to donate to a colleague.

            But why does he then go out and tell his friends that Jared’s a supply-sider and get all of his SBVT friends to donate to someone who’s been demonized by the Right for years in this state?  And why don’t they seem terribly unhappy about it when asked?

            1. In the context of this race, I think JP would fall closer to their economic ideal point than WS or JFG.  I mean that in the sense that JP would probably be more likely to support a tax cut aimed at stimulating the economy than WS or JFG.

              At one point in this country, is seems as if at least some people could draw the distinction between a simple tax cut and a “stimulus package.”  The Bush tax cuts of 01 seem to have ruined that and everyone thinks that any tax cut is the repubs way of stimulating the economy.  

              It wouldnt surprise me at all if JP would be willing to support a tax cut aimed at the “middle and lower class” (however you define it) to stimulate the economy.  JFG and WS would likely support something similar, but they don’t know Arthur Laffer; hence, he and his friends don’t give them money…

              I hope that makes sense…my stream of consciousness writing doesnt always work too well in the morning  😛

            1. you’re right.  I was just refering to the “Bush could well turn out…” quote.  That and the quote about Clinton are from seperate pieces.


  9. “The Polis campaign has nobody to blame but themselves for this”

    “(not to mention that it has completely stopped any visit to Iraq momentum).”

    This sounds like something nonbeliever/gadfly would write.

    What JP’s people are actually saying to themselves is, we just slamdunked JFG on Iraq.  If you think this Swift Boat story trumps JP’s visit to Iraq you’re letting your emotion and frustration get the best of you.

    Campaigns dont just give money back bc a couple people complain.  That just sets bad precedent.  Nobody likes swift boaters but trying to demonstrate a close connection btw JP and them,  cuz a couple of them donated is reaching. If there was a real connection, wouldn’t the contributions be higher?

    This is just going to make JP’s people find out more about JFG, researching her FEC report and her ties to O&G.

    And, of course, I went to the town hall meeting last night and was happy to hear that JP’s talk was as substantive as his posts from Iraq.  And while it was a campaign event %100, he didn’t come off as exploiting or “stunty”, just sincere.

    1. Thank you for typing verbatim what Wanda James wanted you to type. We here in bloggerville have been waiting for this response. Wait, so it was a campaign event talking about Iraq? I thought he was in Iraq to help the poor children with the United Way? God, I need to hire an intern to keep your campaign stories straight.

      1. and I think you forgot to include

        For Immediate Release      Contact Wanda James

                  ###  at the end

        We like it when press release procedures are followed correctly.

  10. The JFG and JP supporters are posting up a storm here. All of you are making a mountain out of a molehill. Or rather, are trying to turn a molehill into a mountain.

    Guys (I mean that generically), none of this is that big of a deal. In another 3 weeks both of these stories will be mostly forgotten.

    What’s interesting is how WS gets to just sit back while JFG and JP pound each other…

    1. He’s attacked Jared over this issue, too, but everyone assumes it’s “Joan’s people” who are hanging on to this.

      As to it not being a big deal, I think it might haunt his campaign for a while.  What critics are building looks to be a preponderance of evidence that Jared likes to hang out and talk Republican.  Privatizing the Postal Service with the II; supporting vouchers and asking the II in to an SBOE a meeting about them; having Laffer on his board and Laffer vouching that he’s a supply-side kind of guy; not “getting” the impact that these people supported the SBVT smear…  Whether Jared really believes this stuff, just likes to have all sides heard, or likes to play Devil’s Advocate against “the other side”, I don’t know – but the story line being built here is not something that Democratic voters will ignore forever.

  11. I was at the Town Hall last night.  I am  in the congressional district and a friend told me about JP.  You guys really hate the guy, but I am thinking he is the real deal.  I am impressed that he is standing up and not returning money.  

    So, will all the candidates return money from all the donors that gave to Bush, Ashcroft, McCain, Focus on the Family and Ted Haggert.  I get that the swiftboating of Kerry was bad, but because someone does not like Kerry does that make them anti-American?  I know a lot of Dems that hate Kerry.

    Since Joan is trying to bury Jared negatively in the press on issues that are not related to policy and service, isn’t that the same thing?

    I mean what is next from the JFG camp?    

  12. I have to agree with this guy on Squarestate… Immergration issues, voting for the war – those are fairgame.  Who Jared’s friends are seems silly to me.

    by: Luis

    11/29/07 @ 06:53:04 AM MST

    Does Joan Fitz-Gerald’s negative campaigning against Jared Polis based on the negative campaigning of some of his (many) donors strike anyone else as ridiculous?  What’s the point — that it foreshadows negative attacks, like the one Fitz-Gerald is making on Polis?

    Luis :: Fitz-Gerald smears Polis by association with smear artists

    To me, what is shows is that Fitz-Gerald has to make up for her obvious unsuitability for Congress by making this election about the alleged foibles of Polis.  What is she going to do, run as someone with the judgment to keep US troops out of more imperialist adventures, when in 2003 she supported a resolution — in the state legislature — to “honor President Bush’s leadership” in the invasion of Iraq?

    Or maybe she can argue that her capitulation to right wingers on immigration in Colorado means she is somehow equipped to stand up to Rahm Emanuel as he argues that Congressional Democrats should capitulate to the right wing on immigration.

    It’s obvious to me that because Fitz-Gerald can’t run on her record, she has to go on the attack against Polis.  The only surprising thing was that there hasn’t been a serious attempt to run a positive campaign first.

    Tags: primary, CO-02, Jared Polis, Joan Fitz-Gerald, (All Tags)  

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    Fitz-Gerald smears Polis by association with smear artists | 11 comments  

        1.  100% Colorado.

          Luis is one of the better political bloggers in the state, and has been doing it since well before most people here even knew about blogs.

          (He is member number 417 over at Kos.)

          His stuff at was always great, and now is a front pager at SquareState.

      1. Since you’ve been here now for a week as well (like nonbeliever) I suppose we’ll forgive you for not knowing who Colorado Luis is…I think he’s from California though, not too sure…

    1. 1.  Jared Polis is the only person who has hired smear artists.  Jerome Armstong who was hired by Polis (at least in a press release, he has never shown up in a campaign finance report).  Before getting into smear politics he was convicted of unsing the internet to manipulate people for profit.

      2.  JFG has a great record.  I agree her vote on the Iraq resolution was bad, but she was an effective legislator

      she might not have the personality to be an effective junior house member–but neither does Polis.

      1. we are active, involved Americans ready for huge change in government – JP is not perfect, will never be, who is? but his calm, professional, and progressive appraoch to politics is definitely as good as a tall glass of Vodka spiked Kool-Aid….

        1. Just for fun this evening go to the FEC reports and see who else Alex Cranberg gave funds to over the years. Marilyn Musgrave and Rick Santorum are just a few. Anyone who takes money from someone who supports that woman in the 4th.. BS. Like I said earlier these are not people who just gave 20 bucks to Marilyn, Swift boats etc.. they have a TON of money that go against everything that you volunteered for in 2004, 2006, and in 2008. Why work on a Dem. Campaign when the other side is getting 10,000 dollar checks to steam roll you in the general election but the Dem you are working for thinks his little donation is ok. Send it back. Doesn’t make sense to me!

          1. I do not work for any campaign…thanks for suggesting a visit to FEC reports….although it was unnecessary – I’ve reviewed them many times…and could just as easily post what could be considered controversial donations to any politician…JFG and WS included….remember JFG did not want JP going to Iraq either…should he have cowtowed to her claims that his trip, that very clearly put him in harms way, was a political stunt and stayed state side to gorge on turkey like the rest of us? The money does not taint him, as his opponents’ don’t taint them – drawing a line between the money and political action/voting on any of their parts proves tainting – until then, how about we line the candidates up on their stance on the issues? otherwise we’ll be in free fall toward the bottom of a snake invested pit that would have us, say, demand that Joan apologize for her vote to support Bush and his war in Iraq (a billion dollar countless lives lost outcome) and you’ll be screaming outrage over the 6 g’s a friend of JP’s family asked 5 people to donate to his campaign….so if I don’t insist Joan apologize for being part of the reason our country went to war, why can’t you ackowledge the 6 g’s as a lump of donations to a candidate that will not even in the remotest sense likely taint his voting record in Congress? or should we duke it out over a glass of that Kool-aid we talked about earlier?  

            1. He was not honest and upfront about his trip at all to Iraq. Just call it a campaign trip but to try and hide behind a great agency such as the United Way for political purposes. BS. You can’t deny that it was a political trip period.   If he really wanted to help the people of Iraq he would have just gone over there on his own, fed the poor, or whatever and came home. I am actually surprised that the United Way hasn’t been more vocal for being used, since their butts for doing something that borderlines shady like this could hurt their non profit status.

              1. If you don’t want to get killed travelling to Iraq as a civilian you have to be sponsored by an NGO (non-profit), go as an employee of a contractor; as a soldier, etc…hence the United Way – do you really think one of the biggest and oldest non-profits in the country would jeopardize their status on this. And to join the club of the cynics here, you think JP’s lawyers would let him go near this if it could in any way haunt him?  

                  1. come on – he’d have to be a complete ass to take it upon himself to fly off to Iraq with a rep from a high profile non-profit while running in a hotly contested race for a seat in US’s congress – this is smart business and smart politics….that’s the name of the game that our country has created…you play in this league you consult your attorneys….I would bet you my bottom dollar (I’m sure we would not have to far to dig for it) that the United Way’s legal team was all over this before they went as well. They are a highly respected, well-oiled successful non-profit – it’s a matter of course to run this stuff by your legal eagles.  

                    1. I suspect it started out as the JP foundation talking to UW.  UW said that the JP foundation was paying for it.  As it evolved JP said he was paying for it, because it clearly had a political component and would have violated IRS as well as campaign finance law for JP Foundation to pay for the trip.  

                      I think it will be reported as an in kind contribution on the January report.

                      Three problems with this: 1. it allows him to kitchen sink the expense as an in-kind –it is not full disclosure even if the $ value is accurate 2.  If it is reported as an in kind, it may only be part of the expenses, because of reason 3. 3. it may be enough to put him over the millionaire ammendment, which would require him to report to the FEC and his competitors within 24 hrs (?) his contribution (cash or in kind).  If he fails to report it he has violated campaign finance laws.

                      I know this is technical, but I thought you would want to know.

                      That said I think his Iraq trip was substantive even though I think he is playing a little fast and loose with the law.

  13. There are a lot of new names, none of which are willing to admit they work for one campaign or another. Some have been here longer than others, but will not post on other issues.

    Your credibility would increase if you all would post on other issues. Just saying…

    1. not sure if you saw my earlier post, but this is the first time I’ve ever posted to a blog…I’ve been reading this site for quite some time, mostly for the JP news – I read others as well….not likely I’ll post on the other topics, though you never know – I’m kind of liking this 🙂 I am in CD2 and want to see JP elected; having discussions with his non-supporters and taking the opportunity to take to task those who get the facts wrong, is energizing and yes fun. One of the reasons I have never posted here before today is I have seen the racking other supporters of JP’s get…being accused of being a hired gun, etc…..I know there are paid bloggers on this site – from both JP’s and JFG’s camp – I’m not one of them. I do appreciate being able to use this forum to express my views on this race and my support of JP….

      1. And the others, for that matter (I read everything). And I will take at face value you statement that you are not affiliated with Polis.

        For me, it is hard to not assume that posters who only surface to post about Polis are not, in fact, connected to the campaign. Few people are so passionate about a singular race or person that they disregard all others, and yet have so much knowledge about campaign finance as well as the dirt on the main competitors.

        This has been a beef of mine for a while and although it will continue every cycle, I just wanted to air my views.

  14. Colorado Pols is a fun website/blog.  It is also one at which the principal authors have a clear bias in favor of “insider” Dems.  There’s nothing wrong with that, provided that these authors are willing to admit the bias rather than pretending to be neutral and unbiased.

    To be absolutely fair, I do NOT think “Colorado Pols” claims to be unbiased.  Plus, if the website’s principal authors were actually “unbiased,” I think this website would be much less interesting.  Finally, anybody can post a diary, so it is hard to complain too much about not getting “equal time.”

    As a 24-year veteran volunteer for the Democratic Party and dozens of candidates, I am biased in favor of “outsiders” when they have a rational plan to move the Democratic Party toward a more progressive status.  Polis is an “outsider.”  He’s a very rich outsider, but an outsider nonetheless.  The Democratic Party was more than willing to take his money to recapture the State House and Senate, but, because he has not hired the traditional consultant-class advisors, and because he is willing to stake out unabashedly progressive positions rather than nuancing and running to the “center,” the establishment wing of the Democratic Party perceives a threat, and goes on the attack.  That’s politics.  Even as a Polis supporter, I don’t really see how it was dirtier politics than usual to point out the Swiftboater contributions.  But, I am not sure that I have ever seen “Colorado Pols” post something positive about Polis, such as a mention of his detailed plan to combat the impending climate crisis, or his contention (like a famous Democrat elected to the Presidency in 1960) that we can actually END poverty.  Issue positions, though, are much less interesting than gossipy criticism of his “amateur” campaign shop.

      1. Just because he is experienced in the process does not mean he is an insider.  Just check out the endorsement list for J F-G.  The establishment wing of the Party wants a “DLC”-type candidate.  These folks, like Chris Gates and Jim Gibson and Mark Udall and Ken Salazar, seem to really believe that the way to win is to be more like the Republicans.

        Polis is an unabashed progressive.  His stance on the Iraq War debacle–favoring defunding unless there is an enforceable withdrawal timetable, and on health care–favoring a universal health care regime, even single-payer, is substantially different from the “mainstream” Democratic Party position (which may only be mainstream among the Party elites).  He has hired Jerome Armstrong, much to the horror and consternation of the consultant class–perhaps because Armstrong co-authored “Crashing the Gate,” which is the outsider’s guide to retaking the Party.

        In those aspects, he is a Party outsider.

        1. I nearly fell out of my chair last night when JP (at the town hall meeting) strapped on the brass ones to say he wants to see a single payer health care system in this country….that takes guts….that’s almost like a politician admitting he doesn’t believe in God…..JP is the progressive real deal….

        2. He’s got guts and he is great on the environment calling him a DLC type is laughable.  

          I agree on Chris Gates.  I will refrain from saying much otherwise my language will get out of hand.

          Jared is not an outsider.  Jared is not much of a progressive either.  He chums around with folks at the independence institute, employs the inventor of Reagonomics, used to believe in vouchers, takes money from swift boaters, believes the post office should be privatized and on and on.

          If you are looking for an outside progressive, take a look at Will Shafroth.

          1. Except for JP not being a progressive, it wows me that you can think that-he is very much so “crashing the gate” sorry to quote your neimiss there, and is very progressive

            Will is also progressive from what i can gleam of him and an outsider(plus he seems like a sweet person). But he doesn’t have a snowball chance in…. Aren’t you worried that he could split the progressive vote and CD2 would get a DLC champ??

            CD2 and Boulder deserves a real progressive and I like both Will and Jared but I don’t think Will has a chance, especially since very news article he basically listed as “oh and that other guy”  

            1. I do not think he will be effective.  I don’t think he will stay long enough to have any influence.  His style is not conducive to legislating and his personality bounces from idea to idea, he will not enjoy the drudgery of being a junior congressman and he will start looking for something else to do.

              JFG was effective in Colorado because of term limits, she had sharp elbows, discipline and could compromise when it suited her agenda: those traits won’t help her in washington for many years.

              Will on the other hand is likable down to earth and is very sharp, particularly on environmental issues.  He will be effective quickly because people like him, and he has the staying power to get something done.

              Don’t count him out, he has raised plenty of money, and even if he hadn’t I think he reflects my values the best.

              1. I respectely disagree, JP is a policy wonk and yes incredibly intellect, so I think he will be effect-and i simply believe he is the future.

                JFG-washed up political insider-ran for Congress once before and loss

                Will, as a Boulderite I wish he was one of our county commissioners. If he ran for county commissioner I would volunteer to help his campaign.

                But if you look at the stories this week he is seriously “oh and that other guy who is also running”

                I doubt at this point if Will’s money can buy the name recognition that Jared and Joan already have

                1. Jared is the spoiled internet millionaire who conservatives love and plays fast and loose with the law

                  Joan is the “washed up political insider-ran for Congress once before and lost”

                  That’s the kind of name recognition I want. 😉

                  1. Shafroth seems like a neat person.  I would be willing to bet that he and Polis are in agreement on about 98% of the issues.  I see less specificity at his website on policy positions than I do at Polis’s site; that doesn’t necessarily mean that he has less-developed positions, or less understanding of the issues.  Shafroth reminds me of Udall before he became really active in politics.  I’d be very comfortable with Shafroth.

                2. Money can’t buy name recognition. Shoot. I guess we better rewrite the political books. Especially a million or so in a congressional race, that is nowhere near enough.

                  Sarcasm aside–all three of them are going to have plenty of name recognition in the district. It is inevitable with the kind of money they are raising. If Joan and Jared have more name recognition that Will currently, it will only help in fundraising. When voters are at the polls, they will all be tied up name-recognition wise.

                  I think it is silly how a couple of you are treating Will like he has raised a few grand. If he had, I would agree with you that he couldn’t get his name recognition up. But he has plenty of money.

                  But don’t take my word for it. Let’s pull up this thread on election day.

  15. (X-Posted at

    Ugh. The anti-Jared machine over at ColoradoPols really hit bottom today.

    (Full disclosure: I’m supporting Jared Polis in the CO02 Congressional primary and have donated to his campaign, but I’ve known Joan Fitz-Gerald for a long time and have nothing but respect for her. Also, a good friend of mine runs Will Shafroth’s campaign. But on to why ColoradoPols needs to get a life.)

    For those of you who don’t read the usually very good ColoradoPols blog, they went nuclear (or is that nuculer?) on Jared today for his response to a lame attack by Joan.  Apparently, some of Jared’s donors also gave to the anti-John Kerry Swift Boat Veterans for Truth group back in 2004.

    Hey Dead Govs who write for Pols – do you really expect Jared to run background checks on everyone who donates to his campaign? Oh, wait a minute, I just found out that some of Ritter’s donors gave to Reagan back in the 80s. That must mean Ritter wants to trade arms with the Contras to fund operations in Iran. (Or maybe it’s the other way around, I can never keep that straight!)

    Seriously though, Pols, give it a rest.  Joan’s attack is dumb enough, but you don’t have to amplify it for her. Wow, Jared gets the support of fiscal conservatives – I’m shocked since, you know, he’s made like a BILLION DOLLARS in the private sector. How exactly is that a bad thing?

    I remember going to a business lunch up in Boulder back when I worked in investment management and saw Jared’s name as the featured speaker. I turned to my boss and went, “Jared?  Really?” The guy just sort of looked at me in awe and said, “You know Jared Polis?” So, yeah, he’s kind of a big deal outside of our incestuous political circles. Personally I think Washington could use some good business sense, especially after the last eight years of Mr. Fuzzy Math Nincompoop’s bad budgets.  

    And as for being “pleased” with having the support of these donors – uhh, DID YOU READ WHAT JARED SAID?! He said if these folks agree that we should get out of Bush’s misled and misguided war, then he’s glad they changed their minds. It’s called staying on message, except he should have added that Joan voted for a resolution in support of the war.

    As for not Jared’s decision not to return the checks, that’s called standing on principle.  While that word may not mean much to you over at Colorado(ForAnyoneBut)Pol(i)s, I’m happy to see a politician who doesn’t roll over every time an opponent makes a stupid attack.

    By the way, I hear Joan and Will both got money from a guy who used to work at the circus. ANIMAL CRUELTY!!! (Just kidding. I love the circus. Except for the clowns. They scare the crap out of me.)  

    1. Give me a break and get over yourself. You must really like Jared to go to that much effort (and note the effort you needed) to defend him. Ritter was a moderate running in a state-wide race, so your analogy is lame. Besides, the point isn’t that these people gave to BUSH (or Reagan in your “example”, the point is they gave to one of the most sleazy 527’s to ever exist. More importantly, Jared has a long history of supporting many conservative ideas. If that doesn’t bother you, then fine. Then again, if that doesn’t bother you, then these aren’t attacks. Any bias Pols has is dwarfed by your bias (and blindness) in favor of Jared. No wonder no one reads State38.

      Advice: If you want to be a step above Pols, don’t use silly arguments like this that make you look even more biased than Pols.  

      1. Winston, hate to break it to you bud, but I didn’t put any research time into finding out the background of Ritter’s donors.  I made it up because, you know, Joan’s argument is stupid.  Sorry, I thought that was clear because of my reference to Ritter supporting the Iran Contra affair, which I assume he didn’t, and which only someone stupid would accuse him of doing just because he took money from Reagan supporters.

        Fact: Jared opposes the war in Iraq.

        Fact: Some people who donated to a very bad group also donated to Jared.

        Fact: Jared still opposes the war in Iraq.

        Oh, and one more fact: Joan voted for a resolution supporting the war.

        Do you really hold candidates accountable for everything their donors have done?  I refer you to the circus employee who donated to Joan and Will, whom I also made up because, like I said, the whole thing is just stupid.

        ColoradoPols keeps pushing this story because they’ve got it in for Jared.  I admit my bias; they play out a charade of fairness.

        (And no one reads State38 because we don’t post often enough. We’ll post more as the elections get more interesting, but it’s all a bunch of “Yawn” right now. You might also want to try closing your ().  According to the English language, I’m still typing in the one you opened with “(or Reagan” back in your post.  Here, I’ll close it for you.  )  Sorry, huge pet peeve of mine.)

        1. Someone who thinks they are a good blogger acting like nothing more than a partisan hack. Good job. Take yourself down with the Polis campaign. Smart. Oh and one more thing for you (that I thought you would like. Have a nice day  

          1. I don’t think I’m a good blogger, I KNOW I’m a good blogger.  I also know that Joan’s attacks are stupid and won’t carry any weight with primary voters.  Insider baseball at its finest.

            As for taking myself down with the Polis campaign, I think we’ve still got a couple of nine months until the primary.  Wasn’t Howard Dean was the presumptive nominee at this point four years ago?  And while I support Jared, I also think Joan would be a great Congresswoman – she’s just making some really dumb attacks right now.

            1. Even if he wins, you are blowing your credibility by being a partisan shill. But I have to admit, your arrogance does match up nicely with Jared’s. I see why you like him.

    2. The rocky article

      A Nashville, Tenn., auto dealer who has donated thousands of dollars to Republican causes – including the Swift Boat attack group – said he contributed to Jared Polis’ congressional campaign because he considers the Boulder resident “a good conservative.”

      Told that Polis is a Democrat critical of the war in Iraq, the donor said it didn’t matter.

      “If he’s a good man and believes in the right principles, I don’t care whether he’s Republican or Democrat,” Lee Beaman said.

      “I wish we were not . . . in Iraq,” he added. “I think we ought to get out of there as soon as we can, but we need to do so in a way in which we leave in place a good solid government there.”

      That is not anti war–that is we will leave when we win.  You have to understand conservativeeese

      1. You’re right, Danny, we should just peace out and leave those poor saps on their own.  Silly Iraqis, thinking we would actually rebuild their country after we destroyed it.  What a bunch of mooks!

        Seriously, if Keith Richards donates to the DARE program, do we send back the check or just say thanks?

        To be clear, this is all my position, not Jared’s.  I don’t work for the campaign, I just hate all this gobblygood from ColoradoBiasPols against the guy when he’s clearly more anti-war than Joan, who by the way voted for a resolution in support of the war in Iraq.

        1. We are not leaving for the foreseeable future.

          I am not making a value judgment, I am just pointing out a fact.

          Please do not defend swift boaters it is disgusting.

          And aside from the initial post, COPols hasn’t posted on this topic.  I don’t argue that at least one of the COPols is a pro union guy who is biased against the Independence Institute supported, supply sider, Reaganomics believing “new” progressive (sounds like a retro-reaganite to me) Jared.

          You may not work for Jared, but there are plenty of his paid assets on site-spamming away.

          1. There are plenty of paid assets blasting away on all sides!  Maybe I should start getting checks instead of giving them…

            And I’m not defending swift boaters, I’m attacking ColoradoPols for amping a dumb attack from Joan.  When a candidate gets money from an industry or interest group they consistently vote for or will vote for that’s one thing, but all Jared’s done is accept money from people who supported something that Jared has made very clear he does not support.

            The worst you can say in this case is that as a very successful businessman Jared’s received support from other very successful businessmen – and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

      2. This whole thing that Colorado Pols is against Jared is nuts. Anyone is free to post whatever they want. Everything is a conspiracy isn’t it.  They are out to get you.  

    3. Hey Dead Govs who write for Pols – do you really expect Jared to run background checks on everyone who donates to his campaign? Oh, wait a minute, I just found out that some of Ritter’s donors gave to Reagan back in the 80s. That must mean Ritter wants to trade arms with the Contras to fund operations in Iran. (Or maybe it’s the other way around, I can never keep that straight!)

      I don’t expect background checks on every donor but when you are being very insistent on changing issues on an issue like vouchers taking money from someone who is VERY WELL KNOWN to be pro-voucher clouds his position and raises a concern. Look, his campaign loves to change the subject and not talk about the issue at hand.. Jared is taking nasty money from swift boats and they respond with Joan has oil and gas (which they have too). What the hell answer is that? They are connected how? Such a BS shady answer. It’s not a campaign trip oh wait now it is, BS. Come on.   If your going to lie at least make it believable. Lords, its not that difficult to make shit up with a straight face. That is what is so hysterical about that campaign. They even suck at bullshitting.


      1. I agree that bringing up Joan’s support from O&G in response to her stupid attacks was very dumb – and it legitimized her attack.  He should have said what he said at his town hall meeting, which is that if these guys want to give money to someone who opposed the Iraq war from the beginning and wants us out as soon as possilbe, then he’s not going to turn them down.

        He also should have added that Joan voted for a resolution supporting the war.

        Also dumb to say the Iraq trip isn’t political.  Clearly, when someone runs for Congress they do political things.  Jared could  have said this is the most important issue in the campaign and hell yes he’s doing it so he’ll be a better Congressman.

        However, these attacks from Joan about donors are even dumber.  They’re getting a lot of press, but so does Michael Jackson and we all stopped caring about him back in the 90s. Maybe even the 70s.

  16. I’m glad we’re having this discussion, but could we tone it down just a little?

    I’m not here to read pro-candidate screed; I’m here to have a discussion about the pros AND CONS of all candidates.  I obviously don’t always get what I want, but the blind candidate support routine is not what I’d wish for if I had my druthers.

    Jared’s a great guy; I’ve known him for several years now, he’s done good things for that period of time, and he’s been a good friend to our county.  But there are legitimate questions about why he keeps wandering over to the Independence Institute and gets funding from multiple Swift Boaters on their word that he’s “one of them” economically.  He’s not really answering those questions, and neither is anyone here; not answering questions leaves curious people to wonder why.

    1. When ColoradoPols stops amping dumb attacks against Polis, I’ll stop making analogies using members of the Rolling Stones.  Beatles only after that, I promise.

      As for the questionable donations, it’s not like Jared got a list of these guys and then called through asking for their support.  Like I said, if Keith Richards donates to the DARE program, do we send back the check or just say thanks?  

      Regarding Jared’s visits to the Independence Institute, can you please back that up with  more than an anonymous claim by a random blog commenter?  I’d like to know the context of the visits – if they even actually occurred.  That would be my “druthers.”  (Great word, BTW.  Sounds so maritime.)

      1. He’s listed on the II site – he has a paper published over there and he is on their presenters schedule for that paper.

        He is also on the “unofficial record” of the SBOE (aka Evie Hudak’s meeting notes) requesting the presence of the II at a discussion on vouchers.  (He’s in the official record, too, but since that’s buried on tape in the State Archives, everyone uses Evie’s notes…)

      2. Polis should know Laffer – he sits on the board and serves as an officer or director at several of Polis’s ventures.  That particular relationship isn’t just a random donation in a jar.

        But as for the SBVT contributions, there are two questions.  The first is why they are contributing significant donations to someone who is theoretically against everything they stand for (and yet keeps popping up seemingly in support of their ideas…).  The second is why, having been told who’s backing him doesn’t he disavow himself of a few thousand dollars that he doesn’t strictly need and is tainted so heavily by the scandal of the SBVT?

        I’m not willing to accept any candidate at face value.  You’ll note above that I’ve called several times for proof (beyond candidate contributions) that Joan is influenced by the Oil and Gas lobby; her record doesn’t support that, that I know of.  I’d be interested in anything of that nature, for any candidate in any race.  I’ll come out and be blunt: I’d rather vote for an honest Republican than a heavily tainted Democrat.  Those here who know me know what kind of a comment that is…

      3. His supporters scream bias. If we post something positive…you hear crickets. Last week we linked directly to his Q&A from Iraq. If we really had it out for him, we certainly wouldn’t do that.

        Colorado Pols is about politics and political strategy. This was not handled well by Polis, and that’s impossible to dispute.  

        1. You know, I don’t “scream out” bias.  I call it when I see it.  I am a Polis supporter and readily admit it.  I think coverage at SquareState tends to skew in favor of Polis.  Here, it skews against him.

          Colorado Pols is not a neutral website.  Colorado Pols regularly denigrates people who favor an immediate and orderly withdrawal of all troops from Iraq, as being the crazed, far-out, far left.  Whenever anyone criticizes Udall or Salazar for not trying hard enough to end the war, Colorado Pols immediately and energetically castigates them as whacked-out, wild-eyed ultraliberals who are too unsophisticated or unintelligent to understand the realities of the situation, even though a politician like Ed Perlmutter agrees with us.

          And that’s OK.  Colorado Pols can certainly express its opinion whenever it wants to; after all, it “owns” this blog.  But, as a long-time reader, I have noticed a consistent bias in favor of what I would call “establishment” Democrats at Colorado Pols.  Nothing wrong with that, but don’t try to pretend that you are free of bias in your posts.

          1. Do I have to point out again that Udall voted against the war authorization.

            BTW Jared is an establishment republican–I mean Democrat–I get so confused when he hangs out at the Independence Institute and employs the inventor of Reaganomics.

            1. I do not have archives of Pols on the Iraq issue, BUT, everybody who reads here regularly can probably remember how Pols, in linking to Udall’s Op-Ed in the Post, used very denigrating language in referring to anyone who was advocating for funding being linked to a mandatory withdrawal timeline.  

                1. “Udall, Salazar Try Again on Iraq”, Diary ID 4592:

                  “Funny how the lawmakers drawing the most friendly fire, forced to have anti-war protesters hauled out of their offices because they were too realistic to take seriously the hard left’s fantasaical demands, are the ones–now that the  knee-jerks have had their little tantrum–still moving forward with a plan to end the war. Even now, at a time when news from Iraq is spinning the GOP’s way and most Democrats are trying to talk about anything but the Iraq war.

                  We call that principled leadership, though we know some of you won’t agree.”

                  1. and I will agree that Salazar has been slow to act, but I will defend Udall because he voted against the war from the start and punishing him is unfair and unreasonable.

                2. “Democrats to Pay for Iraq War Vote?” diary ID=3372:

                  “No one can stop the liberals from venting their anger, however counterproductively, and if this were May of next year it would be a serious issue for the Democrats going into the election. We think there’s time for the majority leadership in Congress (and Mark Udall) to make good on their promises regarding the war. To that end, divorcing the exigent need to fund troops already in the field from the mandate to reassert oversight over the war (a strategy expressed by the Dems as “bringing the war in Iraq to a responsible end”) may well give Republicans less cover to oppose them than existed last week.

                  We’re not surprised by this evident failure to take the long view on the part of some more strident anti-war liberals, but we would caution them against getting prematurely belligerent with their own halfway through their first session in the majority. Don’t get us wrong, we like Ned Lamont as much as the next guy. Or something.”

                  “ liberals.”  “Counterproductive.”  “Strident anti-war liberals.”  “Prematurely belligerent.”

                3. “Vindication for Salazar on Iraq?”  diary ID=4070:

                  “Relax, we’re not going to gloat. What we will do is remind our readers of all the hell we caught for having the temerity to defend Sen. Salazar against some of the most bitter criticism we’ve ever seen leveled against a Democrat by other Democrats. We saw this summer how well the anti-war left’s uncompromising, unrealistic notions for ending the war flew in the real world — they didn’t. Harry Reid pandered to them and got burned. As the Washington Post notes:

                     Reid’s unwavering stance this summer earned him critics who said he was playing politics by refusing to bargain with antiwar Republicans. In the interview, he said that his goal remains an immediate return of U.S. troops but that now is the time to work with the GOP…

                  Will antiwar liberals allow the grownups in the Senate to work out a bipartisan solution to Iraq with a meaningful chance of success, or do they plan to keep squatting in Democrat congressional offices, accomplishing nothing while alienating friends and foes alike?

                  It’s put up or shut up time as Congress resumes the debate today–and say what you will about him, Ken Salazar has a strong hand to play.”

                  So the “antiwar liberals” are “children,” while the wildly successful bipartisan-centrists are the “grownups?”  

                  “Squatting” in Democrat congressional offices?

                  “Uncompromising, unrealistic” notions for ending the war [which, incidentally, have worked every bit as good as the great bipartisanship you keep touting]?

                  But, that’s not opining on how to end the war.

                4. From “Cutting Off Your Nose to Spite Republicans?”:

                  “We believe that these anti-war bloggers are making a terrible, arrogant mistake by attacking fellow Democrats who are trying like hell to do the right thing. We reject the often-bandied assertion that Congress is empowered do something it doesn’t have the votes to accomplish just because “only 30% of Americans support the war” as purposefully ignorant of how our government works, to the point of calling it duplicitous–they know it’s not that simple. And we believe, above all, that the need to find a solution to the debacle of the Iraq War is far too important to reject potential solutions simply because they might not involve a wholesale condemnation of the Republican Party.”

                  “Arrogant,” “purposefully ignorant,” “duplicitous.”

                  Does that bring anything to mind?

                5.     “Colorado Democratic Sen. Ken Salazar said Friday that Congress should not cut off funding for the war in Iraq while U.S. troops are still there, a stance that puts him at odds with his party’s leadership.

                     Salazar also criticized President Bush, saying he had worsened “the extreme partisan divide” on Iraq by questioning Democrats’ support for the troops.

                     Salazar, a first-term Democrat who often stakes out independent positions on major issues, released the text of a letter he sent to Bush and key Senate Democrats, which said, “I do not believe that we can or should cut funding for our troops in Iraq or Afghanistan while we anticipate that our troops will be in harm’s way.”

                     On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he wanted to cut off money for the Iraq war next year. Sens. John Kerry, D-Mass., and Russ Feingold, D-Wis., agreed to co-sponsor Reid’s proposal.

                     The proposal would give Bush a year to remove troops from Iraq and would cut off funding for combat operations after March 31, 2008.

                  Salazar will outrage the lefties once again, but his power in the Senate is at its greatest when he stands between the ideological poles forcing concessions from both sides. He knows it, and quite frankly he doesn’t care what the hard-left peacewreath hippie contingent thinks anymore, because the rest of Colorado will re-elect him into Robert Byrd legend doing exactly what he is doing.”

                  Sounds like an endorsement of Salazar’s “efforts” to me.

                    1. (which also stands for “overkill”)–both ways of saying I get your point.  Happy weekend to all–especially to the “hard-left peacewreath hippie contingent.”

  17. One thing I think is funny about this fight.  Joan is making a stink about donors and how they took down John Kerry.  I did an FEC search on her… She did not even make a donation to his election or the DNC at that time.  Being such a leader in CO, she did not show leadership on electing Kerry in CO.

    I just think the donor search is not only stupid it opens road we do not want us to go down. When do they start doing DUI checks or Parking ticket checks or, or , or.  

    I think JP has a new fresh voice for congress. I wish we could look past the bitching and moaning and stick to the facts. If you like Joan, go vote for her. If you like Polis vote for him, If you want to toss away your vote for for Will.  

    Happy Friday Everyone!

    1. From Colorado Political News:

      John Kerry Campaign

      Fitz-Gerald was an early supporter who worked hard for Kerry. Would he return the favor by stumping himself or at least giving his support?

      (in reference to why she might be considered a favorite for the governor’s race in ’06 over Rutt Bridges…)

      Not all support comes in the form of money.

        1. Kerry is still pursuing the SBVT liars.  Jared, whether for good reason or not, is publicly criticized for taking SBVT donor donations…  Why might Kerry’s spokesman say something about it?

          The SBVT ad was one of the most despicable things done in a political campaign in recent memory.  (Not, of course, to minimize McCain’s “black baby” or the attacks on Max Cleland…)  Why not say “I’m sorry, but I can’t accept this because of what you did…”?  Candidates return donations all the time; this, IMHO, should be one of those times.

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