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April 05, 2024 02:27 PM UTC

No KO For Boebert At CO-04 Assembly

  • by: Colorado Pols

That’s the word from Ernest Luning of the Colorado Springs Gazette’s political blog reporting from the Colorado GOP’s state assembly in Pueblo, where carpetbagging cavalcade of crackpottery Rep. Lauren Boebert came out on top of the CO-04 assembly vote–but without a majority, and failing to eliminate the opponent generally considered to be Boebert’s foremost rival in the June 25th primary:

Off the ballot after this assembly vote is former state Sen. Ted “ScamPAC” Harvey of Highlands Ranch, who chose to rely solely on the assembly and didn’t garner the necessary 30% to qualify today. Two other candidates, state Rep. Richard Holtorf and former Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg, kept their campaigns alive by keeping their assembly total above 10% and having submitted petitions to qualify for the ballot by that route.

Because Boebert’s path to victory depends on a crowded field of divided opposition leading to a win with a plurality of the June 25th primary vote, bumping off Ted Harvey may not benefit Boebert as much as her opponents despite her nominal first-place finish. As we’ve said consistently, further consolidation of the primary field will be necessary to prevent this strategy from succeeding. Numerous minor candidates in addition to Holtorf and Sonnenberg are awaiting a ruling from the Secretary of State on their petitions. But with Harvey out, it’s Harvey’s chief rival in the special election race Sonnenberg who stands to benefit most from today’s results.

Don’t get us wrong. Boebert very much has a viable path, and Sonnenberg had better get his campaign in gear if he wants to capitalize on Harvey’s exit. If Sonnenberg as the only candidate close to Boebert in terms of high-level support cannot consolidate the non-Boebert vote, one of the most improbable survival strategies in Colorado’s political history looks increasingly likely to succeed.


14 thoughts on “No KO For Boebert At CO-04 Assembly

  1. Yes, if anything, Boebert should have wanted Ted Harvey on the ballot as a stalking horse for suburban wing nuts in Douglas County who might otherwise go for Sonnenberg or that other clown.

  2. Deborah Flora has qualified for the CD4 ballot by petition. 4 other people besides those mentioned in the diary, including Lynchburg Lynch, have filed petitions but they haven't been processed yet. I have every reason to expect at least Sonnenberg will qualify by petition. Not his first rodeo.

    So, will Flora pull from Qbie (ewww)? Could Holtorf divvy up the Plains vote? Did anyone just turn in 2 empty Budweiser case boxes for their petition? Stay tuned!

  3. From Taegan Goddard:
    Three months after Rep. Lauren Boebert apologized for disruptive conduct at a Denver theater, the Colorado Republican attended a glitzy Republican gala headlined by former President Donald Trump in Manhattan, where her behavior once again raised eyebrows,” CNN reports.

    “At the December soiree, which was the New York Young Republican Club’s annual gala, multiple witnesses saw a server tell Boebert they would not bring her any more alcohol, with one witness telling CNN the server told the congresswoman they believed she had been overserved.”

    “Throughout the night, Boebert also kept attempting to snap selfies with Trump, who was sitting at the same table as her. Eventually, Trump’s security detail stepped in and asked Boebert to stop, according to the witnesses, who attended the event and saw the interaction take place.”

  4. Look who woke up and put her mean girl panties on before she vaped and got her first shot of caffeine.  She's the female version of Buster Bluth from Arrested Development; a circus clown entertaining the goats.

    Yes, HoBo, these two situations are exactly alike, except for the fact Ukraine isn't reducing Russian towns and cities to rubble (with little or no regard for civili casualties or collateral damage)  causing, perpetuating famine while occupying the territory.

    CD-4 will ultimately get the representation it chooses at the ballot box in November. That may or may not translate into the representation it deserves but we can be sure of one thing: this mindless blabbering from HoBo is going to only intensify between now and primary day. 

  5. I haven't seen fundraising numbers lately but, as much as I hate to say it, Boobert remains the favorite in CD4. She has a war chest, name ID and trump's endorsement.

    (BTW, I've been absent from this site lately due to health problems. Things look better now and I'm looking forward to campaign season. Thanks to Duke for holding up the Western Slope end around here.)

  6. Rep Boebert will do just fine in June and November.

    She has 'vim and vigor' as well as piss and vinegar and will kick some High Plains butt. 

    You can keep your Ho Bo's in your basement in the city

    and leave her panties out of your 'arrested development' discussions.

    Us cowboys stand in awe of her unique power. 

      1. Except that I happen to be a 76 yr old man who spent 45 yrs in Boulder.

        I, and my 40 yr friend Geoff Cahoon – amongst many of my fellow Democrats – worked tirelessly on improving

        the voting issue after the hanging chad days.  And my equally long time friend Amy Weinstein, Chair of the Boulder County Democrats, might disagree with your crude and disrespect estimation.  

        BTW, you may want to consider getting a new handle, as your POS clearly attaches to you.

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