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February 28, 2024 11:34 AM UTC

Lauren Boebert Needs To Spend More Time With Her Family

  • by: Colorado Pols
Rep. Lauren Boebert and family on the cover of her book “My American Life.”

Colorado Public Radio’s Paolo Zialcita reports on the latest sordid chapter in transplanted but no less drama-infused GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert’s “American Life,” though we doubt Boebert’s biography will be updated to include developments since its publication. As readers know, Rep. Boebert’s tagline on her social media profile is that she is “Raising my boys to be MEN before liberals teach them to be women!” Boebert’s family story, or at least the version she depicts in her book My American Life, is her sole substitute for the normal qualifications to hold office that most officials possess.

It would appear however that being manly men is not all Rep. Boebert’s offspring have learned–at least not Boebert’s oldest, 18-year-old Tyler Boebert, who has allegedly found a smashingly direct means of beating the high cost of living:

Tyler Boebert, the 18-year-old son of U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, was arrested by Rifle police officers Tuesday, in connection with a “recent string of vehicle trespass and property thefts” in the town.

While officials have yet to release details, Colorado Bureau of Investigation records indicate Tyler Boebert was breaking into vehicles to steal credit cards and other identification documents, such as driver’s licenses and passports.

According to CBI documents released Tuesday night, Tyler Boebert faces multiple felony charges, including criminal possession of multiple stolen financial devices and criminal possession of identification documents. Both crimes are classified as class 6 felonies, which is punishable by 12 to 18 months in prison and fines up to $100,000. Tyler Boebert also faces over “15 additional misdemeanor and petty offenses,” according to Rifle police.

Last month, Rep. Boebert’s ex-husband Jayson Boebert was arrested on a range of charges that included an alleged assault on Tyler provoked by what Jayson considered to be Tyler’s inadequate care for his newborn baby–the same baby Rep. Boebert has been regularly seen caring for in Washington and on the stump, even in the arms of now-expelled Rep. George Santos who was happy for some on-camera baby time on his way out the door. Following those events, Rep. Boebert reportedly filed for a restraining order against Jayson Boebert, but it’s unknown whether that applied to Boebert’s kids or Tyler specifically.

What we can say is that Tyler Boebert, already burdened with the responsibility of teenage fatherhood, is now facing criminal charges that could seriously complicate the rest of his life–and adversely impact his ability to meet those parental responsibilities. Last spring announcing that her then-17-year-old son would be the father of a baby delivered by a minor of unknown younger age, Boebert gushed to the Denver Post’s Bruce Finley about her pride over her son’s choice to become a kid with kids:

“I am just very proud of both of them for being responsible for their situation. This is a huge responsibility they are taking on. They made the right choice. Nothing was forced on them. This is a decision they made on their own,” Boebert said, adding that she doesn’t intend to change her political position opposing sex education in schools as critics have urged her to do.

“He is very excited to be a father. My mom was 18 when she had me, which inspired me to be a mother when I was 18 years old.”

The disconnect between the bombastic moral judgmentalism that Boebert practices and the reality of Boebert’s “family values” as they play out in full view of the public became untenable well before this latest development. For many, the damage was done with Boebert’s perpetually questionable bookkeeping and consistent pattern of misusing campaign funds for personal expenses. For others it required the personal disgrace of the “Beetlebert” incident. Now, we have the arrest of Rep. Boebert’s son, the father of Boebert’s grandson, on felony theft charges while Boebert is busy across the state trying to hold on to any seat in Congress.

Now that Rep. Boebert has vacated her CO-03 seat for a CO-04 primary she is even less likely to win, there’s no partisan political motive in being honest about this.

Boebert’s kids need her more than Colorado does. It’s past time to do the right thing.


14 thoughts on “Lauren Boebert Needs To Spend More Time With Her Family

  1. That's the "Your Not the Boss of Me" culture in a nutshell.

      Wait until she's out of office and they start going through

    the campaign finances and the roots of Jaysons $450K drilling

     job in ernest. Keep your popcorn at the ready!


  2. Well, Boebert DID say her family needed to relocate and get a fresh start, in a new location.

    Sounds like it is quite possible Tyler will have a new address.

    1. "Andrew Carnegie", where are you? We miss your trolling commentary on how the addiction and misdeeds of Mark Udall's son, Jed, clearly showed that Udall (and all Democrats by extension), were unfit for office.

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