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January 10, 2024 10:20 AM UTC

Jayson Boebert Slapped With Multiple Charges Over Restaurant Spat

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE #2: Looks like Rep. Lauren Boebert is off the hook, says 9NEWS’ Kyle Clark:


UPDATE: Via Carol McKinley of the Colorado Springs Gazette, some insight on the new charges against Jayson Boebert. Unpleasant stuff:

Arrest records obtained by The Denver Gazette show that the Boeberts’ teenaged son, who has a nine-month-old child, called Silt Police to his residence outside of town in Garfield County just after 1 a.m. on Tuesday at the urging of his mother.

The arrest records showed the argument started just after midnight Tuesday, when Jayson Boebert allegedly got angry that his infant grandson was sleeping in a laundry basket full of clothes. The Boeberts’ teen son explained to his father that he didn’t feel the baby was in a hazardous situation and told police later that his father had slurred speech and “was under influence of alcohol,” according to the arrest records…

As for the scene at the restaurant?

Lauren Boebert told police that the couple was at the restaurant “when the topic turned to their new partners,” the arrest document stated, “and Lauren admitted placing her finger on Jayson’s nose to end the conversation.” That’s when Jayson called the police, according to the affidavit. Lauren Boebert admitted to police that both of them had been drinking, but that her ex-husband already started drinking before they arrived at the restaurant.

Just another Saturday night in Silt, folks! But the next episode will take place somewhere in CD-4.


Rep. Lauren Boebert and her ex-husband Jayson Boebert.

On Monday, we discussed an altercation over the weekend between Colorado’s Palin family-wannabe exes Jayson and Rep. Lauren Boebert at a restaurant in Boebert’s soon-to-be-former district, which resulted in the Silt Police Department investigating allegations that Rep. Boebert had physically assaulted her ex-husband after a verbal argument. The initial news reports about this incident were largely driven by Jayson’s assertion that he was the victim of assault by the congresswoman, as relayed to David Wheeler of the decidedly anti-Lauren Boebert group American Muckrakers.

After the first round of reporting made national headlines, Jayson Boebert spoke with Westword’s Chris Perez, sorrowfully claiming he didn’t want any charges pressed against Rep. Boebert, and that he “overreacted” in calling the police over the altercation–which Jayson still characterized as an incident Rep. Boebert initiated.

Well folks, as Perez reports this morning, after the investigation by Silt PD, it’s Jayson facing criminal charges, and more charges than previous reporting had us expecting:

Just days after a domestic violence incident at a restaurant in Silt, Representative Lauren Boebert’s ex-husband, Jayson, was arrested on Tuesday, January 9, and charged with six crimes — including misdemeanor assault, disorderly conduct and prohibited use of a firearm — after claiming that he was the victim.

A criminal history report obtained by Westword through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation shows that Jayson Boebert was taken into custody by the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office and charged with “simple assault in the third degree, simple assault 3 – knowingly/recklessly causing injury to another person, prohibited use of a weapon – aiming firearm, obstructing police/obstructing a peace officer, trespassing and disorderly conduct – offensive gesture.” The last two charges are petty offenses; the rest are misdemeanors.

Silt Police Chief Mike Kite tells Westword that three of the charges stem from the domestic violence incident at Miner’s Claim Restaurant on Saturday, January 6: obstruction, trespassing and disorderly conduct. The others are either related to his arrest or another incident that prompted a second warrant with the GCSO. Kite declines to say what sparked that warrant.

The Glenwood Springs Post-Independent doesn’t have much more information as of now, but they confirm the gun charges against Jayson Boebert are not related to the incident with Rep. Boebert this past weekend, rather something else that reportedly just happened yesterday:

Jayson Boebert was arrested for an additional warrant from Garfield County for a separate incident on Jan. 9, outside of the Jan. 6 incident at Miners Claim for prohibited use of a weapon, Assault in the 3rd degree, and Harassment, all Class I Misdemeanors. Details were limited from Garfield County but this incident involves Jayson Boebert carrying a rifle.

We’ll be watching for updates, but it looks like Jayson got himself in even more trouble while getting arrested yesterday, by which time Rep. Boebert was headed back to Washington. We still don’t know what evidence was presented to investigators that resulted in them not only disregarding Jayson’s claim to be the victim but charging Jayson with disorderly conduct. It also hasn’t been confirmed that Rep. Boebert will face no charges, which could still follow if authorities determined that they were co-combatants in the incident (updated, see above). Having committed to this story to begin with, we’re obligated to follow developments to their conclusion.

With that, you now have the latest twist in the much-too-public continuing story of Lauren Boebert’s American Life.

Which is already due for a revised edition.


11 thoughts on “Jayson Boebert Slapped With Multiple Charges Over Restaurant Spat

  1. Good god, now this is just getting sad. Focus on getting your own house in order instead of strutting around like a pistol packing moron blathering about freedom.

    1. Not only getting sad but clearly becoming dangerous. As we all continue to be astounded at the idiocy of the entire family, I hope SOMEONE is determining how to preserve the safety of all involved. 

  2. CPS needs to open a case. Is this why Boebert was dragging that poor baby across the country? Because her son is incompetent and Jayson is a manhandling psychopath?

    Clearly Boebert needs to spend more time with her family than she can in Congress.

  3. This all sounds eerily familiar. Didn't Lauren's role model, Sarah Palin, have a kerfluffle between her redneck son and her redneck ex-husband which started at Todd's birthday party and ended with the police arriving?

    History doesn't necessarily repeat itself, but sometimes it rhymes.


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