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January 08, 2024 11:50 AM UTC

Death Spiral Meets Train Wreck: Another Awful Weekend For Lauren Boebert

  • by: Colorado Pols
Rep. Lauren Boebert and family on the cover of her book “My American Life.”

As Colorado Public Radio’s Paolo Zialcita reports, police were called Saturday night to the Miner’s Claim restaurant in Silt by Jayson Boebert, the ex-husband of Colorado’s ever-bubbling cauldron of controversy Rep. Lauren Boebert, after dinner between the exes deteriorated into the Congresswoman from Garfield County somewhere in Eastern Colorado TBD allegedly punching Jayson repeatedly:

Silt police are investigating an alleged altercation between U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert and her ex-husband Jayson Boebert.

On Sunday, Jayson Boebert told news outlet The Daily Beast that his ex-wife punched him in the face multiple times at Miner’s Claim, a restaurant in Silt. Local law enforcement did not confirm reports of a physical altercation, but said it would review security footage from the restaurant. Jayson Boebert later said he regretted calling the authorities, stating he would ask police to drop any charges.

Silt Police Chief Mike Kite told CPR News the department will continue its investigation either way. He said the investigation is ongoing, but declined to release further details.

CPR News also attempted to reach Jayson Boebert but was unable to leave a message with him.

Jayson may not be talking to local news media, but he apparently is in communication with none other than David Wheeler, the head of the American Muckrakers group which despite some hits and misses has served as one of Boebert’s most dogged gadflies. Immediately after Saturday’s incident, Jayson Boebert was texting Wheeler the details:

In a statement responding to news reports about the incident, Rep. Boebert throws Jayson implicitly under the bus as usual, while issuing what we can only describe as an overly carefully-worded denial about the alleged domestic violence committed by the congresswoman:

“This is a sad situation for all that keeps escalating and another reason I’m moving,” Boebert said in a statement on Sunday. “I didn’t punch Jayson in the face and no one was arrested. [Pols emphasis] I will be consulting with my lawyer about the false claims he made against me and evaluate all of my legal options.”

Note how Boebert says only that she did not punch Jayson “in the face,” leaving open the possibility that Jayson was indeed, you know, punched elsewhere. Boebert doesn’t allege any specific instigator other than the “sad situation…that keeps escalating,” and crucially doesn’t accuse Jayson of getting physical with her or otherwise provoking the incident. Colorado law requires an arrest for domestic violence calls if there is probable cause to suspect violence or threats of violence. The fact that no one was arrested does leave unanswered questions, but keep in mind that Silt police and other law enforcement in the area have been dealing with the Boeberts for a long, long, long time. It would be sad but unsurprising to find local authorities complacent in enforcing the law against this particular ex-power couple.

If Boebert is hit with domestic violence charges as a result of the investigation, it would be one of the few political disasters left that Boebert could inflict upon herself after one of the most complete self-destructions in Colorado political history since barely holding on to her seat in 2022, culminating in the “Beetlebert” catastrophe and Boebert’s subsequent desperate switch to run for retiring Rep. Ken Buck’s open seat on the opposite side of the state. Boebert would be immediately required to surrender her trademark hip-mounted Glock and all the other firearms she keeps casually strewn about the home to intimidate her colleagues on conference calls. The usual course for a first-time misdemeanor domestic violence offender is anger management classes, probation, and if Boebert is fully cooperative, the possibility of the charges being eventually deferred.

Suffice to say it’s a process that would take longer than Boebert’s political career would last.

Either way, there’s an argument that Boebert would find some anger management coursework useful no matter what comes next in life, even that increasingly unlikely third term in office. Politico reported this weekend on the toll 2023 took on Boebert as she failed to learn the lessons of her narrow survival the year before and became the target of open contempt from her former supporters.

The signs that the walls were closing in were everywhere, yet Boebert hardly seemed chastened in the months after her narrow escape from defeat. In March 2023, at a Colorado Parks and Wildlife public meeting in Grand Junction regarding the state’s plan to reintroduce gray wolves, Boebert made a surprise appearance, took to the mic and began a strident condemnation of state employees. The group of ranchers in the audience yelled for her to “sit down” and “shut up.” [Pols emphasis]

That moment is coming fast now, no matter which district Boebert runs in or what charges she gets slapped with. Boebert has entered a political death spiral from which there is no recovery.

Wherever the source, on that day some therapy will help.


26 thoughts on “Death Spiral Meets Train Wreck: Another Awful Weekend For Lauren Boebert

  1. I just keep hearing Mick Jagger's "What a mess…" from "Shattered." Hope the people in the 4th have enough good sense to avoid putting all this drama back in Congress. And I'm not unsympathetic to a difficult and seemingly volatile family relationship situation, just hope they straighten it up to the best of their ability before somebody gets seriously hurt.

  2. Lauren Boebert may be a lying  corrupt demagogue, but she is also a battered woman. Like most women who have been charged with domestic violence, she was attempting self-defense. Jayson Boebert is almost twice Lauren's size and weight.

    All that is evident from reading the history of this couple (the first domestic violence incident was in 2004,  the year that she was pregnant and they were married). She talked a lot about how wearing a gun was her "equalizer".

    So I certainly don't want her to be elected or return to Congress in any capacity. I don't even want her to be a  MAGA spokesmodel on Fox or another RW channel. A retirement from public life would be ideal.

    And I feel bad for the children caught up in all of this drama and trauma.


    1. Again with the culture of victimization, Pomposa? 

      Say what we will about that piece of ignorant, trailer trash, she has both the knowledge and the tools with which to defend herself. In fact, I cannot think of a woman less worthy of victimhood than two-gun Tootsie. Move over Thelma and Louise!

      As for her being in an abusive relationship, she knew exactly what she was getting into when she married the asshole. In fact, many people seek that out for a reason.

      I know, she was pregnant and only a teenager. That is not my problem. My problem is that my tax dollars must go to feed government cheese to three generations of these morons. Her mother should have gotten her tubes tied. Or kept her out of bowling alleys.

      Where is the personal responsibility? Why did she not run to her divorce lawyer years earlier?

      There are genuine victims in this world and there are volunteers. These two inbred hillbillies fall in the latter group.

      1. We understand that from your point of view, Rinse and Repeat, there are no victims in this world, except for possibly white male taxpayers, footing the bill for all the layabouts.

        Everyone else is avoiding personal responsibility. Got it.

        Nuance and gray areas ( a is true, but b is also true, and they do not negate , nor cancel each other out) does not fit into your either/or mindset. You want your good and bad guys simple and your political worldview simpler yet. .

        You already told us that you plan to spend the upcoming (by your prediction) Trump second term in Mexico, toasting your toes in the sun. So you’ll forgive us for not taking your simplistic worldview too seriously.

      2. Guessing kwtree might've posted something like her first post even if I didn't write my comment, but I feel a bit like I started it so wanted to weigh in. Not sure if "victim" would be the exact word I'd want to use, but Jayson's a big dude, both Jayson and Lauren are armed and to the best of my understanding not very respectful of laws or norms of behavior, and they have to interact in some way (maybe unless courts step in) because there are kids involved. I don't feel sorry for Lauren on most fronts, but women usually get the worst of it in cases of domestic violence, of course with exceptions. She might've made a bad decision as a teenager in a bowling alley some years back, but that's not an uncommon basic story. Whatever happens happens and I'm not losing sleep, but just hope whatever happens isn't violent.

        1. Agree. But just want to say again – Lauren has stunningly bad judgment in so much of what she does, including agreeing to meet Jayson at a restaurant.

          Turn these matters over to your attorney, for (#^!#'$ sake, Lauren!

          And voters: Do NOT elect people with bad judgment. Period. 

          1. "Stunningly bad judgement" is a gigantic understatement. I don't think Stephen King could write a novel scarier than some of the stuff she's pulled or said. But if King is following on Pols, just start with the working title of "Rising From The Silt" and take it from there! Or “From The Silt To The Swamp” might not be bad.

            1. Those are good. And there are so many other possibilities.

              • Built for Silt.
              • Sliders in Rifle, Assaults in Silt.
              • The Dirt that made Silt.
              • Silt of the Earth. 
              • From Silt to Seibert: A Woman Crosses the State to Pull Herself Up by her Bootstraps and Finds She Has No Boots.

              (Okay, that one’s a little too long . . . )


        2. And I have even more thoughts, as I often do, and Rinse and Repeat won’t like them either, which is fine by me.

          Lauren Boebert would not see herself as a “victim”, even if she was on the losing end of a domestic brawl. I’d bet that she voted against bills that would aid  victims of assault, because, like Rinse /Repeat, she believes in Personal Responsibility. Like R&R / LBWPoS, she would believe that there is no gender discrimination; there is only  being inadequately armed. 

          I’ve been on the losing side of domestic brawls myself, but I don’t consider myself a “victim”…I’m a survivor. LBWPoS won’t like that term any better, but tough tushies. Domestic abuse, among all genders and identities, exists, whether people like R&R or LB want to hear about it , or not. 

          1. Actually, there is a difference between a victim and a survivor. Survivors get past what has happened to them and do not wallow in it.  A survivor tries to built something out of the unfortunate or tragic event that has happened to him, her, them.

  3. Interesting catch between: "I did not punch him in the face." and "I did not punch him."

    Not exactly a great way to catch the attention of her new would be constituents.

  4. 'Silt police continue investigating an alleged altercation between Rep. Boebert and ex-husband

    “I don’t want nothing to happen,” Jayson Boebert said. “Her and I were working through a difficult conversation.”'

    Tralier Trash Grammar. Just saying.

    1. Thats $450,000 a year Trailer Trash Grammar there, Bucky!
      Happens all the time………(no Really)
      Where’s Gabby Johnson for some ‘Authentic Western Gibberish’ when we need him?

  5. If it is true that all publicity is GOOD …. then the site of the L Boebert / J Boebert meeting is apparently reaping some benefit

    Restaurant flooded with mock reviews after Boebert and her ex Jayson's public altercation

    Since the breaking of this sordid story, poor Miner’s Claim has seen an avalanche of phony reviews.

    I'm not sure how I feel about this, as I fear the restaurant is being lampooned for something Boebert and her hubby engaged in, without their consent, on their premises.

    "Flooded" isn't supported by numbers …. but there are some humorous examples.

  6. I am a domestic violence survivor from the late 60's. There was no where to go for safety, lawyers believed it had been brought on by the abused and you could get fired if it happened in the workplace and you tried to report it. All that being said Bobo has had ample options if she wanted to leave her situation. Her tough girl stance indicates to me she wouldn't want to look like a loser. I feel no pity. I do not worry about any supposed abuse. She could be the abuser by the way. She's a stain on the Congress and the country.

    1. Jane,

      I am not excusing Boebert . Understanding the big picture is not excusing. She did have options that many survivors of abuse don’t have, and as I wrote before, she herself has shown NO compassion or advocacy for victims. She has voted against every program to aid survivors, against every mental health initiative, against every social service program to provide housing and safety for those struggling.

      I do feel some compassion and pity for Boebert, but only because, like you,  I’ve been that woman trying to meet in a public place for safety,calling the police in the middle of the night, breaking up, getting back together,  staying together “for the children”, ( and later for her political career and her “Family Values”). I posted not to persuade anyone to feel sorry for Bobo ( or for me) – but perhaps to increase awareness of the problem, since there are obviously folk on here who would prefer that domestic violence never be mentioned at all. 

      However, I absolutely don’t want Boebert in elected office again. I have contributed to her opponents, and will do grassroots work to make sure she is no longer in our misery. Yes, she could be the abuser, and it would be consistent with her “tough girl stance”.

      Survivors acknowledge what happened, and move on.  They do not cover up or deny truths, no matter how uncomfortable people may feel who do not want to acknowledge trauma even happened or ever happens to anyone.

      See: Tina Turner, Ms. America, every Holocaust survivor, veterans with PTSD. Acknowledging trauma is healing. Saying “This happened, and I survived to tell the tale”, is not “wallowing in it”. It is owning your own truth.


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