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August 10, 2023 03:17 PM UTC

AG Garland Castle Rock Visit Blows Joe Oltmann's Brain

  • by: Colorado Pols
Attorney General Merrick Garland

Heather Willard at NewsBreak reports:

United States Attorney General Merrick Garland visited the Castle Rock Police Department on Aug. 7 after speaking to the American Bar Association in Denver.

Garland has been widely criticized by Republican voters for his investigation of former President Donald Trump, and his presence in Castle Rock drew scrutiny from constituents. Notably, no elected officials publicly met with Garland during his visit. [Pols emphasis]

Garland, accompanied by federal partners, met with Castle Rock Police Chief Jack Cauley to discuss challenges facing police agencies. Also in attendance were Parker Police Chief James Tsurapas and Lone Tree Police Chief Kirk Wilson.

We don’t know whether the subject came up during Attorney General Merrick Garland’s visit to strongly conservative Castle Rock this week, but the biggest federal case to hit the area recently as our readers know is the prosecution of Castle Rock businessman Timothy Shea for his role in the multi-million dollar “We Build The Wall” scam, for which Shea was sentenced last month to five years in prison.

Although the broader grievance over prosecuting former President Donald Trump’s own alleged crimes is no doubt front of mind of 2020 election conspiracy MSU maestro Joe Oltmann’s problems with Merrick Garland, from what we can see it’s the Shea case that has Oltmann the most worked up:

Joe Oltmann, who has called for politicians on both sides of the aisle with whom he does not agree to be hung from “gallows all the way from Washington, D.C., to California,” is clearly referring to Shea as the “Castle Rock resident” subject to “personal retribution.” Oltmann himself has not been criminally indicted for the crimes the Justice Department is investigating against Donald Trump, but the ginormous civil suit Oltmann faces from Dominion Voting Systems for helping invent the baseless conspiracy theory about their voting machines obviously gives Oltmann a vested interest in the outcome.

While we can understand, and indeed it would have been weird if Joe Oltmann’s irate hateposting over Merrick Garland being welcomed by the Castle Rock Police Department hadn’t happened, the absence of a single local elected official from this visit as reported by NewsBreak is less expected, even in deep-red Douglas County. Garland appointed a special prosecutor to deal with Trump precisely because his job involves much more than policing the former president. If local elected officials refuse out of pique over Trump’s prosecution to meet with a Cabinet-level official who comes to town to discuss a variety of pertinent issues, in every practical way that’s their loss.

We hope the atta-boy from one of recent history’s most notorious liars is worth a lot to them.


10 thoughts on “AG Garland Castle Rock Visit Blows Joe Oltmann’s Brain

  1. “Trash heap” Joe Oltmann calling the Attorney General a “trash heap.”

    Forgot that Oltmann also is being sued by Dominion. Hope he enjoys the process.

  2. That "trash heap" happens to be the Attorney General of the United States, Joe.  Local law enforcement should absolutely welcome the chief law enforcement officer of the nation.  Unless local law enforcement wants to play partisan politics, which is decidedly not its mission. 

  3. As a 'Springs resident, we're slowly moving toward purple. We still have far too many MAGAts, but lefties are beginning to balance them out, slowly but surely -and much faster than Rastle Cock, which seems to be getting more red, if that's even possible.

  4. Judge Chutkan has warned Chatty Charlie Trumpy today that if he keeps talking about the trial that will just speed up the proceedings. For the life of him he can't shut his fucking mouth, and has no impulse control, so I look forward to a speedy trial. This is going to be fantastic. 

    1. It can't come quickly enough for me. And I still expect Yammie-pie's mouth to get him in trouble with the DOJ. As Trae Crowder says: "He just can't not". 

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