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April 25, 2023 10:41 AM UTC

Why Oppose Gun Safety Legislation? Because "I'm a Republican"

  • by: Colorado Pols

[mantra-pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left” width=”50%”]“I’m a Republican.”

     — State Rep. Mary Bradfield (R-Colorado Springs) in response to a question about why she won’t support gun violence prevention legislation in Colorado.[/mantra-pullquote]

Marc Sallinger of 9News reported Monday on legislation in Colorado to make “Stop the Bleed” kits more widely available in Colorado schools as part of an effort to provide additional resources to communities in the event of a mass shooting or — apparently — if someone just happens to fall down and puncture their femoral artery.

Sallinger’s story included some pretty amazing quotes from a Republican lawmaker in Colorado who supports HB23-1213 but won’t lift a finger to take action on gun violence prevention:

If saving lives is the goal, these Stop the Bleed kits are critical, but only once something has already gone terribly wrong.

“This investment is to help someone survive,” said Rep. Mary Bradfield (R-Colorado Springs). “I certainly hope that they gather dust, that there’s never a need for them. I just want them to be there if there is a need.”

Bradfield is one of the sponsors of the bill. She said the goal is to have the kits at the ready in case someone cuts themselves or falls down, or yes, if there’s a shooting.

“Whatever we can do for schools to keep students and staff safe and well, we are all in,” Bradfield told 9NEWS. [Pols emphasis]

Yeah, that’s…not at all true.



Sallinger asked Bradfield the obvious follow-up question to the quote above. From the video story:

“All in.” Unless it involves limiting guns. I asked Bradfield why she didn’t support the gun bills that passed earlier this year that Democrats say would help prevent school shootings before they even happen:

SALLINGER: But you don’t think people should necessarily have limits on the guns that they can buy?

BRADFIELD: [long pause] Um…I’m not going to answer that. I’m a Republican. I think you probably understand when I say, ‘Those are your Second Amendment rights.’ [Pols emphasis]

State Rep. Mary Bradfield (R-Colorado Springs)

You can probably guess what Bradfield proposes instead of gun safety measures: Making mental health resources more accessible!

Republicans always change the subject to “mental health” instead of guns…and then they vote against those bills, too.

Republicans in the state legislature have focused their efforts in 2023 largely on getting in the way of anything that Democrats try to accomplish. This is particularly true when it comes to legislation surrounding gun violence prevention. House Republicans have made several efforts to filibuster common sense gun safety measures, though the GOP’s micro-minority has been unable to prevent the passage of bills such as: 1) Creating a three-day waiting period for firearm purchases; 2) Raising the age limit for gun purchases from 18 to 21; and 3) Expanding “red flag” laws intended to temporarily remove guns from the hands of people in crisis.

Bradfield’s telling 9News interview says the quiet part out loud, and it’s a quote that will no doubt be used again and again in 2024.

Sallinger and 9News anchor Marshall Zelinger reiterate the absurdity of this stance from Colorado Republicans — including alternate rationales for providing “Stop the Bleed” kits — at the end of the segment:

SALLINGER: This is exactly what Representative Bradfield said: ‘Think of the groundskeeper falling and injuring himself while he’s mowing the lawn.’ [The kits] are there for that as well.

ZELINGER: Well, if ‘The Simpsons’ episode ever happens in real life where Groundskeeper Willie does that, we’ll be prepared.

Republicans fully acknowledge that gun violence is a major issue that needs to be addressed…so long as they aren’t being asked to do anything about the cause of the problem.

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to Rep. Bradfield herself. If you are a Colorado voter who views reducing gun violence as a major concern, then you simply cannot vote for a Republican.



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