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February 17, 2023 12:18 PM UTC

Dominion Lawsuit: Fox Knews it Peddled Crap

  • by: Colorado Pols
Donald Trump and Sean Hannity: Fair and balanced(ish)

Following endless and largely fact-free claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election, Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems filed a $1.6 BILLION defamation lawsuit against Fox News and parent company Fox Corporation. As the case winds its way through the American legal system, it has regularly revealed information demonstrating the fallacy of election fraud claims perpetuated by former President Donald Trump and his minions.

One of the key points in any successful defamation claim is proving that there was an intention to defame the victim. Dominion has long claimed that Fox News employees deliberately amplified false claims and provided a platform for guests to make similar accusations. A new batch of internal communications made public on Thursday reveals that attorneys for Dominion seem to have pretty strong evidence that Fox News personalities knew damn well that their election fraud claims were complete and utter horse excrement.

As The Associated Press reports:

“Sidney Powell is lying,” about having evidence for election fraud, Tucker Carlson told a producer about the attorney on Nov. 16, 2020, according to an excerpt from an exhibit that remains under seal…

…Carlson also referred to Powell in a text as an “unguided missile,” and “dangerous as hell.” Fellow host Laura Ingraham, meanwhile, told Carlson that Powell is “a complete nut. No one will work with her. Ditto with Rudy,” referring to former New York mayor and Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani.

Sean Hannity, meanwhile, said in a deposition “that whole narrative that Sidney was pushing, I did not believe it for one second,” according to Dominion’s filing.

Attorneys for Fox News are trying to wrap themselves in the First Amendment in their defense. The Fox attorneys filed a counterclaim that continues the same dumb narrative that we’ve seen in Colorado from failed candidates such as Heidi Ganahl (Governor 2022) and Joe O’Dea (U.S. Senate 2022). That narrative basically goes like this: We’re just talking here and asking questions. What’s wrong with talking and asking questions?

“Dominion brought this lawsuit to punish FNN for reporting on one of the biggest stories of the day— allegations by the sitting President of the United States and his surrogates that the 2020 election was affected by fraud,” the counterclaim states. “The very fact of those allegations was newsworthy.”


The very fact that some people said there was fraud in the 2020 election is news? If you break this “argument” down to its fundamental pieces, you’re essentially arguing that “words = news,” which is just plain stupid. Under this theory, we hereby demand that Fox News run a feature story this evening about what we had for lunch. We’ll even sit down for an interview about our meal!

Attorneys for Fox are also arguing that the network has no obligation to fact-check anything it reports, which is a depressing admission that speaks volumes about the Fox News business model in general. The AP reports on a related argument that doesn’t seem to be as compelling as Fox attorneys might think:

Fox attorneys warn that threatening the company with a $1.6 billion judgment will cause other media outlets to think twice about what they report.

My stars! This lawsuit might push other news outlets to try harder at being factually accurate? That would absolutely not be a bad thing, especially when you consider the results of a new Gallup poll showing that half of Americans believe news organizations are deliberately misleading.  

It is basically impossible to root for Fox News in this case when they are openly saying that they should have the right to do and say whatever they want, regardless of the harm it causes. How many people participated in the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection based primarily on what they heard from Fox News? More than a few.

The right to free speech, just like every other constitutional right, is not absolute. If Fox News chooses to operate without boundaries, it’s up to others to put some guardrails in place.

[Click here to read more details about Dominion’s motion for summary judgment]


33 thoughts on “Dominion Lawsuit: Fox Knews it Peddled Crap

  1. We know it's bullshit

    They know it's bullshit

    They know that we know it's bullshit, and we know that they know it's bullshit.

    The problem is with the dupes in red hats.

    1. I wound up thinking of some old song lyrics:

      And I knew, that you knew that I knew that
      You knew that I knew that you knew that
      I knew that you knew that I knew


  2. Instead of "lock em up" howabout …

    "Dominion, bankrupt FOX, bankrupt FOX"   you got em where they feel it, in the pocketbook. All they care about anyway in $$$$$.  

    1. You do know that if they did go under – as ParkHill pointed out on another thread today – the corporation simply would be liquidated along with the multi-billion-dollar judgment Dominion recovers against it but the Murdoch family probably wouldn't pay a cent.

      And Fox itself likely would be reincarnated as a new corporate entity. WOLF NEWS, perhaps?

      1. Too late to protect via liquidation, the lawsuit was filed while they are financially viable. Dominion will prevail and take a hunk out of the liars at FOX.    Give some other outfit the lane to actually produce factual news, not a megaphone for anti american anti constitutional lies. 

  3. Raise your hand if you knew from the start that all of this voter/election fraud claims were complete and utter bullshit.

    republicans have been peddling the voter/election fraud bullshit for decades then came donnie and fox propaganda that amped up the lies that fueled the attempted takeover of our democracy.

    These traitors (ALL republicans) don't care that they've been called out on their lies, they will continue to try and overthrow the government. These traitors must be stopped one way or another or our democracy will end with a fascist takeover.


      1. Then you’re the problem. The republican party has never been what they have claimed i.e. fiscally conservative, strong on defense or supporters of democracy.

        They’ve coddled the christian/white nationalists in their ranks for decades and anyone with half a clue knows this and all trump did was remove any doubt that republicans are at their core fascists.

        Lets look at Glenn Youngkin and his opposition to shield a woman’s menstrual cycle from the prying eyes of law enforcement:

        Seriously what the actual fuck? These are the sick fascist things that YOU support when you stay in the party and vote for people like Glenn. Yes, I realize he’s the governor of Virginia, however, we have lunatics just like Glenn here in Colorado.

        So, in short if you still consider yourself a republican and vote for these fascists then don’t get your panties in a twist when you’re called out as such.

        BTW, KMAMF… Just in case you can’t figure that out Kiss My Ass Mother Fucker.

        1. Suck it up, Boogaloo Boy. If you don’t like what I say….well, you just get to deal with it. 

          You seem to be too stupid to note the posts I’ve made opposing Trump, supporting womens’ reproductive rights, opposing the religious right, and trying to promote what’s left of the common sense side of the Party. I introduced The Bulwark dot com to this web site. I also financially support Bulwark. Also financially supported the Republican Accountability Project in 2020. In the end, your ineptitude isn’t my problem. –30–

          1. Just curious… 

            How does COgator95s’ accurate description of the Republican party equate to his/her “ineptitude”?

            Or was that just the only adhominem attack you could come up with?

            All the comments, memberships, and referrals in the world don’t change the fact that you continue to be a member of and supporter of a political entity that is wholly corrupt and hell bent on ending our American democracy and replacing it with an autocratic Christian theocracy.

            The Republican party is not and never has been “conservative”, and I daresay will never be so. If you support the GOP, you DO NOT support the Constitution.

            You may level your ad hominem response attack at me at your leisure.

            1. The –30– at the end of my reply to COgator95 is a journalism symbol meaning end of discussion with him. Trying to dialogue with him or her is like trying to reason with a hard core “pro-lifer.” It doesn’t work

              My reference to “ineptitude” meant that he doesn’t seem capable of thinking outside of his narrow political silo. Perhaps a better reference would have been to reference his commentary as being weak and having to frequently lie down to rest.

        2. Defending CHB.

          I believe he is NOT a fascist. I believe that he truly opposes and has always opposed DJT. I do think he doesn't understand that "evil socialism" is merely social insurance, and he probably supports socialist security. 

          Perhaps, from within the Republican Party, he will have the ability to persuade and lead the 1/3 of the GOP that might share his opinions. That alone might be a way to destroy the Republican Party in Fox News country.

          1. I agree, PH.

            CHB is not a fascist. But he is one WAAAAAY misguided dude. Does he get loyalty points? Sure..but they are somewhat devalued, considering where those loyalties lie.


            1. Hope springs eternal (“it means forever and that’s a mighty long time”):

              “I was brought up to believe the Republican party stands for something!  And, some day, well, just watch, maybe they will?”

        3. CHB is not a fascist. He is a principled conservative who laments to takeover – which he hopes is temporary – of his party by a bunch of lunatics. Lumping him and the many other conservatives who remain registered as Republicans but have denounced the lunatics (e.g., Charlie Baker, Larry Hogan, Mitt Romney, Cindy McCain, Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, etc.) achieves nothing but perhaps makes you feel good.

          Many of us on this site like the idea of a two-party political system – one center-left, the other center-right. What we should be doing is helping the CHBs regain control over the other party.

          1. …one “principled conservative says of another. Your center right/center left position looks the same from either side. It is just, the center. The center is where you go to maintain the status quo. It is the habitat of “Mugwumps”.

             “Principled conservatives” have done incalculable damage to this continent and the millions who live here. Wasn’t it “principled conservatives” who looked away when the Orange Destruction began his insurrection, who vaclllated and waffled? Where were all the “principled conservatives” that rose to stop him?

            “Principled conservatives” like Newt Gingrich, Frank Luntz, Donald Rumsfeld, ad nauseum, created the toxic, scorched earth politics of the second half of the 20th century.

            By the way. Trivializing and insulting the point of view of those outside of your approved center, while treading water in a sea of incrementalism, is pretty weak stuff. 

            Why do we not hear of the emerging leader who has enough support to stand up to the Freedom Caucus? Because there isn’t one.



            1. I don't consider "Newt the Fruit" as ever being a "principled conservative." As one example, the actual conservative group, Republicans for Environmental Protection, was founded by principled conservatives in 1995 as a reaction to the anti-environment positions in Newt's Contract on America in 1994. 

              1. Neither do I. I hold him personally responsible for starting the Republican Party down the destructive path they've been on for the last generation. 

            2. “Fascist” defined:

              often capitalized  a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

              So, no, CHB is not a fascist. Fascism is, however, the dominant ideology within the modern Republican party. MAGA and Trumpers are still about 40% of the GOP , but only about 15% of US registered voters, per a Washington Post study. 

      2. We are all the problem CHB and the solution.  I personally enjoy your commentary and common sense.  Thanks for reassuring me that there are those who stand with us for building a better tomorrow for the citizens of America and the world.  We're all in this together.

  4. The Tesla Laboratories forensic scan of Maricopa ballots revealed:

    17% of mail-in ballots were printed on fake/unauthorized paper. Only paper stock from Rolland and Vote Secure of Canada were approved for use – yet multiple stocks were identified, totaling to around 300k fake ballots.

    Thousands of ballots had the same machine-printed selection in the ovals, to pick a candidate – no pen used.

    I don’t where Dominion lies within this mess, but the results from Maricopa should incite concern – instead, they arouse further authoritarianism from liberal factions.

    Our elections have been hijacked. Liberals love it because it favors the Democratic Party (that has been bought and paid for by multiple entities – namely foreign interests, big pharma etc) – but someday this machine may not favor liberals – and that’s why all liberals should have some incentive to take these matters seriously. 

    Then again – most of you will probably not be around long due to continual dosage of a garbage vaccine. Good day all! 

    tesla laboratories report:

        1. Thanks for pointing out that election “truther” Shiva A was wrong about inventing email before he was wrong about Arizona election “fraud”

          Do you even read the articles you post, or just schlep them against the wall and hope that they stick?

          Biden won Arizona because more registered voters ( Independents, Democrats, disenchanted Republicans and others) voted for him. This was due to long term voter registration efforts enfranchising Latiné and Native voters, demographic changes in the state, and mail ballot and voting reforms implemented during the height of the pandemic. 

          Even the MAGA cult Cyber Ninjas, after spending $9 million, found no fraud in the Arizona election. 
          That horse is very dead, Hasan. Stop beating it. 

  5. It seems I am unable to reply directly to CHB or skinny RE the above comments, so I will leave this here.

    I do not consider Newt a "principled conservative" either. But he considers himself to deserve that appellation, and that was my point. Racist, greed-head, bullies have hidden behind that meaningless term for decades.

    Ask Newt if he considers himself to be a "principled conservative"…I wager he, like so many of his ilk, would firmly defend his self identification…CHBs' protestations notwithstanding.

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