Boebert: Speaker McCarthy Is Just Another Demon

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-SATAN).

The Washington Post’s Amy Wang reports via Twitter ubertracker PatriotTakes on Colorado GOP trainwreck por vida Rep. Lauren Boebert, on a speaking tour this past weekend in Dallas–and if you were wondering how Boebert has been processing the battle over now-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s ascension to the post, a battle Boebert lost after fourteen rounds of voting left her and Rep. Matt “Giggity” Gaetz as the last desperate holdouts, Boebert has a lot to say.

Nothing we expect Speaker McCarthy will be pleased to hear, however:

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) suggested that God used her to stand up to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), whom she indirectly referred to as one of her “demons,” while speaking at a women’s conference at a Dallas church over the weekend.

“Ladies … God is using you in mighty ways,” she told a crowd of what appeared to be mostly women, according to clips of her remarks posted by PatriotTakes, a liberal PAC. Boebert was a featured speaker at the SALT Conference at Storehouse Dallas, which aims to provide “spiritual and leadership training to equip an army of women to awaken culture with the truth and love of Jesus.”

“Maybe he’ll have you ball up your fists and stand in front of some demons — maybe a speaker of the House?” Boebert added, to laughter and a standing ovation from those in the audience. [Pols emphasis]

Full stop. Did Rep. Boebert just call Speaker McCarthy a demon? As in an actual according-to-Hoyle Dr. Chapscertified servant of the dark lord himself?

After some of the laughter died down, Boebert joked that she had also stood up to former House speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), “so nobody knows what I really meant there, for the record, when they try to put this in print.”

To be fair, nobody knows what Boebert means at least 20% of the time she speaks. But in this case, we think there was no mistaking in that venue with that audience who Boebert was calling a “demon.” They all certainly agreed with Boebert’s description in the case of Nancy Pelosi, but it was “standing in front of” McCarthy that earned Boebert the standing ovation.

Speaker McCarthy has by all accounts been good to his word regarding the sweeping concessions he made to the far right to buy off opposition–and critically in Boebert’s case, to refrain from retaliation against the engineers of McCarthy’s embarrassing confirmation fight. But one has to wonder how long that largesse can last with Boebert running around the country framing fellow Republican Speaker McCarthy as her demonic opponent.

Neither Jesus nor Ronald Reagan would approve.

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  1. bullshit! says:

    You've got to admit the horns become him.

  2. Chickenheed says:

    To be fair, nobody knows what Boebert means at least 20% of the time she speaks.

    This is a conservative estimate.

    Also can you imagine paying for "spiritual and leadership training" and you end up listening to Lauren Fucking Boebert? What a sham.

  3. skeptical citizen says:

    MTG powerfully took the biggest jerk award away from Boebert last night. 

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