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November 04, 2022 07:00 AM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Conscience in most men, is but the anticipation of the opinions of others.”

–Jeremy Taylor


23 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

  1. When will this long, dystopian nightmare of the Biden Boom end? The economy keeps pumping out job growth. 

    Job growth is good. Labor participation is good. If you want a job you can find one; if you want another one, you can change. US dollar is strong as international investors move their money to the safer and better economy. The weird thing is how all the headlines keep claiming that the economy is bad, almost like the journalists don’t understand economics at all.

    Well, except for all the Twitter layoffs. One rule of RIFs is to make sure that you are in the first tranche of layoffs, not the middle or last.

      1. I have an ms in economics. It didn't mean I understood it but I could talk to those who did.

        I interviewed John Kenneth Galbraith and Art Laffer, among others.

        1. Good for you! It is certainly important to know enough to ask the right questions, and understand when you're getting snowed.

          I always felt that the best journalism degree would be History. Or else, depending on your specialty, then maybe Science, Poli-Sci, or…


          1. This looks like a good place for me to call out a local reporter in Grand Junction for airing a story straight from the conspiracy theory pages of right wing media. KREY reporter Mike Kretz, an
            otherwise capable sportscaster, aired a piece this morning that left my Cat and I with our mouths agape in shock. 

            I have seldom heard such a bald-faced hack job of a political story. Weaving together a confusing mish-mash of accusations of nefarious activity by Jena Griswold and a fawning defense of Mike Lindell and Tina Peters.

            Aside from the first question; what the hell is the sports guy doing airing a political hit piece? 

            The second question; Who told him he could do that?

            I am sure anyone who is interested can find Mr. Kretzs’ tirade on the KREY website. I would be very interested in any other opinions.


            1. #MyStraightJacket dude didn't have a good day in court yesterday: 

              Federal judge denies Mike Lindell's request to access search warrant materials, return seized cell phone

              On Thursday, a federal judge denied two of Lindell's motions: one to access the search warrant's application materials, and another which sought a preliminary injunction that would require the government to return his cell phone and not use any information that was retrieved from it.

              Judge Eric Tostrud denied access to the warrant materials because the government "has demonstrated a compelling interest in the ongoing criminal investigation that outweighs [Lindell's] right to access."

              Tostrud said the 80-page search warrant affidavit details the "nature, scope, and direction" of the investigation, including information obtained from recorded communications and confidential informants. Restricting access to the warrant materials would protect the government's ongoing investigation, he wrote.


            2. One Word: Mike Littwin.

              The other career that can lead to a good journalist is sportscasting. If you are analyzing the Big Game, you can't lie. Every Joe easy-chair can do multi-dimensional chess on football or baseball trading strategies.

  2. There’s Going to Be A Global Financial Crisis in 2023. From Josh Marshall

    Shoot the hostage? If the Republicans take the House and Senate, there will be endless investigations with screaming Jim Jordan. In terms of policy, the Republican Party wants to cut Social Security, Obamacare, drug price limits, and other entitlements… and they are going to use the debt ceiling as hostage. 

    What does that mean? The demand from House Republicans will likely be some combination of ‘Repeal all the stuff you passed in 2021’ or ‘Cut Social Security and Medicare’ or we force a US debt default. Adam Jentleson thinks that faced with this cataclysm Democrats, albeit kicking and screaming, will feel compelled to relent because the consequences of default are that bad. For the elected officials, especially on the Senate side, that may well be true. But I have a different read on those elected officials constituents. I think there is less than zero appetite among Democrats for even entertaining the idea of such a negotiation. I think any move in this direction will spur a rebellion among Democrats nationwide. This is why I think the country will go into default. Because House Republicans are entirely ready to shoot the hostage. Indeed, there is a portion of the GOP House caucus that is not only entirely willing to take that step but is eager to do so.

    So there are the options: debt default or a decision to lock in major cuts to Social Security and Medicare for the rest of the century. 

    1. Why do they do it?  Because it works on sheep.  

      Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) revealed what election deniers actually say behind closed doors as a slew of reality-defying candidates run as Republicans in next week’s 2022 midterms.

      GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw: Election Deniers Admit It's A Lie Behind Closed Doors

      “It was always a lie. The whole thing was always a lie. And it was a lie meant to rile people up,” the Texas Republican said of the lie that Donald Trump was cheated by widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election during the latest episode of his “Hold These Truths” podcast

    2. I was trolling some far righties earlier today on Yahoo News. I'm amazed that there actually are kool-aid drinkers that claim that the talk about cutting SS and Medicare is Dem fear mongering; or even outright Dem lies.

      They're not even smart enough to know that Republican senators like R. Scott and Johnson are talking that very thing, and doing so in public.

  3. I understand there are certain times and situations when things seem hard to swallow. If you take small bites, it is much easier to be satisfied. 

    We win the gubernatorial race, and Brittany wins her race, yeah that tastes good. Small bites.

  4. I'm sure most of us are inundated with political mailers, text messages, voice messages right now. But how does it happen that a state House campaign is so inept that they target someone who is (1) not registered to vote in that House district; and (2) a hard core progressive who would not vote for that person even if they lived in the candidate's district.

    It's not that hard to target messages – but I guess the incompetent campaigns do not. 

      1. Thanks to Andrew Romanoff & Co, nearly every 'rural school' (at least on the eastern plains) has taken advantage of the BEST program.  Beautiful, first-class schools where their kids can get a solid, public school education.  My alma matter, Idalia, has a PK-12 complex for it's less-than-150 students to die for.  

        I am a subscriber to the Yuma Pioneer and I'm heartened this week at the number of LTE's pushing back on the avalanche of weekly bullshit the local MAGAs submit.  Kudo's to the local progressives in Yuma.  It's not easy being a progressive out east. 

  5. Joe Biden made the same basic mistake Donald Trump made

    The big mistake Trump made in his presidency, from a getting reelected point of view1 was his response to COVID. Imagine if he had owned the response to COVID, constantly asked people to mask, talked up the warp speed vaccine discovery, asked people to get vaccinated, and talked us all through it, clearly doing the best to minimize deaths.

    We would be presently “enjoying” his leadership under his second term.

    1. I remember Trump freaking out about one of the cruise ships that wanted to dock in US port with hundreds of COVID-infected passengers in February 2020, and his primitive brain could not see beyond the bad optics of a ship load of sick people entering the US.

      The concept of where this thing was heading completely blew his feeble mind. 

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