Belated Jams Fest

Due to the horrific event in Aurora on Friday morning, we seem to have forgotten Friday’s Jam Fest. As a means of healing as a community, we are supposed to go back to our normal routines. Tonight, my family and I went to the movies — an act which I have  done hundreds of times in my life, but never before in defiance. This first one is for all who are hurting.

Since I look forward to Ralphie’s funk posts on Fridays, here’s another one, this time a little more upbeat, to express gratitude for all of those who survived Friday’s shootings, and for all of the many blessings we take for granted.

About nancycronk

Nancy Cronk is a longtime community activist and women's leader living in Arapahoe County. Six months before the historic "red sweep" election of 2014, she was recruited to run as a "placeholder" in HD37, and managed to bring in 40K from 500 small donors, and 42% of the vote -- just one point lower than the previous candidate who ran in a presidential year.

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  1. harrydoby says:

    Now the darkness only stays the night-time

    In the morning it will fade away

    Daylight is good at arriving at the right time

    Its not always going to be this grey

    While the memories will last, may the wounds be forgotten.

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