Ganahl Distributing Photos of “Furry” Kids to Media

Heidi Ganahl

The absolutely bonkers Furry-Lago conspiracy that Republican gubernatorial candidate Hiedi Heidi Ganahl won’t stop talking about is gaining national attention — and it’s about to get much, much worse because Ganahl is making horrifying (and probably illegal) decisions in pushing this widely-debunked story.

Ganahl has photos of children in Colorado schools — presumably taken without their knowledge — and claims to be sharing them through her own campaign for governor.

Ganahl told noted teacher doxxer George Brauchler today on his KNUS radio show that her campaign is literally distributing photos of children that she believes to be “furries.”

As Kyle Clark of 9News noted this morning:


Here’s the audio clip from Brauchler’s show so that you can hear it for yourself:


BRAUCHLER: Now I never interpreted your comments to mean that this is taking place in every classroom, but what you’ve said that I think is really interesting to me — and it should be to everyone else out there — is that you guys have come forth and given to the media…when you say proof, and correct me if I’m wrong, I just assume you are giving examples, or names and numbers of parents who are like, this happened in my kids’ class. Is that what — and they’ve done nothing. I haven’t heard any stories that they’ve followed up on with those folks.

GANAHL: So, we provided a list of 30 schools [in which] parents and students have told us this is happening. We’ve provided pictures, but we’ve blurred out the faces. [Pols emphasis] We do not want kids and parents doxxed. That’s why I’m taking the heat, because the media will go after them. Three parents give their names and speak up in Matt Connelly’s Campfire articles — he already put that out.


GANAHL: And, honestly, it’s crazy that they’re trying to say it’s not happening. And parents and students are reaching out nonstop right now. We’re going to keep telling them to send their comments to the media. The media won’t cover it. They don’t want to. They want to distract from the nonsense that’s happening in the classrooms to keep kids from learning how to read, write, and do math.

This was the original “proof” of “furries” in Colorado schools that the Ganahl campaign provided to 9News last week.

Ganahl and Brauchler spend a lot of time blaming the “media” for making Furry-Lago into a bigger story…which makes absolutely no sense given that Ganahl herself keeps talking about it day after day after day AND is apparently proactively sending “proof” of her conspiracy theory to media outlets.

We wrote about this earlier, but here’s what Seth Klamann of The Denver Post reported today:

Officials for Denver Public Schools, Cherry Creek Schools, Aurora Public Schools and Colorado Springs School District 11 all denied having any issues with students dressing up as cats or other animals. Two statewide organizations, representing teachers and administrators, criticized Ganahl’s claims and said they had never been made aware of such issues, either.

“Denver Public Schools has not had an issue with students identifying as cats or any other animals,” district spokesman Scott Pribble said in an email, “and we do not provide any accommodations for anyone identifying as cats or other animals.”

Randy Barber, spokesman for Boulder Valley School District, which is included on a list Ganahl’s campaign provided of schools where students dress like animals, said he was unaware of any such issues.

“The concerns being generated by the Republican gubernatorial candidate are baseless,” he said.

The list of schools allegedly affected by the issue does not describe the breadth of the alleged concern at the named school, nor does it provide any detail beyond the schools’ names, location and alleged action taken by administrators. Campaign spokeswoman Lexi Swearingen said it had been compiled by the campaign and by the founders of Jeffco Kids First, a group formed two years ago to advocate for in-person learning. The founders are also part of the campaign’s “parents coalition,” Swearingen said.

Ganahl’s interview with Brauchler is the first we had heard that her campaign was actually distributing PHOTOS of children to news outlets, which is beyond irresponsible and is downright disgusting.

We’re also curious to know more about how Ganahl’s campaign could have “proof” that kids are dressing up in furry costumes if her campaign is blurring the faces of the kids in the pictures. If you can see their faces, it follows that THEY ARE NOT WEARING FURRY ANIMAL COSTUMES like the one depicted in the photo above.

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  1. MichaelBowman says:

    Seems like a strange choice of hills to die on. 

  2. Early Worm says:

    I predict an October Surprise with numerous photos of school-aged children, many as young as 5 and 6, identifying as animals of all sorts, police officers, ghosts, witches, and all many gender-ambiguous cartoon characters. Many will demand sweet confections (socialism), and threaten mischief (rioting).

  3. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

    Heidi:  "Hey, look at me. I can sound like a blithering moron talking about furries and litter boxes, so you won't ask me about that brain fart that I let rip about abolishing the state income tax."

    Stay the course, Regent Ganahl. You're on track for oblivion!

  4. DavidThi808 says:

    Giant question – has any news media received pictures? Are they even a little bit credible?

  5. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    As a registered Republican, I would expect my party’s gubernatorial candidate to talk about actual issues like jobs, higher education, public lands, water, agriculture, etc.

    Instead, Colorado gets big talk about kids doing CosPlay in their schools. Ganahl will still get 40% of the vote from a combination of the “pro-life” base and folks who mistakenly check the wrong box on their ballots.

    But she really expects to be seen as a serious candidate?

    About all she’s qualified for is an earlier version of Camp Bow Wow; the old “Poop Von Scoop,” known for cleaning up “Gross Encounters of the Turd Kind.” 

    • JohnNorthofDenver says:

      That's because you aren't a republican any longer. You might be registered as such but the party isn't what you described. Republicans do feel this is a real issue. Republicans stand for a larger role of government in your life as they should be able to stop woke movies and put out all white people movies. This is their true desires. Grieve for the death of your party and then register as unaffiliated or join us become a  Democrat for a better America

  6. MichaelBowman says:

    We need to triage this Heidi shit show with some sage-equivalent: (RIP, Loretta)

  7. dwyer says:

    Kids should not be campaign targets.  

    where ae the Democrats? Heida should produce signed statements from parents varying that their children are identiying as cats and the parents are okay with that or not. Heida could hurt children with this latest campaign strategy,  I really think this needs to be investigated.

  8. dwyer says:

     Brauchler was all over this nonsense, today,  He said if he saw a litter box then he woudl believe her claims.  I shut the show off.  I don't know what happened next.  A teacher friend had told me a while back that some schools had put boxes with litter like material in them ONLY if the kids were in a lock down situation with an active shooter and someone had to go to the bathroom.  If Brauchler and his pal Heidi continue this, someone should sue on behalf of teachers, children and parents and grandparents who are scared enough about school safety withou these two fools making an issue of a terrible necessity,

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