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August 31, 2022 11:37 AM UTC

Mesa County DA Hits Gas On Tina Peters Prosecution

  • by: Colorado Pols
Tina Peters

As the Grand Junction Sentinel reports:

Prosecutors have concluded their investigation into Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and intend to ask for a trial date at a hearing next Wednesday.

In a press release Tuesday, 21st Judicial District Attorney Dan Rubinstein said his office and “the Colorado Attorney General’s Office have been engaged in parallel investigations with federal authorities related to the events that formed the basis of the Grand Jury indictment.”

While Rubinstein said his office is ready to ask for a trial date, the press release also noted that they have requested the United States Attorney’s Office “to continue its investigation into all potential perpetrators of federal crimes related to the events in Mesa County.”

AP via Denver7:

Rubinstein’s announcement comes less than a week after Mesa County Deputy Clerk and Recorder Belinda Knisley agreed to cooperate with prosecutors and testify against Peters, former election manager Sandra Brown, and any other people who might potentially be charged in connection with the May 2021 Mesa County election system security breach…

Knisley, who was suspended on Aug. 23, 2021, and barred from performing work for Mesa County, had participated in a proffer session in early June in which she spoke with state and federal investigators for seven hours about the scheme, allegedly masterminded by Peters, to copy hard drive images of the county’s election systems and allow an unauthorized man named Conan Hayes into the trusted build of the election machines with the Secretary of State’s Office and Dominion Voting Systems.

It does increasingly appear that Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters’ deputy Belinda Knisley ‘s decision to cooperate with investigators against her former boss has accelerated the timeline for bringing the case to trial. There’s been no word so far about Peters negotiating a plea deal of her own, and Peters continues to complain loudly about restrictions imposed on her by the court that prevented her from traveling in person to “MyPillow Guy” Mike Lindell’s latest election conspiracy theory conference last week in Missouri. At Lindell’s “Moment of Truth” conference, the Lara Logan-directed movie about Peters’ supposed persecution in the service of conspiracy theorizing, Selection Code, debuted without Peters–which has to hurt after receiving the red carpet treatment at Mar-a-Lago, for the premiere of Dinesh D’Souza’s election conspiracy theory movie having nothing to do with Peters’ case.

Now that Peters is–whether she likes it or not–no longer a candidate for office, the double life she’s led for the last year as a celebrity in the election conspiracy theory world traveling the country in luxury while at the same time an accused felon facing a long jail sentence back here in Colorado is quickly coming to an end. The bubble of misinformation that Peters has thrived in since her case became public does not include the courtroom, and at some point soon Peters is going to have to choose between sacrificing her freedom to preserve her status as a political martyr for the Big Lie, or cutting her own deal with prosecutors to minimize her own suffering.

We hope Peters’ lawyers at some point give her something they’re not known for: good advice.


12 thoughts on “Mesa County DA Hits Gas On Tina Peters Prosecution

    1. Court dockets are a bit full these days. 

      Mesa County's Courtroom 9, where Tina Peters will be next Wednesday, has a docket in the next week which shows 86 records — including a multi-day jury trial.

  1. So refreshing to see such an objective news worthy article. I would call this biased yellow journalism. For the record, reporters are supposed to report the facts not become judge, jury, prosecutor and emotional accuser. smh

  2. First of all, it's hard to conceive of Tina Peters "masterminding" anything. Personally, I think Sherronna Bishop cooked up the whole caper.

    Secondly, given that Belinda already flipped and got the sweet deal, and given the way Tina has been incessantly insulting the DA and judge publicly, accusing them of being demonic, politically motivated, out to put "a grandmother" in prison, etc., and insisting constantly that she "won't give up and won't give in," I assume there will be little motivation anywhere in the judicial system to grant her any kind of a deal. Besides, Mouse #1 has already gotten the cheese 

  3. Yawn. This article lacks originality…more of the same left leaning piece of crap they all dish up everyday. There’s no professionalism whatsoever. Real journalism is a dying art..and this writer just proved my point.

    Tina Peters is a brave soul who exposed Soros backed communists behind the rigged machines, and it’s not a theory anymore. It’s a conspiracy! The last two years have exposed mountains of election fraud. China bought out RINOs and DEMS decades ago. They sold their souls to Chyna, and here we are with a Resident in chief who has flushed America down the tubes to communism. Stolen Elections have serious consequences, and it’s only gonna get worse under this fake administration. 

    We are praying for you, Tina. God knows we need more heroes like you. 

    1. Dude.

      As someone who works in a county election office, I take great offense at your gross exaggerations. There has not been any proven wide-spread election fraud if favor of either party anywhere in the country. To say otherwise is simply a lie. YES A LIE! How do we know it's a lie? Because those who insist on spreading it cannot provide one, not even one, verifiable fact to back up their made-up statements.

      Yes, in every election there are cases of a few individuals here and there around the country, with absolutely no evidence that they know each other or are working together, who try to cheat the system. How do we know this? Because they were caught and stopped.

      When you disparage the integrity of the election system, it is a slap to every man and woman in this country who takes time out of their normal schedule to go work as an election judge or a ballot counter. If it were not for these people, elections could not happen. And it is because of them, those people who do try to interfere are caught and prosecuted, whether they are Republicans, Democrats, or something else.

  4. Tina has only one move left. She could plead nolo comprende meaning Please, judge, I am so unbelievably stupid I got myself in a world of trouble.’’


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