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June 02, 2022 09:15 AM UTC

"Selection Code"--Tina Peters Gets Her Own Flick After All

  • by: Colorado Pols

Last month, Republican Colorado Secretary of State candidate Tina Peters flew to Palm Beach on her campaign’s dime to attend the Mar-a-Lago premiere of crackpot pseudo-journo Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie 2000 Mules, trotting out a new and already discredited conspiracy theory to reinforce the baseless conviction of a majority of Republican voters that Donald Trump should still be President. 2000 Mules’ subject matter has no relationship whatsoever to the conspiracy theory regarding Dominion Voting Systems hardware that Clerk Peters stands accused of felonies for allowing unauthorized access to.

But if you were worried that Clerk Peters was being short-changed as a mere guest at D’Souza’s premiere party instead of the life of her own party, all that’s necessary is a little patience. Because next month, D’Souza’s Mules will be ancient history–and Clerk Peters will be starring in a slickly-edited movie of her own.

Here’s how the producers of Selection Code (we’re not doing the silly brackets) describe their work:

[S]ELECTION CODE follows world renown [sic-Pols] investigative journalist Lara Logan on her most important assignment to date. For over 35 years investigative journalist Lara Logan has been on the front lines of history’s deadliest conflicts. Yet no assignment to date has put her career and life in more danger than this one. [Pols emphasis] Her investigation goes to the heart of the current Information War, revealing yet another facet in the ever-unfolding saga of election fraud, demonstrating the role of the machines in stealing our vote.

The documentary follows the story of Tina Peters the County Clerk in Mesa Colorado, who made a backup of her counties Dominion Voting System server, only to stumble across evidence of manipulation in a recent local city council election…. and also the 2020 general election. Tina’s discovery ignites a chain reaction upending her life. And upending the world.

You will not be able to unsee what you see.

There you have it folks, either Mesa County has become a den of intrigue and danger right out of a Jerry Bruckheimer movie, in which case there had better be some cool explosions–or it’s time to put on our hip waders. Considering the sources, we’re proceeding with the latter.

Ad for Lara Logan’s Fox Nation show before it was axed.

Lara Logan is a once-respected reporter who well before the 2020 elections had begun a migration downward from CBS News’ top tier of journalists into the fringe right podcast world, to the point of recently having been dumped by Fox Nation after comparing Dr. Stephen Fauci to Josef Mengele. The projects that Logan takes on today are, and we can now vouch for this with local experience, not credible endeavors. The New York Times profiled Logan late last month with a mention of Selection Code, which we learn is being financed by the most usual of suspects:

[Logan’s] latest project is a forthcoming documentary on voting machines called “Selection Code” that is being financed by Mike Lindell, the chief executive of My Pillow, who has helped spread some of the most outrageous myths about the 2020 presidential election…

“When I think of Lara,” [60 Minutes Producer Ira] Rosen added, “I want to remember the Lara who put her life on the line reporting for CBS News in Afghanistan and Egypt. The one now I almost don’t even want to know about.”

When reached for comment, Ms. Logan said she wouldn’t participate in “a hit piece,” and added, “I’m not interested,” before abruptly hanging up. But today she speaks often to conservative talk show hosts about her days at CBS, describing what she views as a culture of conformity in the mainstream media.

“The moment I wasn’t toeing the line, then I was, ‘Oh, she used to be great, what happened to her?’” Ms. Logan said on a recent episode of Mr. Lindell’s web show, “The Lindell Report.”

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, “MyPillow Guy” Mike Lindell.

If you’re appearing on “MyPillow Guy” Mike Lindell’s web show to ask why no one takes you seriously anymore, allow us to suggest as gently as we may that you have answered your own question.

Lindell has been in Colorado a great deal since the investigation that led to Peters’ multiple felony indictments by a Mesa County grand jury got going in earnest last August, and it’s been a humiliating experience of being either laughed at by a local school board or served with a lawsuit while insulting the gaggle of reporters following him around at a modestly-attended pro-Peters rally. Lindell’s financial support for Peters while she was hiding out of state for a month last August and September, on the other hand, was anything but modest, and the subject of an ethics complaint against Peters–and that’s before Lindell claimed to have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Peters’ legal defense fund.

We assume producing Tina Peters: The Motion Picture wasn’t cheap either.

The film is not scheduled for release until late July, some weeks after the June 28th GOP primary that Peters is counting on winning in order to keep her pre-incarceration party rolling. Ironically, the delay could actually benefit Peters by generating buzz before the film is debunked by credible news outlets.

No matter how many times it’s disproven, the “Big Lie” will live on. There’s no “moving on” for Republicans when so many in their midst are determined beyond the hope of ever convincing otherwise to undo the last election. If you’ve been following Peters’ case locally, including local Republicans who have urged her to pull out of the race for Secretary of State, you know the claim to have uncovered evidence of election fraud to justify Peters’ alleged crimes has already been disproven. So as we’ve seen countless times in political messaging, it’s a question of spreading the falsehood faster than it can be debunked.

Unfortunately, the lie usually wins.


16 thoughts on ““Selection Code”–Tina Peters Gets Her Own Flick After All

  1. Increasingly, I’m reminded I need to go re-read historian Richard Hofstadter, who “famously described the ‘paranoid style’ of American politics in the 1960s in a series of works focused on the prevalence of anti-intellectual tendencies in American social, cultural and political life.”  And a similar work from a sociologist, Conal Furay, The Grass Roots Mind in America: The American Sense of Absolutes.  And the book by Leon Festinger, Henry Riecken, and Stanley Schachter, When Prophecy Fails, “the behavior of individuals in social movements that made specific (and unfulfilled) prophecies.”

    I have to remind myself that there have been movements in politics and religion that latch on to incredible (literally!) views and appear to flourish for a bit.  I need the reminder that although the groups appear to be large and powerful, they are likely to fail in predictable ways.

    Tina Peters and her supporters are likely to be able to uphold the view of “rigged machines” — and “the lie usually wins.”  That is, the lie wins until there is a more rigorous test of the idea in courts of law.  And the lie wins until there are widely seen dis-confirming events. And for some, the lie never goes away, but socially, it loses its power.  It isn’t inevitable … but reality eventually has a near-irresistible gravity.

    1. That is fine word play, Voyageur …. but I don't think Tina & Lindell can manage such grandiose displays from the groups in front of them.

  2. Mike Lindell is a deep state operative and a fake according to Lin Wood. I love it when the far right crazies keep eating their own.

    1. He’s BOGO on his shitty pillows.  I only know this because some family members just bought several – you know, to make sure he doesn’t go bankrupt for speaking truth to power 😳

    2. Wait a minute….

      Wood attacked Pillow Guy as being a deep state operative and a fake?

      WTF, I thought those two spoke one another's language.

      1.  “If Hispanic voting trends continue to move steadily against the Democrats, the pro-Democratic effect of nonwhite population growth will be blunted, if not canceled out entirely,” Mr. Teixeira wrote in December. “That could — or should — provoke quite a sea change in Democratic thinking.”

        This jumped out at me. If Hispanics are moving towards the GOP after Trump vilified them for 5 years, imagine where the Republicans can go if they tried saying nice things about Hispanics.

        Be afraid, be very afraid.

        1. Not to worry- we can always count on the vicious racism and anti- immigrant propaganda to repel most Latine voters from voting GOP. And if we don’t have another massive COVID wave shutting down the evonomy, that economic incentive to back GOP policies won’t be in play. 56% of Latine voters prefer Democratic policies, and that hasn’t changed much since 2016.

          (That was sarcasm- vicious racism hurts everyone)

          Have Latinos Really Moved Toward the Republican Party? 

          The analysis from the Latino-focused research outfit pointed to Latino approval of Trump’s economic policies as a key factor that helped Trump win over Latino voters worried about how COVID-19 would impact the economy. And because concerns about COVID-19 and the economy dominated the spotlight, immigration issues that might have kept some Latinos from backing Trump became less salient. That was important because Trump’s anti-immigration and anti-Latino rhetoric had kept some more conservative-leaning Latinos from voting for him in 2016, but with immigration pushed to the background in 2020, these voters now felt more comfortable casting a ballot for Trump. Additionally, GOP attempts to label Democrats as “socialists” likely contributed to these shifts as well.


  3. I am not listening to polling or any prognostications about the mid-terms or the 2024 contests. Anyone who cites "conventional wisdom" when suggesting what is happening next, is yanking your chain or just a hopeless fool.

    We are in uncharted waters and the Christian Right is the biggest shark out there. 

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