No Questions: “Heidi & Danny” Kickoff Another Absurd Self-Own

Ganahl’s new policy.

Heidi Ganahl’s struggling campaign for governor held an event today in Aurora to roll out her second choice for lieutenant governor after the Las Animas County Commissioner Felix Lopez apparently declined, the ex-chair of the state’s congressional redistricting committee Danny Moore. Moore, as Ganahl’s campaign has spent every day since Monday’s announcement performing damage control over, was removed from his position as chair of the redistricting committee over Moore’s baseless questioning of the results of the 2020 presidential election.

As the Aurora Sentinel’s Carina Julig reports, they shouldn’t have bothered:

It was standing room only Friday afternoon at JJ’s Place, where Danny Moore formally accepted the nomination to be Heidi Ganahl’s running mate in her campaign to unseat Jared Polis as next governor of Colorado.

Neither Ganahl nor Moore permitted questions from reporters, despite widespread criticism of Moore earlier this week stemming from election denier social media posts he made last year. [Pols emphasis]

Moore and Ganahl both gave short speeches to the enthusiastic crowd at the restaurant owned by Aurora City Councilmember Danielle Jurinsky. The event had been rescheduled from Wednesday due to a conflict with the 10 year anniversary of the Aurora theater shooting.

The campaign has already apologized for initially scheduling this event on the tenth anniversary of the Aurora theater shooting, though like their excuse for delaying the original LG announcement past the “holiday week,” the date was certainly known–or knowable–in advance. Much worse for Ganahl was inviting the press to this kickoff event in the distant reaches of “Saudi Aurora”…and then refusing to answer a single question.

Not just refusing, says the Denver Post’s Alex Burness, but even getting physical about it:

What was the point of this event? To alienate the press even more than Ganahl has already?

It doesn’t matter if Ganahl packed a venue ten times the size of this sports bar. A couple hundred people who attended this event count for little compared to the thousands of people who will hear the story reported by the press, which is that Ganahl and Moore held a “public” event but refused to answer questions. Not just the “divisive” questions Ganahl has complained to the media about since the day of her campaign launch. Any questions.

So again, why hold a public event at all?

The confounded rollout of Ganahl’s LG choice, like so much of Ganahl’s campaign up to now, has consisted of a series of unforced errors on painfully public display. There was no imminent deadline forcing the announcement of Lopez before it was certain, and every choice since that original mistake has compounded the embarrassment. This is a campaign seemingly determined to wreck itself without any outside help.

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  1. westslope says:

    All the campaign weenies wanted from calling it a public event is teevee pictures an B-roll. Sounds like they got it.

  2. DavidThi808 says:

    Heidi will take your questions now. As long as there aren't any ruff ones.

  3. Moderatus says:

    I don't know who the bigger crybabies are, the media or Colorado Pols. If they don't want to take gotcha questions from the press they don't have to.

  4. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

    Every time I see a photo of this woman, the first word that comes to my mind is "silly." She is not a serious candidate.

  5. JohnInDenver says:

    Welp, yea, Ganahl & Moore certainly have a First Amendment right to say whatever and answer questions or not. 

    Those covering the event have an opportunity to describe it how they want, too. First mentions I saw:

    Aurora Sentinel:  Ganahl introduces businessman Danny Moore as running mate in Aurora, but shuns reporter questions

    Chase Woodruff Colorado Newsline writer), responding to the Denver Post's Alec Burness tweet (above) by a twitter threadreader

    There used to be two basic guardrails on the ability of even fairly powerful political figures to abhor and ignore the press: 1) the soft power of norms, decorum, the shared desire to live in a free, informed, small-d democratic society, and more importantly,

    2) the hard power of communications technology and the access to mass audiences that media organizations could offer to — or withhold from, or use against — powerful figures.

    Increasingly, both of those guardrails are gone. Right-wing politicians are often no longer bothering to pretend they value the role of a free, independent, adversarial press — or, indeed, plenty of other democratic norms.

    I guess we'll see how it plays on other media outlets sometime soon.

  6. Chickenheed says:

    I bet independent conservative news source  Ganahl PR Firm, Campfire Colorado got an "interview".

  7. davebarnes says:

    Well, the last politician running state-wide—Smiling Cory—who refused to answer reporters’ questions did very well as I recall.

  8. skeptical citizen says:

    Control of the media is a fundamental component of Fascism.

  9. Gilpin Guy says:

    I want to know what Polis is doing.  How does a sure fire winner run an election.  We know the losers do stupid stuff.  Got it loud and clear.  How about some coverage on what Polis has done to create such an insurmountable lead.

    • Blackie says:

      A Gilpin Guy: How about just simply being good at his job in leading the state thru difficult times, being able to balance a budget during those difficult times in a pandemic. want me to go on for the rest of the day? 
      And made sure that abortion is still an option for women in Colorado.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      Well, if you want to know what Polis is doing:  might check out

      The lead paragraph:

      Brighter days
      are ahead

      Governor Polis brings steady, proven leadership to weather our challenges and ensure our brightest days are ahead. Doing what is right for Colorado, the Governor has delivered on major commitments while responding effectively to unprecedented crises. He will continue working to make Colorado more affordable, ensure Coloradans hold onto their hard-earned money and create more opportunities for families to get ahead.

      Pretty solid:  I might have stayed away from "leadership to weather our challenges" —  and shift to leadership that addressed our challenges…

  10. If you don't provide words for folks to publish, folks will fill in with their own words. Maybe not answering questions was better than the words that would have come out when answering them.

  11. davebarnes says:

    They are going to avoid the press as long as they can.
    But, at every event, the first question from the press will be: "Did Fat Donnie from Queens lose the election?"
    Follow up: "Can you provide specific examples of voter fraud in Colorado?"
    Over and over.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      Ganahl, Moore and many others here in the state are willing to say something like "well, it was administered here in a barely okay way …. but all those other states, wow, was there Democratic theft.

      Only the REALLY crazy R/Trumpists/"stop the steal" types think there was machine manipulation because Italy/Venezuela/China/the Rosicrucian Order & their Freemason henchmen had Dominion Software change the files.

    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      Specific examples….  Barry Morphew cast his missing wife’s ballot for Trump.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      People are going to be wondering why she picked Moore if she doesn't want to say if the 2020 election was stolen.  He certainly believes it was.  She couldn't have picked a worse running mate if she wanted to avoid the issue.

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