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July 14, 2022 08:54 AM UTC

Back To Jail Scrubs For Tina Peters?

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE #2: Denver7’s Blair Miller reports:

On Thursday afternoon just before 1 p.m., Steinberg filed a motion to quash the arrest warrant and a request for a hearing with the court, primarily arguing that he had not seen the judge’s July 11 order by the time she had left and that he did not properly provide the court with notice of her travel to Las Vegas.

In the motion, Steinberg wrote that Peters email him and her other lawyers on July 7 saying she would be going to the conference on July 12, but Steinberg did not notice she had those plans.

Because of that, he argued, his office did not prepare or file a proper notice with the court, which Steinberg said Peters was unaware of.


UPDATE: It looks like Tina Peters’ lawyers are maneuvering to take the rap for her bond violation:

If this ploy does work, it’ll only work once. But it may keep Peters out of the klink for the present news cycle.


Tina Peters on the red carpet at Mar-a-Lago earlier this year.

As the Grand Junction Sentinel’s Charles Ashby reports, Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, who is facing felony charges over a breach of election system security in her office, enjoyed a measure of freedom despite strict bond conditions to travel around the country as a candidate for Secretary of State–leniency that Peters exploited to the hilt by spending campaign funds on a trip to Palm Beach for the premiere of Dinesh D’Souza’s election conspiracy flick 2,000 Mules.

But now that Peters isn’t a candidate for higher office anymore, the justification for letting her travel the country has evaporated. But that apparently hasn’t stopped Peters from traveling. She just…stopped caring about permission:

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters was told by a Colorado court she couldn’t leave the state without court approval, but she went anyway.

As a result, Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein filed a motion with District Judge Matthew Barrett’s court late Wednesday asking that she be placed under arrest, a motion that Barrett approved at 8:16 this morning.

The clerk, who faces 10 felony and misdemeanor charges for tampering with election equipment, identity theft and misconduct in office, had traveled to Las Vegas to attend and speak at an event this week hosted by the Constitutional Sheriff & Peace Officers Association.

The arrest warrant for Clerk Peters means she’ll either be picked up in Nevada if she’s still there and extradited to Colorado in custody, or arrested upon her return to Colorado. The extradition process can take a few days or even longer depending, and is unpleasant enough on its own that Peters would probably rather turn herself in to Mesa County authorities. Either way, this could be the last straw for the court with respect to Peters’ endless petty defiance, antics that have already earned Peters a pending contempt citation. Most defendants behaving this way would already have had their bond revoked, and remanded to custody through their trial. That’s what’s supposed to happen when a defendant refuses to abide by the terms of their release on bond.

What will Tucker Carlson report about this latest news? The fictional universe Carlson created for his millions of viewers around Peters’ case is about all she has left.

And it will be cold comfort in Mesa County Jail.


14 thoughts on “Back To Jail Scrubs For Tina Peters?

  1. Tina Peters is just a typical republican who thinks that laws don't apply to them.

    I'm kind of giggling that this twit is going to have a very rude awakening when she returns to Colorado. Of course Tina will cry about how she's being persecuted just because she's a republican and how it's all a plot by the 'deep state'.


  2. Terms of the original bond, according to Colorado Newsline: “District Court Judge Matthew Barrett set a $25,000 cash-only secured bond for Peters during a Thursday afternoon hearing and clarified that it had to be posted in her name.”

    As a result, Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein filed a motion with District Judge Matthew Barrett’s court late Wednesday asking that she be placed under arrest, a motion that Barrett approved at 8:16 this morning.

    So for those of you acquainted with procedure — does Peters lose the $25,000? Is that automatic or determined by a hearing after her arrest? 

  3. As I've said elsewhere, after her Vegas arrest, I want Peters to have "the extradition van tour of the west" like my clients used to endure when arrested in another state. You know, the 3wk van trip from Vegas to Grand Junction. She'll love it.

  4. It's not mental illness, and that claim does a disservice to all the many people who struggle with mental illness every day and yet somehow never try to commit election fraud. Tina Peters' only "mental problem" I can see is an over-abundance of privilege.

  5. I would have zero tolerance for this as the judge.  A defendant on bond with travel restrictions does NOT travel outside the state without the court's express permission.  Defendant who assumes it'll be granted, and travels without confirmed express authorization to do so, assumes the risk of bond revocation.  Revoke her bond.  Set a new bond hearing for a week out and let her consider the consequences of defying the conditions of her bond.  

  6. "What will Tucker Carlson report…….."

    Since Tina got soundly beaten in her S of S race, even though she's claiming fraud, she is probably of little future use for Tucker and the MAGA types.

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