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June 07, 2022 01:04 PM UTC

And The Moral Of The Story Is, Lawyers Should Know Better

  • by: Colorado Pols
John Kellner (right).

Marianne Goodland of the Colorado Springs Gazette’s political blog reports on a surprising fumble by a well-known local Republican lobbyist and astroturf advocacy group honcho, Michael Fields, who made an illegal campaign donation to the Republican candidate for Attorney General John Kellner:

Fields, a registered lobbyist for Advance Colorado Action, gave three contributions during the legislative session to three Republican statewide candidates. Two of those contributions may have violated campaign finance laws.

State law bars professional or volunteer lobbyists from giving contributions to statewide candidates during the legislative session. That prohibition applies to candidates or incumbents for governor, secretary of state, treasurer and attorney general, as well as to state House or Senate candidates.

Now fortunately for John Kellner, Colorado campaign finance law also gives candidates who negligently take an illegal campaign donation an opportunity to “cure” the violation without incurring a penalty, in this case by returning Fields’ $500 donation, which Kellner’s campaign did at the end of May when notified about the problem:

But under state law that was changed several years ago, candidates have the opportunity to fix the violation before a penalty is assessed. Kellner has 10 days to respond. As noted earlier, he he has already returned the contribution.

“If I was aware of it, I obviously wouldn’t have done it,” Fields, who has been a lobbyist for various Republican-affiliated groups since at least 2019, earlier told Colorado Politics. [Pols emphasis]

Ignorance of the law is of course no excuse for breaking the law, and that’s true even for people without law degrees. Michael Fields has been up in the business of the Colorado General Assembly long enough to have no excuse for ignorance of the laws governing his behavior as a registered lobbyist, and Kellner’s campaign should likewise be doing more due diligence on the back end to make sure the campaign donations they’re bringing in are lawful.

That’s how it reads if you’re not inclined to make excuses for lawyers bungling lawyerly matters, and we see no reason to do that.


10 thoughts on “And The Moral Of The Story Is, Lawyers Should Know Better

    1. Pray tell, Fluffy, what baggage does Phil Weiser carry?

      "Stay the course, senator. Some day they will thank you."

    2. Just curious, Moderatus … what head to head comparisons do you see between Kellner and Weiser?  

       * Education and Experience in the legal field, generally?

       * Campaign contributions? "influences" that come from donations? and violations?

       * Experience at running a large organization?  and

       * whatever else you got on your mind.

    3. Sources, dipshit.  Don’t throw out accusations unless you have the goods to back it up.  

      So, you’d better show credible sources about Weiser’s so-called “baggage”.  Unless you want to be hounded about it every time you poke your ugly head out of your Hide-i hole.

      Also, with your track record, I’m sure Kellner appreciates your prediction that he will win   kiss of death.  NOT!

    4. Okay, Moddy.  Go lick George "tweeting in open court and lying to the judge about it" Brauchler's boots and polish the turd that is John Kellner.  Once you've done your chores then come back with any evidence to support your claim of Weiser's baggage

  1. I would expect the "crime tusunami" that's being pushed by Fields/Kellner as being the fault of Weiser will resonate with some Coloradans.  Weisner needs to push back and push back hard on supporting stiff gun regulation in Colorado to address this issue as I would also expect that to resonate with voters even more.

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