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April 28, 2022 09:46 AM UTC

Boebert's Fearful Pot Shot At Don Coram's Petitions Dismissed

  • by: Colorado Pols
Rep. Lauren Boebert, state Sen. Don Coram.

As the Colorado Sun’s Jesse Paul reports, a lawsuit filed on behalf of freshman GOP going calamity Rep. Lauren Boebert via the state’s usual-suspect gaggle of Republican lawyers seeking to have Boebert’s Republican primary opponent Sen. Don Coram tossed off the ballot has been thrown out of court:

A lawsuit filed by a group that includes a man who has tried to discredit Coram and another who has donated to Boebert’s campaign alleged that 390 of the 1,568 petition signatures submitted by Coram and accepted by the Secretary of State’s Office were flawed. If the judge agreed, Coram would have fallen below the 1,500-signature threshold he needed to meet to make the primary ballot.

But Myers, in a 14-page ruling, found that only 19 of the signatures accepted by the Secretary of State’s Office should have been rejected, not enough to disqualify Coram from the primary.

Like we wrote a week ago, Boebert’s legal team in the case seeking to toss Coram off the June 28th primary ballot was a who’s who of big-name Republican lawyers, including former DA-turned right-wing radio host George Brauchler and former Deputy Secretary of State under the notorious Scott “Honey Badger” Gessler Suzanne Taheri. Participation in this lawsuit to clear Boebert’s field by these high-profile GOP lawyers signals that Boebert has been fully embraced by the party brass, warts and all, to the extent that they are actively intervening to prop her up. And, needless to say especially now that the case has been dismissed, it signals fear–that Coram could either oust Boebert or inflict enough damage during the primary to help Democrats do it in November.

Despite Boebert’s attempt to deny voters the choice, Don Coram will have his day.


22 thoughts on “Boebert’s Fearful Pot Shot At Don Coram’s Petitions Dismissed

  1. Dems vote for Don Coram in the primary and get rid of the CO embarrassing trash.  He is reasonable even by Dem standards.  Sol has not a snowballs chance and thats OK, she needs to run but as a state of the sane we need to send Bobert packing her pistol in Rifle. 

    1. Sorry…nope. Democrats did not vote her into office. It is not up to us to take out your trash.

      To my knowledge, Reppy le Pew Pew has not embarrassed a single Democrat. She has done nothing of substance and is not likely to…other than get her hubby a ginormous raise in pay.

      Don Coram is a member in good standing of the Good Ol’ Boys Club. Ask him where he stands on the “wise use” scale. Ask him if he knows anyone on 17th. St., or has any buddies at the Petroleum Club.

      Don Coram is the OilyBoyz answer to a nightmare. He will be their friend, too, but he won’t embarrass them.

        1. I suspect that some of the folks on the left actually like having Bimbobert in office because she gives them someone to rant about.  (In much the same way as the folks at Faux News love the Squad. Who feeds them more red meat:  AOC or her predecessor, Joe Crowley?)


    2. Even as simple as it is, changing parties to screw around with the primary is an unlikely tactic to sway much of the vote. There would need to be some effort put into a campaign to get people to switch — surely if there was such a movement, it would have surfaced by now. 

      So, any effort beyond people talking when they gather for coffee?

      1. For what it's worth, I went from being register "D" to a "U" last week, but I live in CD 7 where we have a choice between that screwball Tim Reichert and some other weirdos vying for the right to run against Brittany Petersen. 

        My primary motive for changing registration was to vote for Pam Anderson for Secretary of State but I don't plan on leaving the rest of the ballot.

        After the primary, I'm going to take a hot shower and change my registration back.

    3. Adam Frisch the only Democrat who can beat Lauren Boebert. He has the resources and can build a cross party coalition of disaffected Republicans, Independents and Democrats to beat Lauren Boebert.

  2. Coram should be sending out PR statements how he survived the attack by the establishment media George Brauchler and the thinkanistas on the front range who want to take away choice… maybe call someone a socialist.

  3. Coram might say "efficiency:"

    From the Secretary of State's news release announcing "Don Coram Qualifies for State Primary Ballot"

    Number of qualified signatures submitted:  1,953

    Number of entries rejected:  390

    Number of entries accepted:  1,563  [minus 19 impromperly approved, 1544]

    Number of valid signatures required: 1,500 

  4. Adam Frisch the only Democrat who can beat Lauren Boebert. He has the resources and can build a cross party coalition of disaffected Republicans, Independents and Democrats to beat Lauren Boebert.

      1. Yeah, remember the perfect storm that hit CD4 in 2008:  strong Democratic candidate with lots of money, hateful and reprehensible incumbent Republican, and a Democratic wave election cycle.

        That is the only way Bimbobert loses a general election.

        And while 2022 will be a wave election, it won't be a Democratic wave election.


  5. ballots_BOTH.png

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    Return only one ballot or your vote will not count.

    Two ballots will be mailed the first week of June, but you can only vote and return one – Republican or Democratic.

    Voting the ballot of a political party does not affiliate you with either of these major political parties.

    Make sure your voice is heard by choosing the candidates who share and represent your values. Thank you for voting and returning just one ballot!

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