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April 09, 2022 02:21 PM UTC

Greg Lopez, Ron Hanks Win Top Line At GOP State Assembly

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE 6:30PM: In a stunning upset, “Election Truther” U.S. Senate candidate Ron Hanks holds all his assembly rivals below the 30% threshold. Say goodbye to Deborah Flora, Gino Campana, Eli Bremer and everybody else except Joe O’Dea who qualified for the ballot via petition:

Ron Hanks: 38.96%
Deborah Flora: 28.93%
Eli Bremer: 14.7%
Gino Campana: 11.21%
Greg Moore: 3.19%
Peter Yu: 3.02%

We told you Ron Hanks is the center of gravity in the Republican Senate race.

We were more right than even we could have known.


UPDATE 5:15PM: via Colorado Public Radio’s Andrew Kenney, U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Ron Hanks takes the stage to big cheers:


UPDATE: GOP gubernatorial candidate Danielle Neuschwanger refuses to concede after narrowly missing the 30% threshold required to make the June 28th primary ballot:


GOP candidate for governor Greg Lopez (R).

First results are in at the Republican Party state assembly at the World Arena in Colorado Springs, where perennial candidate for governor Greg Lopez just narrowly bested CU Regent Heidi Ganahl to win top line on the June 28th primary ballot–and in the process narrowly shutting out upstart Danielle Neuschwanger, who came in just under the 30% required to stay in the game:

Greg Lopez: 34.34%
Heidi Ganahl: 32.63%

Lopez reportedly inspired delegates ahead of the vote with a speech promising to pardon indicted Mesa County Clerk/Secretary of State candidate Tina Peters if elected. Watch this space for updates, many more races (including Peters’) coming up.


36 thoughts on “Greg Lopez, Ron Hanks Win Top Line At GOP State Assembly

  1. Based on this thread, Mr. Lopez is campaigning on a unique "law and order" platform. If you resist arrest by kicking a police officer (caught on video), he will pardon you once he is governor. He is substituting himself for the judge and jury before a case goes to trial on that charge and many others. He needs to answer what facts he has that exonerate Ms. Peters. I'm sure he can let us all in on the secret facts the rest of us have not seen.

  2. And true to form, when a Republican candidate looses just claim fraud. Apparently, Republicans themselves are committing vote fraud. Who knew?

      1. I wish she would. Rudy's license is under suspension but is Sidney Powell still allowed inside any courtroom?

        Release the kraken!

  3. CPR reports

    In the U.S. Senate race, where six candidates started the day hoping to win enough support to challenge Bennet, only one ended up making the ballot. State Rep. Ron Hanks, who attended the January 6th protests in Washington, D.C., and has repeatedly questioned the validity of the 2020 presidential election, won nearly 40 percent of delegate support. None of the other candidates reached the required 30 percent threshold. Hanks will face John O’Dea, a construction company owner who qualified for the ballot through the petition process.

    I’m impressed by the CPR choice of what to use as descriptors for Hanks: January 6 and his questioning of election validity.

  4. And at first decision, the Republican primary WON'T be limited to true believers … Marianne Goodland wrote this afternoon that "A U.S. District Court judge has dismissed a request for a preliminary injunction seeking to block unaffiliated voters from participating in the June 28 state primary. "

  5. And the R primary will have a full house of crazy … CS Gazette says

    Hanks' supporters also rallied around Tina Peters, a clerk in a western Colorado county who has been indicted for her alleged role in the copying of confidential voting data that has been posted widely by Trump supporters online.

    Peters, who was barred by a judge from overseeing last year's local elections, is running for the GOP nomination for Colorado's top elections office, secretary of state. She won 61% of the vote at Saturday's events.

  6. Wow – after the general they'll be calling Colorado a Blue state as Democrats win every statewide race by a substantial margin.

    And if Buck & Lamborn lose their primaries to the crazies against them, we'll have a full sweep of batshit insane Republicans in Congress.

    What a picture that'll make to the rest of the country.

    1. The craziness makes sense to a certain extent, no? Dems do have the upper hand in CO and nothing suggests that will change, soon. GOP moderates have thus lost the "we have to win elections" argument that tempers any party. The more we win, the whackier they get.

    1. And your point is……..? Most of Colorado was either Klan run, or was heavily influenced by the Klan, during the 1920s. Why smear every resident of a county now, in 2022?

      1. My point is that, as someone who spent decades living there, practically nothing about the mentality of the place has changed in the last 100 years. It’s still the same cesspool and breeding ground of vehement racism it always was.

        1. Cañon City isn’t, as CHB stated, by any means special. They used to hold cross-burnings on Mt. Lindo and the  (Ben) Stapleton Administration was lousy with Klansmen.


  7. Seems to be a clear media narrative:


    • Denver Post: "Colorado GOP embraces election conspiracy theories" and "To make the support of election denying even more clear, election conspiracy theorist Joe Oltmann, head of FEC United, was nominated for governor from the floor at the event and gave a speech, before declining the nomination, putting his support behind Peters and Hanks."
    • CP: "False claims about 2020 election front and center as Tina Peters clinches spot in GOP secretary of state race" and "Republicans on Saturday set the stage for competitive primary elections in a statewide assembly that was dominated by talk of election security and gender politics "
    • The Colorado Sun: Littwin: The Big Lie is the big winner at the Colorado GOP assembly

    It must be a conspiracy.


    1. Littwin's off a bit: The big winners at the GOP Assembly yesterday were those who want to destabilize/delegitimize society to the point that only those with guns will be able to hold sway. The Big Lie is the wedge issue for that.

      1. You are right on target. The so called conservatives aim to destabilize our political and social institutions by substituting a narrative grounded in things that never were. Their substitute, if adopted, would end mired in authoritarianism.

        1. I'm now calling it "authoritarian conformism." Ask no questions, make no suggestions, just do as we say. Just like the Chinese Communist Party.

      1. I dunno … but am sort of worried that Lang Sias might sneak into the Treasurer's office on a sympathy vote — people looking at the whole ballot, not wanting to back ALL Democrats or the the RWNJs faction of the Republican party.  Hanks, Lopez, and Peters take a hit for being TOO Trumpy, Kellner/newcomer lose on merits to Weiser, … and many don't know what a Treasurer can do, so they vote for Sias.

  8. You have to admit it’s a pretty impressive fete for a California immigrant who fancied himself as a moderate back in the day. 

    Any over-under on when Moddy gives Loren his 💯 % endorsement ​​​​​​ kiss of death? 

  9. In November, will anyone, anywhere stick to the narrative that only having Republicans in the primary somehow helps Republicans?

    Or that caucus is not exclusionary and a colossal waste of time?

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