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March 11, 2022 10:44 am MST

Get More Smarter on Friday (March 11)

  • by: Colorado Pols

It’s been two years since the coronavirus pandemic began. Let’s Get More Smarter. If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example). If you are more of an audio learner, check out The Get More Smarter Podcast. And don’t forget to find us on Facebook and Twitter.



*Colorado Coronavirus info:
CDPHE Coronavirus website

*Daily Coronavirus numbers in Colorado:

*How you can help in Colorado:

*Locate a COVID-19 testing site in Colorado:
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment


Republicans across Colorado continue to attack Democrats for crimes committed in the last couple of years. One Republican, however, has had enough of this nonsense. Says Republican Rep. Shane Sandridge: “I don’t care what party you’re in. Just tell the truth.”


The three Republican candidates for Governor met on Tuesday for a forum sponsored by the Douglas County Republican Women. We chronicled the entire debate, which primarily demonstrated that none of these people — Hiedi Heidi Ganahl, Greg Lopez, and Danielle Neuschwanger — should be allowed anywhere near a position of leadership.


Colorado’s Congressional delegation is mostly united on a decision to ban Russian imports of oil and gas. You’ll never guess who is taking a different position (okay, you’ll probably guess). As Colorado Public Radio reports:

While members of Colorado’s congressional delegation on both sides of the aisle have been quick to rally around the idea of banning Russian energy imports after the country’s invasion of Ukraine, the challenge of making up the difference remains a bone of contention.

GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert was the only member of the delegation not to support the Russian oil ban bill. She offered her own version, which would ban oil imports from Russia, Iran and Venezuela, as well as open up Alaska’s ANWR for fossil fuel development and expedite pipeline approvals, among other things. Her bill is not expected to advance.

Republicans such as Rep. Ken Buck (R-Greeley) are calling, unsurprisingly, for the government to do more to open up oil and gas production in the United States. This is absolutely not the problem, however; the oil and gas industry doesn’t WANT to drill more, because they’re making too much money as it is.


President Biden is promoting even more stringent sanctions against Russia. From The Washington Post:

President Biden said the U.S. and its allies would strip Russia of routine trade benefits, adding to the financial pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin over his invasion of Ukraine.

The Group of 7 nations and the European Union also will take the first step toward implementing similar measures, which would have a more dramatic impact upon the Russian economy.

Biden called the actions “another crushing blow to Russia’s economy,” which already has been pummeled by comprehensive financial sanctions.

“The free world is coming together to confront Putin,” the president said in remarks from the White House.



Click below to keep learning things…


Check Out All This Other Stuff To Know…


Kyle Clark of 9News tells it like it is: Republicans are “the party of law and order…until the law gave them an order.”


Congressional earmarks can be great things for local communities…so long as Members of Congress actually do something to apply for them. Colorado Republicans insist on punishing their own constituents in order to make a stupid point that nobody cares about.


Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is in Colorado today. From a press release:

To mark the anniversary of the American Rescue Plan Act on Friday, Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen will travel to Denver, Colorado with Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff to highlight projects funded by Treasury programs that have contributed to the nation’s unprecedented economic recovery.

Earlier this week Treasury released new data and project highlights showcasing the American Rescue Plan’s impact on millions of families, businesses and communities during its first year. Enacted during a severe public health and economic crisis, the American Rescue Plan has made a difference in the lives of millions of Americans – expanding access to COVID-19 vaccines and testing, providing economic relief that has kept millions of children out of poverty, preventing evictions and foreclosures, and helping small businesses keep their doors open. Its results have also been historically equitable, with major progress against child poverty, food insecurity, and unemployment for low-income communities and communities of color.

Secretary Yellen and Second Gentleman Emhoff will visit the Mi Casa Resource Center, a recipient of the American Rescue Plan’s State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) program, which provides workforce development training to low-income youth and job seekers and support services to underserved business owners and entrepreneurs. Mi Casa received $325,000 in SLFRF assistance from the Denver Department of Economic Development & Opportunity for a Workforce Innovation grant focused on Reskilling and Upskilling job seekers. These funds are being used to support Mi Casa’s outreach, recruitment, navigation services, career coaching and trainings, as well as to support adult education and English as a Second Language programming. Mi Casa’s outreach and programs reach the most vulnerable – 81% of its recipients self-identify as BIPOC, 74% as female, and 82% are considered low-income with 43% considered very-low income. Secretary Yellen, Second Gentleman Emhoff, Governor Polis, and Mayor Hancock will hear directly from recipients of Mi Casa’s services and tour the center. They will then make remarks, which will be open press, and participate in a media availability.


Congressman Jason Crow (D-Centennial) is among several Democrats calling on President Biden to end the private detention of immigrants.


Congressperson Lauren “Q*Bert” Boebert would appreciate it if you would just forget that she has a relationship with embattled Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters.

And in case you were wondering, 9News confirms that Peters cannot serve as Colorado Secretary of State if she is in prison.


House Democrats passed the Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA) out of a committee after just 14 hours of testimony.


POLITICO reports on another questionable candidate for Congress that has Republicans sweating out 2022.


Colorado may pick up the tab for free school lunches if federal funding dries up.


Republicans in the state legislator want to make it harder to find de-worming medication for your horse.


Campaign finance limits will remain in place in Colorado…for now.


The New York Times reports on a retreat for House Democrats as they strategize about the 2022 elections.



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Don’t miss our interview with Secretary of State Jena Griswold on The Get More Smarter Podcast:


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