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February 10, 2022 12:06 pm MST

"Do Not Kick!" More Good Advice Tina Peters Didn't Take

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: Mesa County DA Dan Rubenstein has reportedly added a second misdemeanor obstruction charge.


Clerk Tina Peters’ mug shot (courtesy Mesa County Sheriff).

Denver7’s Robert Garrison reports on the misdemeanor obstruction of a peace officer charge filed against Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters yesterday, leading to her arrest and booking today (posterity mug shot right) in the first of what could well be a host of much more serious charges in the coming days:

The incident stems from an attempt by investigators to serve a search warrant for Peters’s iPad, which was allegedly used by Peters to record a court hearing Monday involving her deputy clerk’s burglary and cybercrime charges…

Investigators were speaking with Peters and a group sitting with the clerk, asking if they had the iPad. During this conversation, people in Peters’s group began passing the tablet around, the documents state.

At some point, officers with the Grand Junction Police Department were called to the business to assist investigators in retrieving the iPad. The device was eventually obtained by authorities, but not before an alleged confrontation between officers and Peters, according to the affidavit…

And as the video we posted the day before yesterday indicated, here’s where Clerk Peters made a bad situation even worse for herself:

When officers arrived inside the bakery and approached Peters, she was placed in handcuffs for actively obstructing officers, according to the affidavit. As an officer was attempting to double lock the handcuffs, the county clerk allegedly used her right foot to try to kick one of the arresting officers. Peters was told by officers, “Do not Kick! Do you understand?” And “please relax,” the documents state. But the clerk replied by yelling, “No!” [Pols emphasis]

If we’re reading this correctly, the incident began with Mesa County investigators trying to retrieve Clerk Peters’ iPad to determine if it had been used to illegally record a court proceeding involving Peters’ subordinate Belinda Knisley. Peters and her entourage appear to have started playing some weird game of keep-away with the iPad, necessitating uniformed cops being called. And when the cops showed up to do the physical thing that they do with folks who don’t comply with lawful warrants…

Clerk Peters tried to kick a police officer.

We’re pretty sure that Peters didn’t actually hurt the officer, since if she had the charge would be assault not obstruction. But just like the solution to legtimate suspicions about voting equipment is never to tamper with the equipment yourself, you never, ever make your legal problems better by hassling cops. If you don’t understand that, there are many jobs you are unqualified for and retaining the public’s trust as a county clerk is just one of them.

The only consolation we can think of is there’s a good chance this will be one of the, you know, lesser charges.


13 thoughts on ““Do Not Kick!” More Good Advice Tina Peters Didn’t Take

  1. I’m a trifle confused — every motions hearing I’ve sat through was boring, routine, and a great deal of effort to publicly check off every required step and make certain the person accused understood what was happening. I cannot fathom any reason why an independent recording of the hearing would be needed.

    Tina Peters (and others) apparently made an effort to evade a warrant. So much for “back the Blue.” After that fruitless effort, an outburst of temper and a kick aimed at an officer, she was allowed to go home and then return for booking. She changed clothes and has a hairdo that (to my inexperienced eye) looks newly done. Is that the usual course of events for those charged with obstruction in Mesa County? And does the photographer for the police have a side job doing portraits?

    I wonder if the public defenders and other defense lawyers are going to bookmark this and compare treatment of Ms. Peters to whatever happened to their client on a similar charge.

  2. Perhaps she tried to record it because she didn’t want to pay the abhorrent cost of a transcript.

    As for getting every courtesy to show up for booking all cleaned up, that’s common for white collar (and white) suspects all over Colorado.


    1. "…that’s common for white collar (and white) suspects all over Colorado."

      That's not just in Colorado. 

      BTW, I figured she needed to record the hearing because her tin foil hat was interfering with the reception by the radio receiver in her cranial cavity. But I speculate…  

  3. There was a mention in a least one article of consideration of a charge of attempting to influence a public servant. That coupled with a DA who likely aspires to higher office tells me that someone was hoping to have video of Rubinstein prosecuting true believer Knisley to influence the direction of the case.

    1. If the holder of the video wanted to threaten the political future of a term-limited DA, then the idea might be to try to pressure the DA to back off the prosecution of Knisley or others, or the video gets released to convince GOP voters to withhold support for future political aspirations of the DA.

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