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February 09, 2022 10:18 PM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Unlike some politicians, I can admit to a mistake.”

–Nelson Mandela


28 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. The Jeffco Superintendant and Board receivd a direct threat yesterday, leading to the Board study session being closed to public,  and available only by video.

    County and State election offials are also getting threatened. This is how Trumpism operates. Former Guy learned well from his autocratic buddies: Putin, Kim Jong Un, Erdogan, etc.

    Until these thugs start getting some real consequences, it will only get worse. 

        1. I would say Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney are three of a very small group of actual Republicans left, who haven't lost their fucking minds to highly chaotic and destructive Trumpism.

            1. They may be in denial about the direction their party is headed in, if that's what you mean, but they aren't folding, so I give them credit for that. They all may well pay with their political careers but they won't sacrifice their principles just to hold onto the damn job. Shows tons of character. One man's opinion.

    1. re: threats to members of Congress — "Capitol Police estimate they reviewed 9,600 disconcerting messages and direct threats against members in 2021, an increase from 3,939 in 2017. The 2020 tally was 8,613."

      What sort of threats?

      CQ Roll Call asked every member of Congress whether they had received a death threat since 2020. Of the 147 who responded, 110 — or about 75 percent — said yes. While more Democrats replied to our inquiry than Republicans, 95 to 52, death threats were pervasive among both parties: 74 percent of Democrats said they had received one, compared with 77 percent of GOP respondents. 

      1. …I'd make a guess the Republicans getting death threats are most likely getting them from members of their own party who don't think they're crazy enough? 

      1. We’ll know that things are functioning exactly the way you’d like, when you start clamoring for more Haitian refugees to get temporary visas to fill all the empty teacher vacancies in DougCo . . .

  2. How Polis and other pols (both Democrats and Republicans) avoid paying taxes.

    Despite a net worth estimated to be in the hundreds of millions, Polis paid nothing in federal income taxes in 2013, 2014 and 2015. From 2010 to 2018, his overall rate was just 8.2% — less than half of the 19% paid by a worker making $45,000 in 2018.    Colorado Newsline

    And despite Polis berating Trump for not releasing his tax returns, Polis has yet to release his despite numerous requests to do so.

    Polis spent 23 million plus to land the Colorado governorship in 2018, 17 times as much as his GOP opponent.

    Here in Colorado we have the best governor money can buy. But Polis is certainly not the only "public servant" to game the system.

    Colorado Newsline reprinted from ProPublica 


    1. You recognize that Trump did not release his taxes … ever.  I think I recall hearing more than one Republican explaining "well, he got elected anyway, so people don't care." 

      I haven't seen any support from Republicans in Congress or the Colorado legislature to mandate disclosure.  Are you really concerned about how much of his own money was spent on the campaign?  If so, why?  Do you think Polis is buying influence with his spending? 

      Polis had a clear standard.  He would release his taxes when his Republican opponent released taxes.  And my recollection (which COULD be flawed, as I didn't pay huge amounts of attention to Stapleton) is that release never happened. 

      And finally, will you be objecting when a Republican candidate spends substantially more than her opponent in this year's cycle?  I'd bet that Boebert outspends her Republican opponents by at least 5 to 1 during the primary, and her Democratic opponent by 3 to 1 in the general.  It wouldn't surprise me if the gaps were twice as large.

      1. The excuse Polis didn’t release his tax returns because his opponent didn’t is bullshit. Trump didn’t release his but Biden didn’t use that as an excuse not to release his.

        All candidates for high public office should make their tax returns public. Period. No and, or, ifs, or buts.

        1. Where would this country be today if the four Presidents on Mount Rushmore hadn’t released their tax returns? . . .

          Who really needed to see Ttump’s tax returns to know he’s a lying idiot grifter shitbag?

          More much ado that doesn’t produce anything — all for show, and news-cycle blargle, and doing absolutely nothing to inform about candidates’ policies or positions. Especially, when you consider how much today’s heavily-manipulated tax returns don’t tell.

          Hell, if you’re wealthy and you’re not an elected official making decisions benefitting your personal financial interests, then you’re unelected and buying politicians to make decisions benefitting your personal financial interests. Welcome to Citizens United America.

          Tax returns? They might as well be be required to release their star charts . . . 

    2. So, you are bellyaching about Polis being rich and outspending his opponents to get nominated and elected. Cry me a river.

      You know what?  MONEY = SPEECH, or so say your friends on the U.S. Supreme Court, Andrew.


  3. Now we know why Trump had to flush so many times.

    "People are flushing toilets ten times, fifteen times…You can't wash your hands, practically, there's so little water comes out of the faucet."

    Quotes that didn't age well

      1. Too bad, Nasty, that you don’t seem to understand basic economics. The current inflation largely is a response to the pandemic global shutdowns and people piling up money with no place to spend it, except online. Now there is the classic situation of too much money chasing too few goods.

        Yes, the Dems will get blamed for it. They pushed through the $1.9 trillion American Recovery Act a year ago that perhaps unnecessarily added more money to the flow. But they’re too busy criticizing Senators Manchin and Sinema to take credit for the Act.

  4. A trip down memory lane (ten years ago today): 

    "I'll tell you who was largely behind this whole subprime mortgage scandal and Obama's announcement today forgiving even more loans, this foreclosure assistance program, $25 billion shakedown of the banks. It's ACORN! ACORN is behind this, ACORN's behind the foreclosure deal. It's a payoff for them."

    ~Rush Limbaugh [February 10, 2012]

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